Description: The quality and safety problems that have plagued the Chevrolet Volt lately continue to haunt General Motors' top brass. Only days before the first press day of the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, GM ann...
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Josiah Thomas Clements Jan 08, 2012
Lol I wrote a paper on gas vs electric cars a week ago. And yes I did mention the volts fire issue lol
Cian Rules Jan 08, 2012
Can i just say toyota are crap and SAAB gm are killers
Shane Heid Jan 08, 2012
Thank you Clayton, your absolutely right. And its not our taxes paying for it. It's gm they paid the gov. Back plus interest already
Pouv Khath Jan 08, 2012
Accident cause by drivers themselves.
Philip Weynand Jan 08, 2012
Uh, what head start? Haven't seen the diesel Jettas on the road? And to the Toyota comment. GM didn't try to cover up their issue here, instead address it and come up with a solution, while Toyota waited for numerous recalls and wrecks.
Cody Andree Jan 08, 2012
The cafe is getting raised to 54mpg?
Chris Dimattia Jan 08, 2012
Have to bring in diesels for that mileage. Diesel cruze is coming. Wonder why GM gets a head start? I remember when Acura was close to making a diesel for US. 1/2 ton truck diesels are good news. Stupid hybrids will die off.
Chris Dimattia Jan 08, 2012
Where is all the hype in the media about this and our tax money paying for this POS?Car comps don't want to make electric cars bc nobody wants them!! And they lose $$. Obama raises the CAFE to 54.5mpg! Super light cars=more deaths.
Chris Dimattia Jan 08, 2012
Love how the govt went after Toyota for the gas pedals. Forced them to pay $48M in fines for a problem that was proven by NASA to be false. Wonder where that $ went? GM? Obama trying to ruin the #1 car company. Classy
Boyd Boudreaux Jan 09, 2012
Absolutely junk, waste of tax payer money, yes we pay for r&d on this crap. But a small diesel that gets 40 mpg in there and be done. Face the facts electric is not the way to go, over priced and proving not reliable. Can't name any electric vehicles that don't have high maintenance cost and reliability issues
Alan Tan Jan 08, 2012
best looking electric sedan.... too bad dont have them in my country...
Patrick Joseph Jan 08, 2012
If that's pretty. Gordon brown is a supermodel. I'd rather buy myself a horse than this if I wanted to save on fuel
Josiah Thomas Clements Jan 08, 2012
Wow... No one commented on how it is shaped exactly like a prius... I can't believe what I'm about to say... I would take a Prius over this. I prefer my cars not catching on fire.
Mason Christopher Thomas Jan 08, 2012
This is one of the only hybrids that actually looks like a car
Cian Rules Jan 08, 2012
Sry i hve never wanted a prius more then any other car
Dillon Dixon Jan 08, 2012
I remember how awesome the concept was for this, then, they killed it. It just looks awkward.
Kevin Rehbock Jan 08, 2012
I would get a Karma, strip out the 4 banger and electric drivetrain, and put a LS7 in it. That's a "hybrid" I would own.
Devin Mortenson Jan 08, 2012
I love the volts that say volt on the side wish this was one of them
Tyler Peters Jan 08, 2012
the CR-Z is freaking ugly! how would you take that over this? This looks like a real car.
Dillon Dixon Jan 08, 2012
I think this car is extremely ugly, I would take the CR-Z
Description: These changes should improve the battery protection from any electrical fire that might happen, even weeks after any crash. In the last few weeks, since the NHTSA opened a preliminary investigation in...
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Description: As of now, we've been told the enhancements will include the following: strengthening an existing portion of the Volt's vehicle safety structure to improve battery pack protection in a sever...
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Description: "There are no changes to the Volt battery pack or cell chemistry as a result of these actions. We have tested the Volt's battery system for more than 285,000 hours, or 25 years, of operation...
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Colin Dzendolet Jan 08, 2012
Battery intrusion(?) and coolant leakage
Shane Jansen Jan 08, 2012
Can't read the last line!
Description: The NHTSA performed also a side-pole impact test on December 22nd and the results showed no intrusion into the battery pack and no leakage, though the car is still being monitored for another few days...
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Patrick Joseph Jan 09, 2012
If u offered me one of these or a throat cancer. I'd hesitate.
Boyd Boudreaux Jan 09, 2012
Sure it dose, better fuel than a Lamborghini, it takes the fuel of the machines to mine the coal, to haul the coal and the workers, to produce the power to charge it to run for 34 miles. Then still have to put gas to go any farther. Power plants still need fossil fuels to run, People!! Batteries have acid, just think how all the things get built and logistics, what do we need. Green my A$$!!
Josh Schmitter Jan 09, 2012
I wonder if it takes Premium....
Ahklil Sadiqi Jan 08, 2012
I believe it's there so when you pull into a parking spot it's closer to the plug
Bobby Deslis Jan 08, 2012
I think it's there so the owner doesn't accidentally drive away while it's still charging. if it was in a normal place, it could be forgotten
Shane Jansen Jan 08, 2012
Is it just me or does that seem like a stupid place to put the charge port?