Volkswagen Tease ‘Something Big’ – Is it the Jetta, Phaeton or Passat?

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VW attempt to capture our attention with a teaser shot and a message that something big is set to debut in Detroit.
With the 2012 Detroit Auto Show due to kick off on Monday, we're getting more leaks than a broken tap, and the latest to emerge comes from VW's Canadian arm. Publishing the picture on its Facebook page, they ask: "The North American International Auto Show kicks off Monday in Detroit. Volkswagen has something big to reveal. What do you think it will be?" Well, with a single photo of an unidentified vehicle wrapped in a silver sheet all we have to go on, it's hard to say.
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It's just as likely to be the hybrid version of the Jetta sedan VW are set to debut, as the next-generation Phaeton luxury sedan they are planning to launch. Some are saying it could even be a new Passat.
It's impossible to say, but thankfully we won't have to wait too long to find out what's lurking beneath the covers.