Description: Back in 1985, brothers Martin and Friedhelm Wiesmann founded their boutique automaker with a clear goal in mind: to build a modern, fun driving sports car that evokes the design of the classic roadste...
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Colin Dzendolet Jan 06, 2012
@steve that's because Ford Europe had been keeping all the good stuff from us and has just now realized the euro styling sells in america
Lou Guerrero Jan 06, 2012
Look at the curves on the rear fender. This car is beautiful although we've seen some of these lines before.
Steve Waskiewicz Jan 06, 2012
Well, funny thing about that Blue Oval, that while I agree about Americans believing they're trash, Ford is VERY established in Europe. Hell, it's their largest and I think, most profitable, car maker.
Heath Clayton Cudiamat Jan 06, 2012
@jrise People like German and Italian cars because they have more ingenuity than American cars. On the other hand, American sports cars tend to have more brute force as far as horsepower is concerned.
Submwaru CB Jan 05, 2012
The shape of everything is gorgeous but that grill stolen from jaguar that stole from Alfa is a bit out there.
Andrew Wilkinson Jan 05, 2012
@ jrise you are right, they would
Pablo Herasme Jan 05, 2012
One of my personal favs
Paolo Prezioso Jan 05, 2012
This car couldn't be American, it's too amazing.
Chris Hellevik Jan 05, 2012
Look much better if the lights were one unit instead of 2 different lights( reference the tvr sagaris headlights)
Pranay ImaGiraffe Person Jan 05, 2012
Wait how much does thing cost?
Chris Kuyumdzhyan Jan 05, 2012
Look how fat those rear tires are. :o
John Serely Jan 05, 2012
I just looked at the rest of the pics, and I change my previous comment. This is one of the better looking cars for sale today IMO
Borphan Limthong Jan 05, 2012
Nice Pontiac solstice
Thibault Leroy Jan 05, 2012
i dont like the roof
Description: Based in Dulmen, Germany, the company's philosophy revolves around the enjoyment of a pure sports car, one that has incredible driving dynamics and combines elements of motor racing with an indiv...
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Description: And just last September at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the automaker revealed the MF3 final edition: the last of the six-cylinder inline engine models. All Wiesmann models are instantly recognizable not ...
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Bryan Wesly Pascual Sep 22, 2012
Wayyyyyy better than Morgan Aero and Triumph TR
Charlton Cruz Sep 03, 2012
best wiessman i've ever seen
Zain Sheikh Jan 06, 2012
One of My drift cars in forza 4
Submwaru CB Jan 05, 2012
The back is probably better in person. I think the wheels should be a bit cleaner though. Less aftermarket.
Steve Waskiewicz Jan 05, 2012
Absolutely wonderful and it's even better that they chose excellent engines for these cars.
Paolo Prezioso Jan 05, 2012
My favorite car company for a reason.
Sam Oglesby Jan 05, 2012
I love it but that's not an mf3 is it
John Serely Jan 05, 2012
The rear end is um.... Different, but I like it.
Justin Chaplin Jan 05, 2012
Stop tryin to compare every cars look to another cause this car has a very distinct look from a lot of cars with a hint of classic details
Adam Fox Jan 05, 2012
Like a cross between a Z4 coupe and a Morgan, with a little TVR thrown in there for kicks
Gianni Falzone Jan 05, 2012
Kent is unaware of the Internet. Don't mind him.
Ryan Bowles Jan 05, 2012
The hardtop is beautiful
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Jan 05, 2012
What a sexy blonde.. God! i love this car..
Austin Goodman Jan 05, 2012
Not crazy about the back but still a great looking car.
Andrew Hubbard Jan 05, 2012
Kent want to talk about grammar? How about you capitalize sorry first.
Dillon Dixon Jan 05, 2012
That looks like it would be so much fun to drive! I need to start paying more attention to them.
Chris Clark Jan 05, 2012
Sorry, they have a douche bag test before you can buy one
Kent Sullivan Jan 05, 2012
sorry, they have a grammar test before you can buy one.
A5D5A5M Jan 05, 2012
so awesome as a hard top !! and spoiler aswell !!!
Gianni Falzone Jan 05, 2012
Holy cow that's awesome. Can has?
Description: One example includes the upcoming Wiesmann on Snow weekend that will take place this January 13th to 17th.
Owners will be given a weekend of winter road training in the Bernina Pass, which connect...
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Michael Gallagher Jan 05, 2012
These are some very unique and cool looking rides. But I was hoping for some specs somewhere in this article as well.
Zain Sheikh Jan 06, 2012
Those brakes are freaking huge
Morgan Fairless Jan 06, 2012
I agree but in a way i prefer the morgans
Cody Jacques Jan 06, 2012
soft top baby blue... this looks very girly
Submwaru CB Jan 05, 2012
Top down is how this car rolls best
Paolo Prezioso Jan 05, 2012
I can't stop drooling
Andy Arana Jan 05, 2012
I wonder if they have these in the states?
Petrolheadjack Jan 05, 2012
These and morgans are proper sports cars..
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 05, 2012
They all have amazing wheels. What car brand offers them like this?
Kyle Anderson Jan 05, 2012
This is by far my favorite.
Jack Howard Jan 05, 2012
They kinda look like a TVR
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Jan 05, 2012
Wiesmann is so unique, like Morgan
Sam Oglesby Jan 05, 2012
That's the one for me
Andy Arana Jan 05, 2012
Correction: of these.
Andy Arana Jan 05, 2012
I'm becoming a big fan if these, love them!
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Jan 05, 2012
Look at this humps.. Hmmmmm
Will Watashi Jan 05, 2012
That's one bangin' ride!
Cody Jacques Jan 06, 2012
this looks cool and classy but... I cant see a back window?
Lee Cascio Jan 06, 2012
This thing just oozes class from all angles. Are these legal in the states?
Submwaru CB Jan 05, 2012
That's gotta be the best color soft top for these cars. Black body. Alloy machined wheels and a tab leather soft top.
Jan Douwe Habraken Jan 05, 2012
I like oldtimers but these remakes are great
Darren Nardo Jan 05, 2012
Fabulous looking cars!!
Pierre E Jean Jan 05, 2012
The grey cabrios in the back ..
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jan 05, 2012
Splendid. Superb. Magnificent. So many, I can't decide which looks the best.
Tanton Stoneman Jan 06, 2012
That body design is 18 years old? Couldn't have guessed it
Jesse Demasi Jan 05, 2012
Looks like the car from a league of extraordinary men this is sexy
Ryan Bowles Jan 05, 2012
Incredible looking car, they've been around for this long and I've never heard of them...the people need to kno lol
Paolo Prezioso Jan 05, 2012
Not an accord, those look decent. This brings Aston down to peel p50 level
Chris Hellevik Jan 05, 2012
This makes James bonds car look like a Honda accord
Emmanuel Irizarry Jan 05, 2012
Guess Austin Powers was just to ecstatic
Robert Larson Jan 05, 2012
The photographer finally managed to hold the camera straight!
Kyle McCullough Jan 05, 2012
Totally awesome car id buy it when i get me liscense in 5months
John Serely Jan 05, 2012
@Joey just what I was going to say lol
Alex Jervis Jan 05, 2012
Totally awesome car I would buy it when I get my license in 5 years 😞
Gianni Falzone Jan 05, 2012
A car fit for a super villain.
Submwaru CB Jan 05, 2012
This angles a bit harsh on the car
Kent Sullivan Jan 05, 2012
whats with these stupid camera angles?
Buddy Robinson Jan 05, 2012
Sorry gents, this ones mine
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 05, 2012
Hahah read the car on the lefts license plate. SHAG
Wyatt Gordon Jul 15, 2012
black roadster, 4th from the left for me please
Ben August Jul 07, 2012
Best sight ever.
Jordan Smith Jan 05, 2012
It looks like an F430 Jimmy
Ian Farming Brendle Jan 05, 2012
Silver one, back/right.
Jeremy Siebert Jan 05, 2012
Ohhh, I want the 5 door way in the back!
Ricardo Rodriguez Jan 05, 2012
these cars are some of the most elegant ones on sale.
Jordan Smith Jan 05, 2012
Silver one in front. That will be mine eventually. Yellow one is good too
Andy Arana Jan 05, 2012
I'll take the blue one in back please.
Bob Thebuilder Jan 05, 2012
I want the black/tab one or the yellow
Ben August Jul 07, 2012
This looks devilishly good. Almost like its preying on the souls of unsuspecting victim cars. If I was driving this, I'd give a shit what type of performance anyone else had; they don't have this.
Jairo Garcia Jan 05, 2012
Mmmmmmmmm!!!! Lol Will never get old :D
Devin Babyn Jan 05, 2012
Change the red to the candy red in the last pick and it'll be perfect
Jason Johnson Jan 07, 2012
Not a fan of gold rims but this looks slick!
Kevin Watson Jan 09, 2012
I'll take two when I hit the lottery, white hardtop and a sunburnt orange convertible. ♠
Nnamdi Boniface Jan 06, 2012
I love this car, I think I need one.
Jon Ashley Jan 06, 2012
I'll take this one for sure
Lou Guerrero Jan 06, 2012
Awesome in red. Morgan who? (jk)
Paolo Prezioso Jan 05, 2012
This deserves to be the longest article. Weissman doesn't have a page, so car buzz shoved their awesomeness into this
Chris Hellevik Jan 05, 2012
Definitely like the hard top beyter
Jordan Smith Jan 05, 2012
Forget what I said on the other page, this one will be mine!
Majed Ameeri Jan 05, 2012
Saw one of these at Dubai mall
A5D5A5M Jan 05, 2012
omg very very beautifull !!!
Patrick Schalk Jan 05, 2012
Yes, give me this one. This is my favorite.