Comments - Revealed! 2013 Dodge Dart Ahead of Detroit

Published: Jan 08, 2012
Description: As the doors of the COBO Center are about to open, the excitement emanating from Detroit can be felt throughout the industry. This city is the birthplace of countless American automotive greats, so it...
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Franklin Lopez Jan 08, 2012
How could something so right go so wrong? The front has elements of Mitsubishi, The rear, Charger and the interior is GORGEOUS.. but the overall layout is about as exiting and avant-gard (sp?) as an egg. This one will not be memorable.
Kevin Rehbock Jan 08, 2012
Their Super Bowl ad taglines will say "Imported from Turin" this year.
Trent Griffin Feb 07, 2012
This being called a Dart like naming a Cobalt...a Corvair...le sigh.
David Neuman Jan 10, 2012
This is cool looking small car . I think dart is an appropriate name since this is a dodge. Who cares what relation it has with a car from 40 or 50 years ago? Don't like it don't buy it! I bet them sell plenty of these. Oh and I own an srt 8 ie 392!
Shane Heid Jan 10, 2012
Haha ya he has quite the name wasn't even gonna try
Jv Jan 10, 2012
@shane love how you said guy below me instead of spelling out his name lol
relyt Jan 09, 2012
This isn't deserving of the Dart name. it looks like a bad mix of neon and "charger"
Shane Heid Jan 09, 2012
Guy below me pretty much summed it up, I say stop whining every company has a car like this
Biswajyoti Das Jan 09, 2012
Why is everybody whining about raw power and pure performance. Every major manufacturer must have a small large volume seller with which it earns the bread. The sales of cars like these will help dodge fund R&D of the Viper.
Zachary Sindelar Jan 09, 2012
Srt4 this and I will be happy! When are we getting the Srt6 back? Crossfire was too girly.
Kevin Rehbock Jan 09, 2012
A variant of the late model Dart was once a 4 door before this. Nobody was whining then.
Mitch Peach Jan 09, 2012
Embarrassment to the dart nameplate oh and surprise surprise it's a 4 door.
Reid Huff Jan 09, 2012
I keep comments saying that it looks good for what it is but it looks like crap. Just look at what it's based on the Alfa romeo guilietta, a very very pretty car. Dodge just felt like they had to change it because they are are idiots.
Alex Smith Jan 08, 2012
Just like with the Charger, they only brought back the name to sell cars. Neither have any relation to the old muscle cars we loved from the 60s and 70s. Way to piss me off again Dodge.
Blake Paul Base Jan 08, 2012
it looks like they took body styling from the neon. the dart is suoposed to be about performance speed raw power this looks like something i would find in a cracker jack box sorry dodge i may own a dodge ram. ( back when ram still was a dodge) but i disappointed me woth this one
Patrick Joseph Jan 08, 2012
Love the looks. But the grill is not my cup of tea. It's ok for a truck or something but not for a car
Rick Feeney Jan 08, 2012
Call me crazy but I see a resemblance of an eclipse in this.
Reese Fenske Jan 08, 2012
at the least they'd put a transverse v8 in it. like the new impala ss. let's just pray is will be rwd
Zaire Wilkins Jan 08, 2012
hope its rwd like before
Shad Dail Jan 08, 2012
This looks like they stole hyundais fluid sculpture headlights and vw golf body. Way to go.
Shane Heid Jan 08, 2012
Later models to keep up with the muscle car trend so actually this is off to a very accurate start to replace the dart
Shane Heid Jan 08, 2012
Ya the original dart was first designed and marketed as a small economy car, the giant hemi and other v8 options werent available until
Jimmy Williams Jan 08, 2012
@Sean- the original Dart came in a two and four door, and is known for being a light two door drag car. Check your facts, I have a '72 two door in my garage haha.
Zachary Maurer Jan 08, 2012
The least dodge could do is make a srt-6 edition, add a turbo 6 and that's the closest this car will be to good, at least make a srt-4, cmon dodge
Jesse Demasi Jan 08, 2012
@ Sean yea but like why put a 4 cylinder in it? Atleast make a V8 version, or at the very least a V6 @jake yea I know they made that pretty crappy too at first but now I think it's the SRT8 charger that's pretty quick
Timothy Hooker Jan 08, 2012
That's terrible looking.
Kevin Rehbock Jan 08, 2012
This is light years ahead of any Neon or Caliber. What if they offer a new Swinger package now..
Luis Enrique Lara Jan 08, 2012
Welcome back neon the worst car money could to buy
Barry Boo Wilson Jan 08, 2012
Just sad. Use another name like peep or squeak not Dart! And how about the fast and furious seat storage on the passenger side?
Jake Knickmeyer Jan 08, 2012
@jesse...yeah and what about the charger? Same thing happened.
Vince DeMasi Jan 08, 2012
I feel like they tried too hard with the design i think it's ok and that's all
Mason Christopher Thomas Jan 08, 2012
The teasers made the front look more mean then what it really is.
Dillon Dixon Jan 08, 2012
Congrats dodge. You ruined another great name!
Lou Ordorica Jan 08, 2012
Will it have a push button transmission?
Simon Trépanier Jan 08, 2012
The front end looks like VW Scirocco!
Adam Zarytsky Jan 08, 2012
It's like a car that makes me look at it twice, to see of I like it or not. Hood and lights reminded me of a hyundai tiburon oddly
Matthew van der Linde Jan 08, 2012
Think they'll make a hot hatch version?
Knox Ferraro Jan 08, 2012
It looks good enough to buy over a S. Korean or Japanese car, which is really all that matters, aesthetically speaking.
Sean Williams Jan 08, 2012
@jesse the Dart from "way back when" was also available as a 4 door model. But I get what your saying (I think)
Troy Kessler Jan 08, 2012
For what it is not bad but should be neon or caliber it doesn't deserve the dart name at all...
Jesse Demasi Jan 08, 2012
It's a dodge dart it's kinda a disgrace to the name to make it 4 door the original was amazing and fast now it's like it got a lobotomy and turned into this..... Why
John Serely Jan 08, 2012
Hmm, I think it looks okay, I was expecting something more, but it's defiantly not bad. I do agree with whoever said it looks better than the cruze, though.
Patrick Schalk Jan 08, 2012
Hmmm I like it. Not a lot but I think this will be competitive in it's segment. It's definitely different.
Zachary Maurer Jan 08, 2012
It looks alright, depending if you see this as a baby charger, it's terrible, if u see this as the avenger replacement, it's ok, looks better than the cruze IMO
Stephen Cobbs Jan 08, 2012
Cmon now that is a good looking car.
John Womble Jan 08, 2012
i wanted to like this but it leaves me underwhelmed.
Dale Denis Jan 08, 2012
Is this the Caliber replacement? Not to exciting......
James Francis McAnderson Jan 08, 2012
Oh god that looks awful
Norman Agustin Jan 08, 2012
Competition for the Chevy Cruze? I think the Chevy Cruze looks better but disappointed about its performance.
Clayton Corley Jan 08, 2012
Mix of neon and charger
Cham Khiev Jan 08, 2012
Retarded baby charger lol
Matthew McKernan Jan 08, 2012
For a small, affordable, compact car, it doesn't look half bad.
Description: And without much surprise, photos and a video have just been leaked only a couple of days before its official unveiling. Revealed here in R/T trim, the new Dart's chassis comes courtesy of th...
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Jerry Wheeler Jan 23, 2012
Common don't call it dodge dart when its slow don't forget it looks like you stole the idea from toyota
Christian De Prisco Jan 13, 2012
I think they forgot the day running led lights which are compulsory on the 2011 cars.
Eric Fine Jan 09, 2012
i hate dodge but this car i think looks relativly nice. atleast dodge is doing better than chevy. quality looks like it might be coming up.
Greg Kenerly Jan 09, 2012
I keep seeing the rt version and I'm thinking the base model will be a bloated Neon. Love the headlights but that's it.
Shane Heid Jan 08, 2012
@ Casey actually dodge makes amazing cars and have one of the best sales comebacks in the industry right now but good job just saying garbage with no facts
Jason W. Evers Jan 08, 2012
I guess its a good thing Dodge didnt make it then...ignorance.
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jan 08, 2012
This car would look better if the made the front taller and more boxy so that it would be a mini charger.
Description: Power will come from a range of engines, including the new Tigershark lineup of small displacement engines, such as a 2.0-liter four-banger, a 1.4-liter MultiAir turbo, and a 2.4-liter MultiAir. Judgi...
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Lucas Hill May 07, 2012
What kind of IDIOT put a four cylinder in it. Should be a muscle car. A big V8, duh
Johnathon Slaughter Jan 08, 2012
Every day we have to hear from people that have no idea how the automotive industry works. Chrysler had to build a car that gets 40mpg that was part of the agreement with the government
Brady Fereday Jan 08, 2012
That turbo motor better sound like the srt4 motor though I know dodge fixed that sound which was dumb they should let it sound like that again ^_^
Vince DeMasi Jan 08, 2012
I guess dodge figured they had enough muscle cars I think if they wee gonna bring back the dart at least give it some power
Simon Trépanier Jan 08, 2012
The old Dart use to be a also a compact and the smaller engine was only around 100 hp for a inline 6... Not that different than the 2013 one!
Jason W. Evers Jan 08, 2012
It also came with a slant six. Lol. Relax. Im sure the SRT model will do the Dart name proud.
Adam Zarytsky Jan 08, 2012
@jesse did you expect a muscle car? Have you been paying attention to the article? It sucks, but the dart is a compact now.
Jesse Demasi Jan 08, 2012
Why! The dodge dart used to have a 440 magnum now this! I don't like mopar but the dart was nice just why
Cian Rules Jan 08, 2012
Those engines are also in unreliable fiats
Erik Scherer Jan 11, 2012
Kinda reminds me of a Focus........
Alanda Burroughs Jan 09, 2012
Every country and every major automaker is concerned about fuel economy. Right now the world depends on fossil fuel...which means we are threatened by Middle-eastern companies because of our dependence on their products. Obama and other govt. officials want manufactures to produce cars that lessen that threat. We'll still have Ferraris, Corvettes, Mustangs and M3s...but we need cars like this to ...
Brad Wood Jan 08, 2012
Gov't regulation. Get over your HP selves and do something at the ballot box about the over regulation of you don't like it.
Brad Wood Jan 08, 2012
People, this car exists because Obama required Chrysler produce a 40MPG car for the US in order for the company to buy remaining stock. The next milestone in regulation is 50+ MPG. Car companies are being forced to produce the economic-box through
Jeremy Siebert Jan 08, 2012
The entire fleet. If not for this they'd have to sell electric challengers and SRT wouldn't make it off the drawing board...
Jeremy Siebert Jan 08, 2012
Besides, w/our Society & Government operating under the premise that it is the responsibility of auto-makers to end Global Warming by imposing CAFE standards, we should all be thrilled Detroit is doing so by selling these rather than watering down
Jeremy Siebert Jan 08, 2012
Goodness Bull, it was NOT having a competitive car in this segment that nearly put the Big3 out of business entirely when gas hit $4/gal. In this car we are getting a rebodied Alfa, count your blessings & be happy we don't have to live w/the caliber
Jimmy Williams Jan 08, 2012
Agreed. Yes, the Charger, 300, and Challenger will be Chrysler/Dodge's best cars, but you have to have interesting little products to spark interest in the brand and meet EPA mileage requirements. Business 101. Poor name, solid car.
Patrick Schalk Jan 08, 2012
Bull, not everyone wants performance. No grandma is looking for a GTR, ZR1, or Shelby GT500. Your comment makes no sense. This is a different market segment. Its that easy.
Bull Dogone Jan 08, 2012
Hey know it all. Used to take home paychecks from the auto industry. Got out because of stupid ideas like this. Amazing the hypocrisy that everyone wants PERFORMANCE, then stands up to defend another POS like this as if I brought your mother into it.
Lorenzo Pagano Jan 08, 2012
Looks like they took some styling from other cars and the put the dodge grill and tail lights on
Kevin Rehbock Jan 08, 2012
The compact sedan class is more competitive than ever and you think American companies would just do nothing to capitalize on Toyota and Honda slipping up in a market they have dominated for years. I hope Bull doesn't become an executive for a Big 3 company.
Jason W. Evers Jan 08, 2012
This segment makes the money.
Bull Dogone Jan 08, 2012
@Cody Took the words right out of my mouth. The Chrysler resurgence was built on the backs of the Challenger, Charger, 300 - not another anonymous econobox. Let Toyota and Honda fight over this segment. Why do American car companies never learn ?
Cody Dickey Jan 08, 2012
It's a neon with a charger front end!
Maciej Moryl Jan 11, 2012
Ugly taillights. They could have made it more of a neon look in the back.
Patrick Joseph Jan 08, 2012
The taillights look good. All car makes want their car to be unmistakably recognized. Audi,BMW and more recently the Koreans understood that just to name a few
Chaz Franco Jan 08, 2012
To you guys saying how the taillights are disappointing maybe Ferrari should change their taillights or BMW with their headlights.
Shannon Sims Jan 08, 2012
Idk it looks a Lil dodge neon-ish!!!
Jeremy Siebert Jan 08, 2012
Haha, In earlier posts people were griping that this should have looked more like a baby Charger, now we gripe that it looks too much like a baby charger.
Kevin Rehbock Jan 08, 2012
The light bar is awesome but it does look odd here.
David Rosenberg Jan 08, 2012
Nice! But looks better on the charger
Nathan Curtis Jan 08, 2012
This is disappointing. Now they are making all of their cars look the same.
Clayton Corley Jan 08, 2012
Yea kinda makes them not so special anymore
Shane Jansen Jan 08, 2012
I wish those taillights weren't on every new dodge :/
Clayton Corley Jan 08, 2012
Atleast it has the new tail lights
Brian Dodson Jan 09, 2012
Everybody thinks of a dart as a muscle car. With a v8 and aggressive looks. This really has nothing in common with that description. So it's not a bad car it's just not what people expected when they heard "dart"
Walter Rogalski Jan 08, 2012
Ruining the dart name :(
Patrick Joseph Jan 08, 2012
It's all about the grill. It takes the refined touch away. Which is a let down for the gorgeous interior.That's why people prefer the white one over the red one. Otherwise it looks just as good in red.
Rick Feeney Jan 08, 2012
Looks fresh in white
Zaire Wilkins Jan 08, 2012
looks more energetic than the focus and fun
Jeremy Siebert Jan 08, 2012
I want mine in blue hatchback form. And guy the whole grill area an put a big S emblem in there in red and white I will drive Super Dart!
Shane Jansen Jan 08, 2012
@Azair who would want this over a Focus????
Zaire Wilkins Jan 08, 2012
the ford focus has competiton
Bryan Garza Jan 08, 2012
Put some black rims on the white one and it would looks nice.
Adam Zarytsky Jan 08, 2012
Looks better in white cause the crosshairs grill isn't prominent. The blacked grill just looks like a gaping mouth
Tanner Middleton Jan 08, 2012
its like the new neon -.-
Emmanuel Irizarry Jan 08, 2012
Looks better in white. It MIGHT look better as a hatch
Nathan Curtis Jan 08, 2012
@james they would get the other civic because the actual civic sucks. Honda has gone way down hill lately.
Shane Jansen Jan 08, 2012
@Michael yeah let's just stick with the focus, there's nothing to see here, move along er' body
Clint Edwards Jan 08, 2012
@Patrick I see no Mazda
Patrick Smith Jan 08, 2012
It's a Mazda3 that has been rehashed...still can't make a car worth anything.
Simon Trépanier Jan 08, 2012
Two tone grill is nicer. It's only the R/T trim that got it?
James Francis McAnderson Jan 08, 2012
It has no face. Why would anyone buy this over Civic?
Cham Khiev Jan 08, 2012
And the 2013 "cavalier" is here lol
Michael Gallagher Jan 08, 2012
Alright alright.. I can kinda dig it. Well.. No. Actaully I can't. Sorry. Rather have the focus RS
Nick Benz Jan 09, 2012
Seeing as this car is currently aimed towards good looks, thin tires are a must. Performance wise you have to strike a perfect balance between the pressure (contact patch size) and the thickness of the sidewall (thinner handles better around corners)
Nick Benz Jan 09, 2012
Tires like these are mainly for looks. The contact patch only varies with thesize of the wheel because of the lack of flex in the sidewalls. Thicker tires allow you to tune the contact patch to the weight of the car and whether itsdoing alot of turns
Kevin Rehbock Jan 08, 2012
Low profile tires have less sidewall flexing during cornering and a larger contact patch. Since the tire is relatively narrow to the rim, they can put larger brake rotors on the wheel hub
Jason W. Evers Jan 08, 2012
And yet every new car in this segment has them as an option as well. I guess people buy them. Might as well not look like a nerd if you can only afford a sub 20k car... *shrug*
Bull Dogone Jan 08, 2012
Low profile tires will last 6 months and end up costing more than the car itself while you make 60 months worth of payments.
Shane Prasad Sep 02, 2012
Looks like cheap plastic
Danten Sweet Jan 13, 2012
Notice how when you change gears, you knock your drink out of the cup holder.
Alex Smith Jan 08, 2012
I do not like this car at all but I must say the interior is very solid looking. The only positive thing about this car.
Patrick Joseph Jan 08, 2012
Not a big fan of dodge in general I must say the interior is bang on. It's really refined and luxurious. Two words I usually wouldn't utter when talking about dodge. Nice one
Jimmy Naron Jan 08, 2012
So stick shift for dart but still not for charger??
Jeremy Siebert Jan 08, 2012
@Teddy: take joy in every offered manual tranny, get pissed at the lack.
Teddy MacDonell Jan 08, 2012
bugs me that they give this car a manual, but not a charger with a v8 that people actually want a stick in
John Serely Jan 08, 2012
I do like the interior
Patrick Schalk Jan 08, 2012
Looks awesome. Well done Dodgey!!!!
Kevin Fayerweather Jan 08, 2012
That is definitely an Alfa...
Zachary Maurer Jan 08, 2012
Look it that nav-it's a friggin ipad!
Adam Lopinsky Jan 08, 2012
Not bad at all. Pretty impressive interior for a c segment car
Ada Onwukaike Jan 08, 2012
That red lines makes it cool with black to match
Jeffrey Mares Jan 08, 2012
Greatest interior I've seen in a Chrysler.
Patrick Joseph Jan 08, 2012
Armrest is too far back. But it's minor considered the superb interior.
Jeremy Siebert Jan 08, 2012
Center consoles are always uncomfortable. Unless the sunroof is open you just NEVER have enough headroom. Ya gotta fight for foot space with people on both sides of you. Oh, and awkward moments when the male driver has to shift into 2, 4, 6, or R...
Emmanuel Irizarry Jan 08, 2012
The seats look REALLY comfy
Zachary Maurer Jan 08, 2012
A shifter/e brake that dosent look "excited" a first for carbuzz pic
Joey Pena Jan 08, 2012
praise the Lord, it's a manual gearbox! oh, and some comfy lookin seats
Shane Weinstock Jan 08, 2012
Dodge makes R/T models with manuals? Well now they might just make a proper car one of these days.
Kirk Matos Jan 08, 2012
It looks like the old dodge neon !
Shane Heid Jan 08, 2012
Dodge makes plenty of fast cars this isn't supposed to be one if them
Clayton Corley Jan 08, 2012
Howcome 120 isn't fast for a 2.4L engine
Peter Bruschi Jan 08, 2012
ooo press clutch down? theres hope for the manuals in 2013 lol
Adam Lopinsky Jan 08, 2012
Calm down dude, it's still a c class car. I'm more worried about how this thing handles than its top speed
Michael Gallagher Jan 08, 2012
Oh.. So it's not suppose to be fast. Sorry. In all honestly I thought it was going to be something kinda different. Sorry
Greg Lewis Jan 09, 2012
Think the challengers could take a few ideas from this interior...
Riley Gonzales Jan 08, 2012
People this is a LIGHT band. Not an accent strip. Its an optional feature. If you don't like it. Don't pay extra for it
Patrick Joseph Jan 08, 2012
At least I hope you can actually choose from other colors. Let's say you opted for the white paint job. It would be nice to have the stripe white rather than red or blue
Timothy Hooker Jan 08, 2012
Wow that's ugly. Lose the red neon stripe and it might look OK
Patrick Schalk Jan 08, 2012
I think Dodges interiors WERE bad. I had an 06 Ram Sport for awhile and the interior as far as the dash and stuff wasn't that great. BUT, the leather seats were amazing. It had a Hemi and some 4.10 gears and that's all I cared about. Theyre great now
Tom Wilson Jan 08, 2012
The interior looks good in the photo. I want to see what its like up close. Dodge interiors in my opinion are worse then gm. And we all know how great those ones are
Matt Sutton Jan 08, 2012
Damn joey, you have good eyes. I like the fact that its a manual with a push button start. Thats a great interior for a c segment.
Joey Pena Jan 08, 2012
haha Red Hot Chili Peppers song on the dash