Description: The new Continental GTC V8 luxury convertible is joining the coupe at the Bentley stand at Detroit this week, and just like its hard-top sibling comes with the option of a powerful V8 for those that f...
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Elias Harb Jan 10, 2012
It adds to the package, it will make the process easier, but it wont be the main reason ur gettin laid
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
Omar I can get laid right NOW if I wanted. Anyone who uses a car to pick up girls is a tool.
Johnny Francis Jan 09, 2012
This is really really nice. I usually don't like convertibles. But this is sexy.
Omar Al-Rushaid Jan 09, 2012
Whatever people say about this car .. It WILL get you laid, 99% garanteed.
Patrick Schalk Jan 09, 2012
What a big fat turd. Biggest turd ever.
Brahim Gudah Jan 09, 2012
Way to make an already ugly car look more like a beetle volkswagen has to stop ruining their sub-brands
John Serely Jan 09, 2012
I'd much, much, much rather have a DB9 volante or even a California than this.
Skye Sativa Mattfeldt Jan 09, 2012
Awesome! How much for it?:)
Thibault Leroy Jan 09, 2012
i saw a continental GT, aston martin DB9, 599 GTB, lotus elise and maserati quattroporte today (i live in Paris so i see a lot of supercars almost everyday)
Mirko Galavotti Jan 09, 2012
in Europe it's perfect for football players
Jack Higgins Jan 09, 2012
I don't find these attractive. Good quality though.
Bull Dogone Jan 09, 2012
Only music industry moguls need apply.
Axel Cousins Jan 09, 2012
Those rims are big for a company to use right on the car without any customization. But I like the rims
Description: 0-60mph should thus take less than 5.0 seconds but the upside is that it will have 40 percent fewer emissions. Cylinder deactivation technology is the key to the engine's frugality, as it allows ...
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Description: The Bentley V8's also have a new ZF-sourced close-ration eight-speed automatic transmission, designed to help boost acceleration and reduce emissions. Aside from the lightweight convertible roof,...
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Cian Rules Jan 09, 2012
If u didnt want the w12 u shouldnt buy a bently
Bobby Junior Jan 09, 2012
It would be so heavy that it would sink right away
Zachary Sindelar Jan 09, 2012
James May needs to use this for his annphibis 'sail boat'
John Serely Jan 09, 2012
@dimetry agreed, it does look better on the coupe though.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Jan 09, 2012
I don't like the new rear.
Lee Cascio Jan 10, 2012
Actually this uses anti-gravity during a roll over it shifts the poles of the earth so the car never really goes upside down.
Micah Lau Jan 09, 2012
The rollbar is likely a strict requirement, and it probably deploys in a fraction if a second when the car rotates along its longitudinal axis to some degree. Other convertibles do this including MB's SL Class.
Bull Dogone Jan 09, 2012
No roll bar? No windscreen ?
Shane Jansen Jan 09, 2012
the people in the front seat sit on the laps of those in the backseat.(
Bobby Junior Jan 09, 2012
That's not exactly much legroom, is it?
Nathaniel Young Jan 09, 2012
God I love those headlights, the whole front end is just lovely
Bull Dogone Jan 09, 2012
Better looking than the vert.
Johnny Francis Jan 09, 2012
Look at those hips :P
Lee Cascio Jan 10, 2012
Rear seat delete? This isn't a Honda dude.
Jacob R Toriz Jan 09, 2012
I think he's expecting a Rolls Royce Drophead coupe
Zachary Maurer Jan 09, 2012
What is "more" Jimmy?
Nathaniel Young Jan 09, 2012
What do you mean more, everything is leather, and high quality leather at that
Buddy Robinson Jan 09, 2012
Take a seat and I think you'll be quite satisfied.