Description: Nissan will be showcasing a couple of new models in Detroit, but it's in Dubai where they'll make the biggest impact. Designed to meet FIA-GT3 regulations, the JRM Racing sponsored version h...
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Description: Powered by the same twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 found in the road car, the Nismo GT3 race car achieves an output of well over 500hp and comes fitted with a Hewland six-speed sequential transmission...
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Adithya Chandrasekhar Jan 08, 2012
I'm definitely attending!!!! I wanna see the juke r!!
Pratik Parija Jan 10, 2012
Gran Turismo 5 is the closest thing to automotive reality for many fan, just like me. ^_^
No Pistons Jan 10, 2012
Sweet once I get a ps3 and gt5 I'll let you know as well it would be hella fun do our own set of tests and races with the cars we see being compared on this app lol
No Pistons Jan 09, 2012
May is so far away!!!
Nick Mitchell Jan 09, 2012
My xbox name is ijoebob11 if anybody has forza 4
No Pistons Jan 09, 2012
At the end of the day isn't every video game the same as the first with some tweaks? Ex gears 3 was great love the story but felt like a prettier gears 1 and the same is said for everything lol except Mass effect made leaps and bounds :p
No Pistons Jan 09, 2012
@tyson Thanks but I have the season pass lol it's all about that pinto! Haha
No Pistons Jan 09, 2012
And real world experience compared to forza4 they did a hell of a job but that's my opinion and I'm not picky, if times are close to reality and I'm braking/acc in the same areas in the game as real life I'm happy I really dot care what it looks like
No Pistons Jan 09, 2012
As my actual car. Some of the modification are ridiculous I wish a full exhaust would give me 40hp on my 8 lol i really don't see the problem that you are having but thats also because I know it's a game, nothing is perfect but from my perspective..
No Pistons Jan 09, 2012
? I actually track my car and with the same in game tune set up as my actual car I get almost identical track times on the tracks I've clocked, I actually feel a difference between 32 psi and 34 psi but i dedicate the same amount of game time tuning
No Pistons Jan 08, 2012
Vista but then we wouldn't see the game for another 2-3 years to process all that along with I will admit, the playstation is more powerful so turn 10 is a little limited.
No Pistons Jan 08, 2012
@evan You have over 500 cars plus another 10 every month, that's a lot of data/programming etc to go through along with dealing with legal rights of engine swaps aero replication yadda yadda yadda. They could have done everything to look like auto
rockstarTc Jan 08, 2012
GT5 over Forza everyday!! I bet that this car will be downloadable on GT5 soon. This car by the way is very sexy!!
No Pistons Jan 08, 2012
And yes RWD, AWD in the racing world really only helps with launch.
No Pistons Jan 08, 2012
@ham I love gt5 as well but I feel to limited in it, I like the freedom and community of forza but that's just me Hey since on the subject, anyone with forza hit me up on Xbox. Gamertag someguyplaying and we can do our own "vs" testing and whatnot
Avery Williams Jan 08, 2012
I can't believe they've made a Nismo GTR! That's incredible!
Sam C-h Jan 08, 2012
@Christopher think so, think you have to be RWD to be in GT3.
Devin Babyn Jan 08, 2012
Evan why are you the only person in the world that isn't in love with Forza
Christopher Alex Mohamed Jan 08, 2012
Does anyone know if it's a rear wheel drive setup?
Joel Hope Jan 08, 2012
Car will dominate the track
No Pistons Jan 08, 2012
Sigh, now I have another car I want to replicate in forza 4
Borphan Limthong Jan 08, 2012
Wow, Nissan makes a snow plow
Justin Harris Jan 08, 2012
That splitter is so huge it could cut an oncoming squirrel in half like a knife through butter lol.
Jordan Freedman Jan 08, 2012
That's a beast. Nissan definitely did a good job.
Michael Gallagher Jan 08, 2012
Yum yum. Great looking vehicle. Can't wait to see how it performs
Buddy Robinson Jan 08, 2012
It is awesome, but you could sleep on the splitter and go surfing with the spoiler though
Sam C-h Jan 08, 2012
Please y that GT5 will port this like they did for the Nurbergring 24 hours version.