Comments - Spied: 2013 Mercedes-Benz CLC

Published: Jan 05, 2012
Description: Thanks to our always sharp spy photographers, we've just been sent the latest photos showing the upcoming Mercedes-Benz CLC out doing some winter testing. As we've reported earlier, the CLC ...
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Description: As can be expected, there have been rumors of a high-powered, all-wheel drive AMG version that could produce somewhere in the neighborhood of 300-340hp. Other engine options will include a gasoline en...
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Stephen Reed Warren II Jan 06, 2012
If there was an airline known to be more luxurious that started making more and more affordable less luxurious seats for the common man then YES your analogy would make sense. And it would make that airline not nearly as special to fly anymore
Bala Uncc Jan 06, 2012
What, slk is not luxury ? 65000 $ 3.5 liter v6 is not luxury ?
Stephen Reed Warren II Jan 05, 2012
Yeah but the a, b, c, clc, slk, aren't PURE luxury. I'm not saying they're not nice. But they aren't the s, sl, cl, etc. I know there has to be an erray of classes. I guess I'm annoyed at the oblivious public that doesn't know a CL class from a C
Stephen Reed Warren II Jan 05, 2012
@shaun. I know, but it still sucks
Petrolheadjack Jan 05, 2012
4wd? NOOO! No amg power sliding then..
Shaun Conroy Jan 05, 2012
It's necessary to make smaller, more affordable cars to stay afloat these days. Look at Maybach, gone. It's all about supply and demand.
Stephen Reed Warren II Jan 05, 2012
Me a break. I know ppl here on carbuzz know the diff b/w classes/prformnce/quality/prices of merc,but the avg person doesn't. And these new cheap classes are creating more merc owners and soon everyone will be a merc owner, making merc not as special
Stephen Reed Warren II Jan 05, 2012
Call me pretentious, idc - but I hate how merc is making all these small, unimpressive, cheaper cars. It's already bad enough now when a new c-class owner is lumped in with a new s-class owner. Now with the A and B class and the freakin clc now give
Avery Williams Jan 05, 2012
I know! AMG should at least be putting out 500hp but I guess they're different levels of AMG.
Bala Uncc Jan 05, 2012
300 hp with AMG? Ridiculous
Cindy Ngo Aug 16, 2013
It's a CLA not a CLC
Josiah Thomas Clements Jan 08, 2012
Door handles are a dead giveaway it's a Mercedes.
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 06, 2012
@tajul. ALK. ALC. ASS. They sound like some Arabic freedom fighters or something.
Tajul Islam Jan 06, 2012
Carbuzz c'mon dawg?! Why delete my previous comment?
Tajul Islam Jan 06, 2012
Oh god i missed out SLK and Vaneo. Plus possible models...AL, ALC, ALK, ALR, ALS, BL, BLC, BLK, BLR, BLS, EL, ELC, ELK, ELR, ELS...just incase Merc try to sneak in some new models while where all away from here. :D
Tajul Islam Jan 06, 2012
Wing mirrors tell its a merc.
Tanton Stoneman Jan 06, 2012
How can these spy photographers tell what make the car is?
Frank Alberto Baez Jan 05, 2012
Looks like anything but a Mercedes. Sonata, accord, Camry. I hope it come with similar quality.
Humza Husain Jan 05, 2012
The camp makes the headlights look EXACTLY like the Accord's
Luke Purdy Jan 05, 2012
This can't be the clc for 2 reasons 1. A sales guy who works at Mercedes told me they dropped the clc and just made a coupe version of the c class 2. This car has 4 doors where the purpose of a clc is that it has two doors.
Adam Hafiz Jan 05, 2012
Bi xenons are standard for mercs and BMWs in my country
Pierre E Jean Jan 05, 2012
@ mirko : And soon SLC
Mirko Galavotti Jan 05, 2012
C,CL, Cls,Clc. SL,Sls,Slk.... WTF ??
Jason W. Evers Jan 06, 2012
And they will sell twice as many.
Tanton Stoneman Jan 06, 2012
So a poor mans CLS then. Bet it won't be half as beautiful as its older brother.