Comments - Hyundai HND-7 Hexa Space MPV Concept Debuts in Delhi

Published: Jan 05, 2012
Description: The Korean carmaker has used the Delhi Auto Expo to premiere their Hexa Space MPV concept, which showcases a new way to maximize internal space while minimizing vehicle width. According to Hyundai, th...
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Zachary Maurer Jan 05, 2012
But I'm a Korean so I support asian cars
Alex Jervis Jan 05, 2012
That car is the ugliest thing iv ever seen. And your right nobody cres about hyundai
Ethan Amo Jan 05, 2012
The front and interior are painful to look at
Description: India is the ideal place for the Hexa Space Concept, codenamed HND-7, to make its world debut as it's compact enough for the chaotic roads, and with eight seats you can easily get a family of 12 ...
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Wildabeast Jenkins Jan 08, 2012
Great line! (8 seats for 12)
Trevor Brown Jan 05, 2012
They forgot to mention that it's only capable of that when the mom is pregnant with quadruplets.
Boyd Boudreaux Jan 05, 2012
8 seats family of 12 am I missing something??
Description: Power comes from Hyundai's Kappa 1.2-liter turbo GDI engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. On the inside there's a host of high-tech gadgets, including a touch-screen center co...
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Devin Babyn Jan 05, 2012
Any good family car needs some neon in the seats
Badoor Nassoor Mobarak Jan 05, 2012
I'm guessing the seat goes back and forward so that the family can go to the back
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Jan 05, 2012
I hate this futuristic stuff so much!