Description: Robert Himler is at it again, showing off his beastly twin-turbocharged Lamborghini Gallardo tuned by Underground Racing against a brand-new Aventador. The 700hp Aventador would certainly smoke most o...
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Sebastian Grey Jan 06, 2012
I know what you're thinking Jessica but the Nazi Himler is spelled "Himmler."
Jessica Rivera Jan 06, 2012
Himler is not a nice name
Andrew Holland Jan 06, 2012
Hah that guy is a beast I watch his YouTube channel
Description: The pickle-green Gallardo looks smooth as Brie next to the Aventador. Himler says that the owner of the brand-new Aventador just received his supercar, so he wasn't too keen on going through all ...
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Dale Fredriks Jan 08, 2012
Give me an Agera R, and I will literally live in it. Because I'll be forced to, obviously. No money left for a house.
Jeremy Gallas Jan 07, 2012
This makes me say, YES!
Jayson Lankster Jan 07, 2012
I clearly saw when the gallardo outran the aventador. granted, he never technically "outran" it but when ever the aventador stepped on the gas, the gallardo would to and would instantly jump ahead of the gallardo.
rockstarTc Jan 06, 2012
yeah your probably right... I am pretty ugly...
Vincent Butler Jan 06, 2012
I'm sure he wouldn't even look at You
rockstarTc Jan 06, 2012
I would get rid of all my current friends so i could have him as a friend! Ha maybe he would let me drive it once in awhile...
John Serely Jan 06, 2012
@Patrick r. Haha...I hope your legitimentaly kidding lol
Patrick R. Manuel Jan 06, 2012
And don't forget the Prius.. Kidding
Patrick R. Manuel Jan 06, 2012
'69 Camaro SS for me. And a jeep wrangler. And also a '98 Chevy Silverado 2500
Kevin Callejas Jan 06, 2012
I would rather take the Aston Martin DBS
Pratik Parija Jan 06, 2012
I would take the 458 Italia. Great car to drive
Joseph Myers Jan 06, 2012
That Gallardo was sick
John Serely Jan 06, 2012
@Andrew it will be a beast!
Vincent Butler Jan 06, 2012
The guy sounded really young
Vincent Butler Jan 06, 2012
I wouldn't Take Neither Cars. Mclaren mp4-12c gt3 For Me :0
Zen Ware Jan 06, 2012
I would like to have friends like in this vid:P
Alanda Burroughs Jan 06, 2012
Maybe I missed something...but I never saw a race and certainly didn't see where the Gallardo out ran the Aventador.
Trevor Bodi Jan 06, 2012
Amazing what a couple turbos can do.
Alanda Burroughs Jan 06, 2012
As nice as this Gallardo may be, I'll take the Aventador over it any day.
Dustin Choate Jan 06, 2012
I might be wrong here but I think the Gallardo is the one that beat the 300whp Hayabusa at Tx2k11. Which would mean its around 1,500whp. But I could be wrong.
Michael Palazzo Jan 06, 2012
I prefer the murcielago to the Gallardo, its got more power, awesome doors, and is better looking.
Michael Palazzo Jan 06, 2012
I do not like the 07 or before gallardos, they look average at best, the 08+ models are beautiful all around.
Andrew Grimm Jan 06, 2012
Robert says the next car he is getting with be the Aventador, and will be waiting for the twin turbo kit from Underground Racing. I can not wait for them to tune the Aventador!
Hunter Willkie Jan 06, 2012
apparently no one fan make a v12 that sounds as good as or better than the saying v12
Bobby Junior Jan 06, 2012
Was that Jeremy Clarkson in the Aventador?
Tyler Davis Jan 06, 2012
@Jean im with you gtr friends are the only way to go.
Matthew Charles Jan 06, 2012
Gallardo is designed better than the murc anyday! It's the best looking after sesto elemento and aventador! I can't wait until I see the sesto on the street!
Jean Padilla Jan 06, 2012
Agree. I got the wrong friends. Mayb it's success by association. Ima go make friends with Gtr people
Knox Ferraro Jan 06, 2012
At what point do you and SIX of your friends have Lamborghinis?!
David Harris Jan 06, 2012
Love that aventador but they should of tuned it a little.
Nick Mitchell Jan 06, 2012
They needed to tune the Aventador, then add a tuned murcialago.
Peter Bruschi Jan 06, 2012
@ Lou, unfortunately im not the proud owner of a lamborghini, but i personally like the styling of the gallardo better than the murcielago... plus i believe the murcielago is more expensive... the adventador is so sick tho
Lou Guerrero Jan 06, 2012
Himler's car is mind-bogglingly fast. How come no one has a Murcielago? Just Gallardos.
Tajul Islam Jan 06, 2012
Put me to sleep! Put me to sleep right nw.
Devin Babyn Jan 07, 2012
Plus it's B.C. everything is priced higher then the rest of Canada
Devin Babyn Jan 07, 2012
You're getting what you pay for in Van though, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is still way overpriced though
Tyson Broadbent Jan 07, 2012
Try the market in Vancouver, skyrocketing prices on homes. It's disgusting what a million dollars gets you now.
rockstarTc Jan 06, 2012
Where i bought my car they had a 08 Gallardo for 96k which isnt to bad and from what i seen places outside chicago are expensive...i rather live in a apartment in the city.
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 06, 2012
Are these guys just teasing us with their " richness " here?
John Serely Jan 06, 2012
@jerson lol I know the feeling
Jersson Guevara Jan 06, 2012
Haha two Aventadors will barely buy u a decent where i live ( right outside nyc)
John Serely Jan 06, 2012
Yea, I love Chicago too. I have been planing to go to Seattle, I have read it is a great city.
Patrick Schalk Jan 06, 2012
Ah I see. I have a buddy that is from Mundelien (sp?) and he lives in a pretty nice neighborhood. I love Chicago. Chicago and Seattle are my two favorite cities I've been to
John Serely Jan 06, 2012
And some, like mine, cost a lot (which I'm not bragging about, cuz it seems overpriced compared to the surrounding towns which are almost as nice)
John Serely Jan 06, 2012
@Patrick there are a lot of really really nice suburbs just outside of Chicago
John Serely Jan 06, 2012
@Patrick one of the Chicago suburbs
Patrick Schalk Jan 06, 2012
That's insane. Where do you live? Cali? NY?
John Serely Jan 06, 2012
@Patrick you can't get a crappy needs-to-be-torn-down-house where I live for 300,000. One and a half aventadors will buy you a smaller (but decent) house.
Patrick Schalk Jan 06, 2012
They know who their daddy is Bryan. They know.
Brian Ayala Jan 06, 2012
They start tuning their lambos when they get beat by a Z06. Lol. I've seen Ferrari and lambo owners come in to Chevy and ask "what just beat me?"
Brian Ayala Jan 06, 2012
Why not buy a used gallardo with less than 10k miles for around $100k. Seen a couple go for $89k on eBay with barely any miles.
Isaac Rezkalla Jan 06, 2012
379000 for the aventador and 202000 for the gallardo
Patrick Schalk Jan 06, 2012
Oh are we talking Gallardo or Aventador? Still 200,000 gets you a pretty damn nice house here.
Ceren Yıldız Jan 06, 2012
200000 is so cheap, in here second hand nissan gtr cost 200000
David Rosenberg Jan 06, 2012
It costs 200,000 stock
Patrick Schalk Jan 06, 2012
400,000 is a huge house here.
Payne Hodges Wilson Jan 06, 2012
@David it can easily cost a house if you're in the right market and in some markets a really nice house at that
David Rosenberg Jan 06, 2012
@tanton it doesn't cost as much as a house if something u live in a shed.
Mario Callirgos Jan 06, 2012
Uh that's the whole point of supercars and to have exlusivity and high end tuners do that. What's better then a viper; a hennessy viper. Whats better a gtr; an AMS GTR. I like the TT F430 from underground racing also. It's all about speed
Mirko Galavotti Jan 06, 2012
they don't know how to spend their money....
David Harris Jan 06, 2012
@tantan yea bc they got money and they make their cars faster. If you had a fast car and you had money you would tune your car.
Tanton Stoneman Jan 06, 2012
What's the point of messing a car up that costs as much as a house.
Mirko Galavotti Jan 06, 2012
Tuned gallardos are horrible. i don't know why people changed this beautiful cars
John Serely Jan 06, 2012
There are a lot in dealerships in Chicago and in the (nicer) suburbs. I know there are 3 at Bentley Gold Coast, one at Lamborghini Chicago and i think there might be one or two more at different exotic car dealerships close to Chicago. BTW I think the Aventador has one of the best rear ends of any current car.
Greg Kenerly Jan 06, 2012
Leigh Martin Jan 06, 2012
@ Erik Where and when do they have that in Atl?