Description: The 2012 North American International Auto Show is playing host to a pair of coupe concept debuts from Chevrolet. The first, dubbed the Code 130R, was designed for efficiency. Their second coupe, dubb...
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Peter MacNeil Jan 10, 2012
A design language mess, but they try.
Patrick Schalk Jan 09, 2012
I'm telling you guys, 5.3L V8 in this baby with a 6 speed manny.
Nicolas Pons Jan 09, 2012
This is sort of random but I find it hilarious that kia's are made in america, and Chevys are made in Asia...
Dan Kelly Jan 09, 2012
AWD would be perfect in this car, and about 100 more horsepower
RAHP Jan 09, 2012
I think 300 hp and allwheel drive would make the car awesome ... might be more fun than my gt500.
Stephen Pesantez Jan 09, 2012
Wtf make this one rwd !!!! The other front
Aundreav Anderson Jan 09, 2012
Scrap the code 130r no one like it and just make the tru140r RWD one badass concept not two half ass concepts sigh someday someday
Patrick Schalk Jan 09, 2012
Just put the 5.3 truck engine in it and make it RWD.
Teddy MacDonell Jan 09, 2012
throw in an ls and then it's a cts-v coupe
Vince DeMasi Jan 09, 2012
Throw an LS in there and your set
Denny Daniels Feb 15, 2012
I hope this goes to production. I'd like to see an American made vehicle with great design and fuel efficiency be one of the forefronters.
jarforsythe Jan 22, 2012
Return of the Monte Carlo?
Etienne Surrette Jan 19, 2012
There is a little Eclipse in there
Will Watashi Jan 11, 2012
Half scirocco, half prius
Adam Zarytsky Jan 10, 2012
Reminds me of an elantra
Johnny Hoover Jan 09, 2012
I am sure this us civic will do good but I would buy the 130R over it anyday
Kevin Rehbock Jan 09, 2012
A smashed Elantra with a Sonic's grill is not what I would call exotic.
Bryan Garza Jan 09, 2012
Looks great. Too bad it's weak.
Alexander Gomez Jan 09, 2012
I would buy it if it ever makes production.
Judah Lindvall Jan 09, 2012
Doubtful that it's performance will match its looks with only 150hp!!! But it they really focus on handling and such it could b a cool ride!!!
Ceren Yıldız Jan 09, 2012
İ think this is gonna be opel astra gtc's american version
Maciej Moryl Jan 09, 2012
Is this a new cavalier?
Shane Jansen Jan 09, 2012
Better than the other one they posted!
Tomas Franquelli Jan 09, 2012
I think this thing is awesome, I hope some part of it makes it to reality.
Riley McKelvie Jan 09, 2012
I wish this had rwd
Matty Michaels Jan 09, 2012
Cobalt ss replacement ?
Mathiew Lacoursiere Jan 09, 2012
Yea it look just like the latest eclipse with a different front end
Chris Benson Jan 09, 2012
Looks like it should be the new eclipse.
Jennings Rengel Jan 09, 2012
They should make this one rwd
Patrick Schalk Jan 09, 2012
This looks a lot better than that other turd.
Description: The engine also features direct injection, stop-start tech and balancing internal combustion and electrification to help provide the aforementioned efficiency.
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Lorenzo Pagano Jan 09, 2012
The only thing I don't like is the line across the grill with the chevy badge on it. Otherwise it's great
Forrest Wood Jan 09, 2012
This really isn't bad looking at all, I actually like it
Aundreav Anderson Jan 09, 2012
Should have been RWD boosted 4 out of the new ATS and impala
Description: The Tru 140S was designed to look "confident, exotic, expensive and fast." It is based on the Cruze and extended range Volt. If it ever reaches production, it will price in the $20,000 range...
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Patrick Joseph Jan 09, 2012
Designed to look fast. Lol yes that we can agree on. I would strongly disagree if they didn't say designed to look before "fast"
Joe Marasa Jan 15, 2012
I wander what, or even if the would, a hatchback would look on it, I'm think more like a sonic that's as stretched
Knox Ferraro Jan 10, 2012
The gold badge doesn't go. Would it kill Chevy to let the customer decide the badge color? On this, I'm thinking blue.
Alex Smith Jan 10, 2012
Make this a direct competitor with the 370z and this car has potential to become a long-running model. Release it as described in this article and it will surely fail. Repeat of the Fiero. Give it some balls and it'll fill a niche and do wonders.
Greg Kenerly Jan 10, 2012
It's a lot like the last model Eclipse.
Jordan Freedman Jan 09, 2012
Needs to be RWD. Other than that, it's a great car, especially forbids price range.
Ryan Patrick Clauson Jan 09, 2012
Looks like a chevy version of the CTS coupe, but smaller and aimed for a younger crowd, and I agree with the choice of engines, but I'd love it if one day you could see a GM turboed 6 cylinder like the old turbo Grand Nationals, Firebird Formulas
Tomas Franquelli Jan 09, 2012
Exactly what that guy just said.
Boyd Boudreaux Jan 09, 2012
Great looking, make it rwd with engine option's eco4 and a ss with the v6 that's found the camaro and keep the price between 20,000 and 26,000. I smell hotcakes !!
Zaire Wilkins Jan 10, 2012
everybody is slapping LED'S on the bumpers or in the headlights
Byron Borggard Jan 10, 2012
for 20G I would drive the shit out of that car
Dale Schroeder Jan 10, 2012
If it has decent acceleration and doesn't handle like a snowplow, I'd seriously consider this. Just don't make the only color options three shades of silver or that nasty GM beige-gold, a car that wants to look exotic needs bold colors.
Lou Guerrero Jan 10, 2012
I like the front end but this has a very Mistu Eclipse look about it.
Duncan Jolley Jan 09, 2012
That's so much better looking then the 130R concept
Alex Sharp Jan 11, 2012
@clayton 07-09 mazdaspeed 3
Davey Edwards Jan 10, 2012
It looks straight badass. Needs the cobalt SS supercharged V6 at least tho to back up it's supercar looks
Alex Smith Jan 09, 2012
I actually really like this. Too bad it will have no power.
Alanda Burroughs Jan 09, 2012
Wow! Gotta love that profile.
Zachary Maurer Jan 09, 2012
Civic coupe back profile+tc back end+chevy quality+volt? How origional and lame chevy
Mike Santangelo Jan 09, 2012
It does look like a tc when you look at only the second half of the picture. Especially how far back the rear wheel is.
Josiah Thomas Clements Jan 09, 2012
No it doesnt... It's completely original.
Thomas Messina Jan 09, 2012
Not bad. Kinda looks like a scion tc from this angle
Josh Andrews Jan 11, 2012
Why does chevy keep making new cars dont they understand that novody wants to buy gm anymore....
Elias Harb Jan 10, 2012
Nice on Alex, the hot design is useless if it lacks the performance, real sports cars are dying.
Alex Smith Jan 10, 2012
In the age we are in now, fast and good-looking cars are dying. All anyone cares about now is gas mileage, but we need cars with power that look like this to remind us why we all love cars and even bother keeping up with the stories on this app.
Alex Smith Jan 10, 2012
That chevy should have made it be from the start, it's just not worth it. It would clash with the pricing of the camaro which would be superior to anyone who cares about performance. Thus, this car would end up failing. Similar to the feiro.
Alex Smith Jan 10, 2012
When a car that has such a sports car look to it comes out, we all want it to have appropriate power. And sure you can mod it, but they aren't giving you much to work with, and for the price you will pay for the car and then costs to make it the car
Garrett Keller Jan 10, 2012
Why does everyone complain so much about the lack of horsepower? Design should matter more because you can always add more horsepower, but it's harder to get used to a car you don't find attractive. If that makes any sense....
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
Alex has the right idear.
Greg Kenerly Jan 10, 2012
It's a great concept. Very future.
Alex Smith Jan 09, 2012
Turn this beautiful son of a bitch into a turbo V6 rear-wheel and compete it with the 370z. Or drop a 383 stroker in it and let it be a chevy sports car alternative to the mighty corvette.
Alanda Burroughs Jan 09, 2012
Looks even better from the rear. Go Chevy! I'm not even a Chevy fan...but I like it.
Luis A Martinez Jan 09, 2012
Will never get built...
Patrick Joseph Jan 09, 2012
Looks like a beast. But performance wise it's more like a domesticated chihuahua on a tofu diet. If u make a car look exotic make sure the engine output is not a let down.
Bryan Garza Jan 09, 2012
This looks great, give it RWD and 200+ hp
nellsmaxi106 Jan 09, 2012
GM kill this quick please...nobody misses the waste of metal Pontiac Fiero but now you give us a Chevy version... I can careless if its eco friendly it sucks
Dylan Bruder Jan 09, 2012
Teddy it's based off the cruze just like it says In the article
Zachary Maurer Jan 09, 2012
I will happy to post what I think of when I see the car on Saturday if u guys want me too, it's kool if u don't though
Zachary Maurer Jan 09, 2012
To pimp out and a 15 horsepower stickers on them, it's kinda ashame
Zachary Maurer Jan 09, 2012
Idk, I will be happy (for once) if chevy makes the priduction model like this, but take off the dual center exaust, nice wheels, and body kit which (most likely) will just be another American ricer for kids (like me, my generation, not me as in me)..
Teddy MacDonell Jan 09, 2012
Im curious if this was based off a cts coupe chassis
Brad Hickey Jan 09, 2012
Wow. Whole car is nice. Civic killer much?