Comments - 2013 Ford Fusion Revealed in Detroit

Published: Jan 09, 2012
Description: Making its debut this week, the 2013 Ford Fusion is the first sedan to offer gasoline, hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains. The all-new car features a sleek silhouette that hints at the Ford Evos co...
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Nelson Tang Jan 16, 2012
looks like a tesla too, american manufacturers keep copying designs now its sad
05 Stang Man Jan 10, 2012
Who really cares if the front end looks like an Aston?! The average American car buyer has never seen an Aston and could care less if the Fusion's front end looks like one. Ford is aiming for a mainstream hit, and the average American car buyer will probably love its looks. Ford will have a winner as long as its performance, fuel economy and quality are as good as the looks of the car.
Kevin Rehbock Jan 09, 2012
No lawsuit. Ford owned Aston for 18 years and they still have a 12 percent stake in the company even after selling it to a privare venture.
Rocky Rocker Jan 09, 2012
Hope Ford got permission from Aston Martin. Could be a lawsuit coming
Robert Keus Jan 09, 2012
The front looks a lot like a mix of Mitsubishi Evo and Aston Martin Virage… can't say that I like it…
Luis Abreu Jan 09, 2012
Another win for the blue oval
Description: Three engines are available. The base powertrain is a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated inline-four with 170hp and 170lb-ft of torque, mated exclusively to a 6-speed automatic transmission. A 1.6-liter Ec...
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Kevin Rehbock Jan 09, 2012
Hyundai Genesis Turbo says "Sup."
Cian Rules Jan 09, 2012
Its sad there dropping the v6 since there dying out but who the hell wants a v6 in a hyundai the ppl who buy them dont need to waste fuel pointlessly
Micah Lau Jan 09, 2012
First it was Hyundai dropping the V6 option from its Sonata lineup, now Ford with the Fusion. It's the way of the Eco future, I suppose.
No Pistons Jan 09, 2012
Ya was going to consider this a possible DD until I read this, still nice but would have liked the v6 with manual
Kevin Rehbock Jan 09, 2012
So I can't have a 2.0 Ecoboost with an actual stick shift behind it? Are they going to use their pretend manual from the Focus instead? No fun. That would be a sweet DD.
Shane Prasad Sep 03, 2012
Looks like the newly designed toyota avalons
Kyle Schott Jul 29, 2012
Very poor design. The look of this has made me rethink purchasing any ford vehicle.
Newarun Begum Mar 31, 2012
Looks a bit like an Aston marton but with the ford badge
Aj Harper Mar 03, 2012
Can't wait to get mine!!!
Sankar Shanmugam Feb 20, 2012
And lancer headlights are a lot wider than these
Sankar Shanmugam Feb 20, 2012
Shut up about the grill, it looks good and it's not like they stole it they own part of Aston and now ford designers are implementing designs on their vehicles that they worked on TOGETHER
Cearbhall Beggan Jan 10, 2012
I see times are hard Mr Bond
Herman Kwok Jan 10, 2012
What the heck Aston grill Jaguar xj headlights Masareti rear lights Ford had became a china car company now? Great copying skills
Cody Davis Jan 10, 2012
lancer headlights and Austin grill(obviosly).
Edward Joseph Jan 09, 2012
The grill reminds me of an aston
Shane Jansen Jan 09, 2012
Like the aggressive look, finally another company other than dodge with an aggressive looking sedan
Dan Bousquet Jan 09, 2012
looks like a weird mix of an evo 10 and a v8 vantage
Brahim Gudah Jan 09, 2012
Lol wow ford I know u guys own some of Aston Martin it doesn't mean u can disgrace their designs
Brandon Anthony Martinez Jan 09, 2012
Looks like the grill of an Aston Martin and the headlights of the Dodge Charger.
Lou Guerrero Jan 09, 2012
I bet this is going to annoy Aston owners hahaha
Gilson Melo Jan 09, 2012
Fusion in US and Mondeo in Europe/LA. Like it a lot.
Gilson Melo Jan 09, 2012
Really like this new Mondeo. Great job Ford.
Jake Knickmeyer Jan 09, 2012
Alfa looking headlights and Aston grill. I like the way this car is turning out.
David Dockstader Jan 09, 2012
Those grills, alot of the new fords have been taking the grills from the Aston martin haha
Abigail Williams Jan 09, 2012
This one should of came before the current model
David Eslava Jan 09, 2012
It's like blaming your wife for looking too much like Cameron Díaz
Stephen Reed Warren II Jan 09, 2012
Only Astons should look like Astons.
Paul Affolter Jan 09, 2012
Is that a bad thing? all cars should look like Aston Martins.
Zachary Maurer Jan 09, 2012
I have a feeling that this is goin to be like Chrysler and the headlights, people just need to learn that if one company likes a design, they will use it, it's not "copying"
Rúni Rasmus Stensen Jan 09, 2012
Cool... VERY cool, but it looks a bit too much like an Aston Martin...
Description: The 1.6-liter EcoBoost complete with start/stop technology should achieve 26/37mpg and the 2.0-liter cars expect to deliver 22/33mpg city/highway. If that's not efficient enough t...
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Description: Combined with a lithium-ion battery-powered electric motor, output is estimated at 185hp and 130lb-ft of torque and sent to the front (17-inch) wheels via an electronically-controlled variable transmi...
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Jason Dannheim Jan 10, 2012
That's what I mean. On the euro cycle, this number is nothing big, but on the US cycle (which I think is what they're talking about), this is damn good.
Devin Babyn Jan 09, 2012
Hell Europe has had 60-70 mpg cars since early 2000's
Rikster Jan 09, 2012
..... or should i say 50 mpg lol
Rikster Jan 09, 2012
Hey Stephen is correct - around 50 mph is a common figure in Euroland of late
Jason Dannheim Jan 09, 2012
Are you sure you are looking at the US MPG cycle when you say the European cars are better? The Euro MPG cycle grants more MPGs than the US cycle.
Stephen Spackman Jan 09, 2012
I'm not talking about a three wheeled piece of crap either.
Adrian Barrera Jan 09, 2012
But this is a full sized sedan not a three wheeled piece of crap
Stephen Spackman Jan 09, 2012
47/44 is nothing to be proud of as a lot of European cars get more mpg than this.
Clarke Hill Jan 10, 2012
@Chad, you're right. After further observation, I redact my previous comment!
Chad Schley Jan 10, 2012
I don't know how anyone sees a 7 series in the back. Unless you mean it's similar in that it has taillights, rear doors, and glass windows.
Clarke Hill Jan 10, 2012
A hint of a 7-Series towards the back perhaps?
Shane Heid Jan 09, 2012
Ya def no sonata in this
Christopher Alex Mohamed Jan 09, 2012
Not the best angle. Bad photograph.
Bull Dogone Jan 09, 2012
Hyundai Sonata profile by Blue Oval.
Description: The latest safety enhancements have been packed into the Fusion, including a Lane Keeping System, Active Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, and the popular Blind Spot Information System with Cross-...
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Luis Lujan Jan 09, 2012
I think Ford may be the first to achieve a truly autonomous car. At least on the highway. They should call it HiDrive.
Description: SYNC also allows for voice-activated communication through a mobile phone and interaction with the audio system. Production of the 2013 Fusion will start this month in Mexico and Michigan and the car ...
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Josh Andrews Jan 11, 2012
Sort of looks like a jag xf
relyt Jan 09, 2012
focus+Aston= new fusion, it works surprisingly well though
Brahim Gudah Jan 09, 2012
The lines remind me of the next gen impala
Shaylen Kumar Patel Jan 09, 2012
It's not focus taillights. The are from the ford Mondeo. Which this current model is based on.
David Bright Jan 09, 2012
I like the way Fords designs are heading
Zachary Maurer Jan 09, 2012
It's not as boring as your chevette
Josiah Thomas Clements Jan 09, 2012
Center stack could be better, but that's my only complaint about this car...
Jason Dannheim Jan 09, 2012
I see the Fusion winning COTY in 2012, a repeat of 2010. The new design in and out along with more competitive performance will ensure that.
Walter Alexander Thomas Jan 09, 2012
Looks great. Better design that chevy
Matt Moeller Jan 09, 2012
Now think back to the garbage ford put out as recent as 2008, this really is a major step forward for them. They are actually competing again. Congrats ford!
Abdulnasir AlMassloom Jan 09, 2012
Looks like the edge interior.
Nithin Veliyuth Jan 09, 2012
the interior's nice but it doesn't really look like anything new
Chas Mira Jan 13, 2012
Read the articles about this car...they paid aston martins head designer to make this for them..
stacey sl Jan 10, 2012
headlights are very close to lancer headlights
Brandon Anthony Martinez Jan 10, 2012
Lawsuit bound to happen from dodge and Aston Martin
Travis Lee Deephouse Jan 09, 2012
Ford still has stake in Aston. Ford spent millions designing Astons, why not use their knowledge that they already have and put it into a Ford?? I love this car.
Brahim Gudah Jan 09, 2012
Lol anybody else thinks the hood lines and headlights r strangely reminiscent of a Mitsubishi lancer
Alex Pritsert Jan 09, 2012
Front of the car doesnt looks like McQueen from Cars?
Emmanuel Irizarry Jan 09, 2012
20 spokes? That's to much. 70s called they want their rims back
Walter Alexander Thomas Jan 09, 2012
Inspired by Aston Martin and Audi A7 a little
Bryan Garza Jan 09, 2012
I really like that front
Matt Moeller Jan 09, 2012
Well, ford did own Aston for a while so....
Brady Fereday Jan 09, 2012
Lol I was thinking it looks like an aston too xD
Kevin Rehbock Jan 09, 2012
The poor man's Rapide. But damn, does it look awesome.
Keith Beverly Jr Apr 12, 2012
Wtf is up with that lower bumper?
Denny Daniels Feb 15, 2012
This car looked pretty good until I saw the back. Ugly!
Alanda Burroughs Jan 09, 2012
You know a strange way it does remind me of the Aventador! LOL!
Cian Rules Jan 09, 2012
They neverchanged the lights they look terrible and the currant mondeo looks terrible with them
Mike Botté Jan 09, 2012
Wanna be Volkswagen. Go look at the CC seats then these. Whole car is a steal. Looks like a charger and Aston Martin raped a Taurus. Which the Taurus is ugly. Then the inside looks like a cheap Volkswagen. Lol. Joke
Shane Heid Jan 09, 2012
How is this European design?
Walter Alexander Thomas Jan 09, 2012
European design. I think everything looks great!!!!!
Cian Rules Jan 09, 2012
They are horrible for a new car
Logan LeMonnier Jan 09, 2012
They're different at least
Brady Fereday Jan 09, 2012
Those seats are ewwww xD
Erik Rudolph Mar 07, 2012
Don't any of you know ford owned Aston Martin
Ezequiel Lopez Jan 13, 2012
Aston Martin on front
sumaliyev Jan 13, 2012
aston grill for sure
statusone Jan 09, 2012
You think Aston Martin will say "cool, go ahead , use our grille, its not like its our signature fascia or anything" ?
Mike Botté Jan 09, 2012
Resembles the new optima a little too. Anyone see that?
Shane Jansen Jan 09, 2012
Lol where is there aston??
Devin Babyn Jan 09, 2012
The only Aston part is the hood calm down
Cian Rules Jan 09, 2012
It deosnt look like a aston at all
Stephen Spackman Jan 09, 2012
I see an Aston with a Ford badge.
Tim Neely Jan 09, 2012
I cannot believe Aston is ok with this.
Jonathan Tjandra Jan 09, 2012
I see a little aston there Haha
David Eslava Jan 09, 2012
Why do all eco-frendly versions of normal cars have to be painted in such dull and ugly colours? I mean, I understand the use of small ugly rims for the better MPG they get with the low-friction tires...but what's wrong with painting them properly?
Bull Dogone Jan 09, 2012
How long before the tail lights wrap all the way around the back end ?!?