Description: Founded in 2009 at Japan's Keio University, the SIM Company has only now debuted their SIM-LEI EV car as last year's earthquake tragedy meant they couldn't unveil it any earlier. Separa...
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Description: However what makes the car even more appealing is the fact it can go from standstill to 60mph in just 4.8 seconds. To put that in perspective, a 2012 Chevy Camaro SS and 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera manag...
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Walter Alexander Thomas Jan 07, 2012
Wow such a little ugly thing but great milage and power.
Andrew Grimm Jan 07, 2012
You can thank it being very very lightweight and %100 torque when you hit the gas.
Nathaniel Sharp Jan 08, 2012
This is just disgusting.
Timothy Hooker Jan 07, 2012
Can u imagine pulling up next to a z06in this thing and seeing the look on their face when u beat them to the next light....I can't either cause I would never been seen in this POS
Maciej Moryl Jan 07, 2012
Why does every ev car have to be so freaking ugly?
David Rosenberg Jan 07, 2012
Yes looks like Prius.
Walter Alexander Thomas Jan 07, 2012
I would NOT drive this thing at all.
Aaron Stein Jan 07, 2012
All for a measly $300,000 or some other ridiculous amount
Dale Schroeder Jan 07, 2012
I don't think I'd want to push this up to 90+ mph, it looks awfully narrow.
Erik Olsen Jan 07, 2012
Makes an Aztek look good! What am I saying?
Trent Griffin Feb 06, 2012
Puts me in the mindset of the 60's Citroen DS 21....
Brent Bennett Jan 07, 2012
Looks like a fish... Or a submarine of sorts!
David Holder-Defrates Jan 07, 2012
It looks like a '02-'10 Nissan Micra and a Prius have collided!
Aaron Stein Jan 07, 2012
The looks don't bother me, definitely different. But then, I own an avanti.
Trent Richard Benham Jan 07, 2012
Ether way that's the ugliest car I have ever seen, it makes a fiesta look like a Lamborghini