Description: The title says it all. Only a day or so before Ford is scheduled to officially unveil their highly anticipated 2013 Fusion, these leaked photos have just hit the web, courtesy of Czech site autoforum....
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Alan Tan Jan 08, 2012
can i buy this and change it to aston badge??
Franklin Lopez Jan 08, 2012
Waiting to see other photos. LOVE the front. Yes it looks very Aston. So what? Ford owned Aston and therefore, I would counter that Aston just used Fords design theme. (Ibid for Jaguar) Still, IMO, they strayed too far from the concept and seem have watered it down too much. Waiting for more images to decide.
Ori Haviv Jan 09, 2012
Looks nice but it's still a ford
Shawn Robinson Jan 09, 2012
A Aston Martin grill and Mitsubishi head lights ... Wow
Devin Babyn Jan 08, 2012
Nithin I have no clue how it'll do I just think its a cool car that would be fun to drive
Jacob Anthony Soto Jan 08, 2012
It's pretty, but Kevin you couldn't be more wrong. This styling is way to specific to sell anymore than the vanillas. (Accord and Camry) Their bland styling appeals to far more people than this.
Tyler Chess Jan 08, 2012
Game over for accord and Camry. But Malibu and sonata tough call.
Nithin Veliyuth Jan 08, 2012
@Devin, falcon may seem like a good car but sales in australia have dropped in large numbers, do u think that it'll sell well in the states?
Kevin Rehbock Jan 08, 2012
Realize that Ford paid Ian Callum for designs and R&D from Aston, Jaguar and Land Rover and still have a 12 percent stake im Aston Martin. If anyone should be allowed to use AM design elements, it should be Ford.
Devin Babyn Jan 08, 2012
Next Ford needs to bring over the Falcon from Austalia
Hezekiah N Fitch Jan 08, 2012
This car is gorgeous
Timothy Hooker Jan 08, 2012
Finally we get the Badass fords Europe and Australia have enjoyed for years
Gokor Donelyan Jan 08, 2012
@Ricardo: buuuuurn!!! Lol But that aside, the fusion/Mondeo is looking pretty sweet!
Kevin Rehbock Jan 08, 2012
Game over Accord, Camry, Malibu and Sonata
Alex Leu Jan 08, 2012
It does not look like an evo
morellb Jan 08, 2012
looks a little like an evo from the front
Michael Evans Jan 08, 2012
Man it want from looking good enough to what the hell
Chad Schley Jan 08, 2012
Nicely played Ricardo!!
Ricardo Diego Jan 08, 2012
@Drew, it's peeve not peave, sorry to correct you. it's a pet peeve of mine.
Drew J. Kleyweg Jan 08, 2012
@jeffrey its Aston not austin. sorry to correct but thats a petpeave.
Jeffrey Mares Jan 08, 2012
Looks like a Austin kinda
Cian Rules Jan 08, 2012
Firt to comment. Wat the hell is wrong with the current mondeo
Description: In other words, the car will be sold as a Fusion in North American and a Mondeo in Europe and a few other countries. From what's clearly obvious, the new Fusion/Mondeo takes many design cues ...
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Alex Bouckley Jan 08, 2012
Finally someone agrees with me that all of these new Fords (especially the new Focus Hybrid) looks like an Aston Martin
Description: Regardless, power will likely come from either a 1.6 or 2.0-liter EcoBoost engines along with the familiar hybrid and a new plug-in hybrid model. We'll have full details and official photos shor...
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Taylor Anders Jan 09, 2012
The only thing that is Aston is the grille. The rest is a normal American sedan. The grille isn't even that new. Look at the new focus, it has the same grille.
Shawn Robinson Jan 09, 2012
Jason Dannheim Jan 08, 2012
Is that the next new Mitsu Evo that isn't happening?
Peter Squire Jan 08, 2012
@ David to be honest that was a guess, I don't pay much attention to who owns who
Shaun Conroy Jan 08, 2012
It does resemble the Dart, especially that lower air intake!
Hank Austin Jan 08, 2012
Looks so good... Might be my next car
Walter Alexander Thomas Jan 08, 2012
Love it. Will be owning one
Tanner Middleton Jan 08, 2012
this looks like a cross between a db9 and a new ford taurus. lol not bad though
David Munasinghe Jan 08, 2012
@ Peter. Ford sold Aston about 3 years ago . So no they don't own Aston. I guess they figured that they will use it on there cars to look aggressive.
Sean T. Boudreau Jan 08, 2012
Ford sold most of its interest in Aston Martin to a private firm in 2007. They only have about 10-13% ownership now.
Zachary Maurer Jan 08, 2012
@Peter I'm pritty shure ford sold Aston, but I might be wrong
Peter Squire Jan 08, 2012
Ford/American car styled as Aston Martin? Hmmm good idea but no and YES I know ford owns Aston
Jason Levy Jan 08, 2012
This car will destroy the competition if Ford makes it. I will buy one for sure. Make the damn thing haha
David Rosenberg Jan 08, 2012
That was the concept
Chad Schley Jan 08, 2012
You gotta read dog. The article said that it took design cues from this concept. Look at the grill, pretty similar right!
Bull Dogone Jan 08, 2012
Wait I'm confused. How did these photos end up here? This was a concept article 2 weeks ago. How does it fit in all of a sudden with the 4 door production car?
Tanner Middleton Jan 08, 2012
this is sweet! i found a new love for ford!
Johnny Hoover Jan 08, 2012
I love the headlights
Dale Denis Jan 08, 2012
Man this would be sweet!
Devin Babyn Jan 08, 2012
Erik by replace he meant that this should be the new design in 2014
Walter Alexander Thomas Jan 08, 2012
The rear look great. The whole car is amazing.
Dillon Dixon Jan 08, 2012
This thing is fantastic, they really should make this, now.
David Toupin Jan 08, 2012
The car is too short. It doesn't look right.
Zack Jan 08, 2012
The back end ruins the entire car :/
Johnny Hoover Jan 08, 2012
Looks so nice if it was rear drive and didn't have the rear butterfly doors it could be a mustang replacement
David Munasinghe Jan 08, 2012
Ford is using Aston/zagato for low end cars.
Peter Squire Jan 08, 2012
Uhhh... Very different...