Comments - Another Detroit Debut - Tata eMO Electric Concept

Published: Jan 06, 2012
Description: Tata Group's U.S.-based offshoot Tata Technologies will be bringing their new EV concept to the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. The eMO, standing for electric mobility, was designed for the Michelin Desi...
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Kevin Rehbock Jan 06, 2012
No straight razors on the steering wheel grip?
Michael Gallagher Jan 06, 2012
Isn't this the Indian car company or something?
David Rosenberg Jan 06, 2012
Tata in the U.S. ?? Yay!!! Tata means Father in Yiddish/German
Knox Ferraro Jan 06, 2012
The eMO has suicide doors. You can't make this shit up.
Description: According to Tata, this impressive little EV can return a 100-mile range and hit a top speed of 65mph. The Tata eMO isn't slated for production, however they say that were it to make dealerships ...
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Hank Austin Jan 07, 2012
65mph top speed? Really? That's the speed limit in a lot of places
Josh Andrews Jan 07, 2012
Im really starting to hate what there trying to change with concepts where they all look like a pile of plastic
Zack Herzer Jan 06, 2012
It's funny how the name is emo and the doors are suicide.
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 06, 2012
Hey. . . You like my eMO
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Jan 06, 2012
Maybe people who see it will become so sad, that they will turn into emos?
Dale Schroeder Jan 07, 2012
Roofline looks like a swept back faux-hawk haircut, the wheels resemble bad tribal tattoos, just looking at it makes me feel depressed... yeah, emo is a pretty accurate name for this.
Mason Christopher Thomas Jan 06, 2012
Makes me want to cut myself
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 06, 2012
Back door looks tighter than an RX8. Not sure if that Is even a back door
Dale Schroeder Jan 07, 2012
I hope those seats go back some more because it looks like there's zero legroom there.
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 06, 2012
They make it look big. As you can see. The seats must've been pushed back fully. Which means leaving no boot space. Usually thats just quarter of shopping for some and this "eMO" looks like a piece of shit