Comments - Unearthed: 1994 Dodge Stealth R/T

Published: Jan 07, 2012
Description: For anyone, such as myself, who grew up in the 1990s, there were a few sports cars that dominated any young car lover's attention. Besides the Lamborghini Diablo and Ferrari F40/F50, some of ...
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Pratik Parija Jan 10, 2012
FWD cars tend to under steer which kinda sucks.
Vincent Butler Jan 08, 2012
I don't care what anyone has to say about FWD cars, I'll still tune them. Only haters hate :0
Vincent Butler Jan 08, 2012
Hey hey hey. I love them Type R Integra. Beautiful car
No Pistons Jan 08, 2012
Take out the integra and your set lol
Vincent Butler Jan 08, 2012
It's a tuners car, all of them are pretty amazing. 3000,gsx,rx7,supra,,integra,evo,wrx,240,'mr2 the list goes on and on. I love them all.
Cho Dan Jan 07, 2012
This is no comparison to the 3rd Gen RX-7 whatsoever!
Jason Brower Jan 07, 2012
The 3000gt/stealth shouldn't be compared to the evo, the vr-4 an r/t should be. The difference between 220 hp and fwd is huge compared to 320 and awd. Plus the turbos made boosting power easy. Stock internals on them easily hold 550-600 whp.
Chris Drumm Jan 07, 2012
Every year in OCMD there is a stealth/3000gt meet at Hooters. The ones those guys bring are insane. Easy 600-700awhp cars there.
Olivier Chaput Jan 07, 2012
Same about 5-6 of these where i live!
Tommy Broadbent Jan 07, 2012
You're absolutely right it can't compete with any of those or it's brother Evo. The 3000GT was a touring car. Gran Touring. I owned a '95 SL which was beautiful but fwd only pulling 220 hp stock didn't win many races.
Scott Gracey Jan 07, 2012
Stealth/3000gt are both nice but I don't think they in any way compete with rx-7 skyline or supra
Vince DeMasi Jan 07, 2012
Btw I was counting the dodge stealth and the 3000gt since they are almost literally the same car
Vince DeMasi Jan 07, 2012
There are like 5 of these in my area one of them has the GTO badge
Michael Page Jan 07, 2012
Sports cars should always be rwd, just my 2 cents
Patrick Schalk Jan 07, 2012
Well I get it depends on your taste and what cars we are talkin about. I like em.
Cooper Branham Jan 07, 2012
@riley he said if you can get it up 2(to) 500 hp. Not 2500
Chaz Gill Jan 07, 2012
@Patrick IMO the 90's cars were horrible because the cars were so ugly
Tommy Broadbent Jan 07, 2012
They were very heavy especially the Spyder version which was close to two tons.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jan 07, 2012
Sigh. I wish I was born earlier. (born 1998)
Zain Sheikh Jan 07, 2012
Possibly the beat car listed here is the RX-7 . It's so amazing . I have a friend who's uncle has an 86 FC running 400 HP with one turbo no IC . he runs 10 secs on the 1/4 Mile
Riley McKelvie Jan 07, 2012
Did you just say if you get it up to 2500 rwhp it'll beat the trans am??? Well obviously it would....
Patrick Schalk Jan 07, 2012
God bless the 90s. What a good era for automobiles.
Chris Bridgers Jan 07, 2012
Dont take tuners off ur list, if tey dont rice them out these cars can be beastly with being light and cheap to power
Mr.philly215 Jan 07, 2012
@Jessi- Yeah your trans am and ya friends camero might smoke a stock 1 but if the owner of that 3000Gt put the same amount of work/ pick the right speed parts with a diet like u did with ya Trans am. Look out. Cuz if u can get 1of those things weight down and power up 2 500hp at the wheels mixed with that AWD they are Beastly.
Jesse Demasi Jan 07, 2012
Some kid in one of my classes thinks his friends stock 3000 GT is the fastest car in town I own a trans am with over 400 HP and about 100 LBS taken off the original weight and my friends dad owns a 1000 HP camaro some don't know anything
Andrew Grimm Jan 07, 2012
Same with the Z32. They were both pretty heavy set. That's what I hate about the 300zx. If it had the weight of the FD, then it would have been even more of a killer.
Description: Power came from a standard 3.0-liter V6 with 160hp and 184lb-ft of torque. It also incorporated many advanced technologies (at the time) for everyday sports cars such as full time four-wheel drive, ac...
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Timothy Hooker Jan 07, 2012
I guess we have gotten used to four door sedans putting out 300hp that we forget that early sports cars were like Kia rios
Jason Brower Jan 07, 2012
This was the sohc model, the worst available. The dohc (non turbo) made 220hp/200ftlb with the 3.0 v6
Timothy Hooker Jan 07, 2012
Those HP numbers are jankie. I had a teacher that drove a stealth in the early 90s. We all thought she was so kewl...
Vincent Butler Jan 07, 2012
It was also sold by Chrysler in America as a Dodge Stealth. Beauitful car.
Vincent Butler Jan 07, 2012
In most export markets it was rebadged as a Mitsubishi 3000GT
Vincent Butler Jan 07, 2012
This Mitsubishi has only undergone minor changes for a decade since its 1990 release. The Spyder came in 1995. Numerous facelifts have kept the styling fresh. It was sold in USA till 1999. Sold as GTO in Japan till 2001.
Erik Olsen Jan 07, 2012
Yeah, I think the TT model was 300hp/300 lb/ft.
Christopher Lawrence Reber Feb 15, 2012
The vr4 was an awesome car. Had mine modded to about 700whp
Christian Billman Feb 09, 2012
Back in the day Chrysler and Mitsubishi shared platforms, usually with Chryslers sporting Mitsubishi parts.
Pratik Parija Jan 10, 2012
So it's sold as either a Dodge or a Mitsubishi?
Zachary Sindelar Jan 09, 2012
16 year old dream car from the redneck town I come from! Haha it's not bad, but the 3000 vr4 looks better.
Deon Lingum Jan 08, 2012
David not everything revolves around Hondas, even f there're a great company. Lol
Shane Jansen Jan 07, 2012
This is a dream car to people who like to rice cars.
Chaz Gill Jan 07, 2012
I also have to agree with No Pistons lol
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jan 07, 2012
IMO it looks better than the 3000GT, and that has nothing to do with the fact that it's a Dodge.
Patrick Schalk Jan 07, 2012
Gonna have to agree with No Pistons. I've seen some that are done ok though. Just not my taste.
Mike Riegel Jan 07, 2012
this was the car at one time
Buddy Robinson Jan 07, 2012
My friend has one of these, n/a but still nice. Plus side is it has the adjustable spoiler from the vr4, so no ugly back end
John Kim Jan 07, 2012
3000gt looks way better. 1st gen cuz i have a thing for popups
No Pistons Jan 07, 2012
Personally I find both horrendous to look at IMO
Andrew Grimm Jan 07, 2012
Yea evan I hate the little "Wing" or whatever you want to call it on this car.ales it look horrible. And the wheels look bad on this car.
Description: Both cars had a newly revised front bumper that featured projector beam headlights and smaller round fog lights. In addition, the side air vents and rear bumpers received some modifications. The inter...
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Description: The current owner of this 1994 Dodge Stealth R/T Twin Turbo bought the car a little over a year ago. The previous owner did a few modifications such as adding 300C exhaust tips, upgraded rims and ...
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Chris Bridgers Jan 07, 2012
This cars made the same yea i am=P
Dennis Prow Jan 09, 2012
The ford escort was a rally car, that wing was dodge trying to be "rally enspired" hence the AWD and electronic suspension. Cool car they should make another stealth
Shane Jansen Jan 07, 2012
Brendan is a good example of my comment on the last photo....
Logan LeMonnier Jan 07, 2012
These seem like neons where I live they're pretty common
Zachary Maurer Jan 07, 2012
Wait, you said that the escort had a perpous for a wing!?!? They can't get over 95 mph!
Zain Sheikh Jan 07, 2012
Spoiler is positioned a bit too far from the trunk
Tanton Stoneman Jan 07, 2012
I would have a GTO Twin Turbo VR4 imported from Japan. 3000gtis a boring name.
Lou Guerrero Jan 08, 2012
Factory wheels if going for the clean OE look otherwise this needs more serious wheels not those Pep Boys bargain bin specials.
Cho Dan Jan 07, 2012
Hate the spoiler being mounted at the rear glass. Terrible.
Jacob Anthony Soto Jan 07, 2012
3000 GT looks much better
David Cho Jan 07, 2012
I'm guessing that spoiler is for looks because it's so far in and thus far wont do anything for handling.
Tim Butler Jan 07, 2012
That back end looks like someing a 1 year old would draw
Josiah Thomas Clements Jan 08, 2012
Oh yea those are big. Why else do Italian mob leaders drive them?! Lol (joke)
Josiah Thomas Clements Jan 07, 2012
The challenger has a huge trunk also... You could fit 3 bodies in it...
Jason Brower Jan 07, 2012
I use that back compartment all the time. Lift up the panel and there is a series of storage compartments next to the spare. Perfect for any contraband.
Andrew Grimm Jan 07, 2012
Enough space to fit a dead body or two in! Oh wait that's for the Camaro......
Schmitty Delmontico Feb 14, 2012
Nothings wrong theyre standard lol bad (or really good) angle haha but at least back then sports cars got proper manuals...
Matthew Leon Jan 08, 2012
Hahahahahah grab the penis and hold on for inpaln
Clayton Corley Jan 07, 2012
Hahahahahahahahahahaha wow ebrake is hilarious
Jordan Smith Jan 07, 2012
Woah. Just noticed it but it's the angle of the picture that makes it look like that. The shifter looks like the tip of the E-brake in this picture.
Chris Bridgers Jan 07, 2012
That stick looks preverted....
Kyle McCullough Jan 07, 2012
What do you mean? I dont see anything wrong
Schmitty Delmontico Feb 14, 2012
Cluster FUX is right i like these cars the 3K gt as well but goo lord that bass-akwards...well everything makes mods and replacments a nightmare!
Shane Jansen Jan 07, 2012
Wow this looks impressive, on the inside.
David Rosenberg Jan 07, 2012
This is a stock photo from 19** lol
No Pistons Jan 07, 2012
Haha i literally said holy shit out loud when I saw the full pic lol
Chris Bridgers Jan 07, 2012
Very clean engine for a 94, almost looks as nice as my 96 stangs lol
No Pistons Jan 07, 2012
Talk about a cluster f$@?
Andrew Grimm Jan 07, 2012
You need midget hands to work on this car. Same with the 300zx