Description: Just a couple of weeks ago, Road & Track featured exclusive leaked photos of Lexus's stunning new concept sports car that's heading to this year's Detroit Auto Show. And now they&ap...
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Tom Van Nostrand Jan 04, 2012
Is this what they did to the FT-HS? Man it looked so much better the first go around.
Marthy Gajardo Jan 04, 2012
Downgrade it to a toyota and call it a Supra!
Kenneth Williams Jan 04, 2012
Looking good. This car looks worth the LFA price and they should've made the LFA cheaper. That way they have the executive sports coupe that cost more then the LFA somewat cheaper. But they could still do it and just make this even more expensive. Lo
Dom Nolan Jan 04, 2012
Great concept. Looks great too
Peter MacNeil Jan 04, 2012
Stunning concept, let's hope most of the elements influence the commercial release.
Description: According to Road & Track's feature story, Lexus gave designers a "clean sheet of paper" to design the concept, with the clear mission to "come up with a 2 +2 hybrid coupe conc...
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P_R_N_D Jan 05, 2012
You can definitely see the "tree leaf" inspiration on the interior.
Brian Ayala Jan 04, 2012
Wow. These designers were given the "designer dream" most times you have to follow a pattern and constantly have engineers breathing down your neck
Marthy Gajardo Jan 04, 2012
This car is Beautiful, bigger grill to breathe, makes it more aggressive!
Kevin Rehbock Jan 04, 2012
I could shave with that grille.
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 04, 2012
Godamn. Look at dat camera :O
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jan 04, 2012
And why is the camera looking at the guy instead of the car...?
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jan 04, 2012
Umm... No, it's horrid. That mouth especially... Let's hope it'll get better. Right now, I don't like it.
Description: The front end design clearly evokes elements taken from both LFA supercar and the newly launched GS sedan. Combined with its muscular stance, flowing roofline, and large air scoops situated inside the...
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Description: The big question is whether all of this is enough to give Lexus the rejuvenated image they're clearly working so hard to create. We'll find out soon enough from the floor of the Detroit Auto...
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Stephen Reed Warren II Jan 04, 2012
Having said that... This car looks pretty damn good
Stephen Reed Warren II Jan 04, 2012
Haha I'll give you that...kinda. I love my dads LS 460 and I'm 24. I know alot of ppl think it's boring, and I can acknowledge that, but I still think its a great car. Lexus needs to step it up and stop making cheap small ugly cars and keep it lux
Duncan Gibson Jan 06, 2012
Damn, that's nice. Finally, a concept that you can tell is a concept but that is actually possible.
P_R_N_D Jan 05, 2012
I think Justin nailed it. If this goes into production it will probably be a Lexus variant of the Scion FR-S... not that that's a bad thing. That's one thing that little car needs; some damn build quality.
Submwaru CB Jan 04, 2012
An lfa that got whipped around a bit. It's not bad but this certainly isn't a production ready design.
Alanda Burroughs Jan 04, 2012
This looks like a modded LFA, but much more fluid and organic. I like it...Japanese sports cars, with the exception of the Supra, RX, and Z, always have those hard angular lines. It's nice to see some nice curves on an LFA.
Justin Harris Jan 04, 2012
The shape (not the style) of the car suggests it could compete eith the GT86 and the BRZ when it could be produced.
Dillon Dixon Jan 04, 2012
I really like it, and it does take a lot of design cues from the lfa. Hopefully it's not way overpriced.
Kenneth Williams Jan 04, 2012
Reminds me of the old sc lexus
Alexander Pecheny Jan 04, 2012
I'm tired of people using the "it looks like an LFA" reference point. There are other cars in the world, and just because it's a Lexus doesn't mean it looks like an LFA. Back on topic: it looks very nice, I love what they did with the back
h6ryc Jan 04, 2012
stunning i want 1 wot ever it costs
Jason Brown Jan 04, 2012
If it is the replacement for the SC, then is should be well below 100k. At least I hope it is...
Thibault Leroy Jan 04, 2012
i say it will cost between 150.000-250.000$
Brandon Anthony Martinez Jan 04, 2012
Its looks sort of like the LFA. lol it's the baby LFA. ^^
Pratik Parija Jan 04, 2012
Definite wow factor.
Vicko Kan Jan 04, 2012
the wow factor is surely there ....
Christopher McSween Jan 04, 2012
New SC. Hope it's reasonably priced.
Sean Williams Jan 04, 2012
Oh wow! So unique and gorgeous. They HAVE to make this.
Clay Higdon Jan 04, 2012
Awesome looking inside and out.
Patrick Schalk Jan 04, 2012
Not bad. Bout time Lexus made something exciting that people can afford.
Boyd Boudreaux Jan 04, 2012
Nose a little long, but still very unique and good looking
Christo Savaides Jan 04, 2012
They seriously need to make this. Beautiful.
Jon Ashley Jan 05, 2012
Can't wait to see this thing at detroit!
Scott Lenahan Jan 05, 2012
best view of it period.. wow what a looker
Kevin Rehbock Jan 05, 2012
Green light this for production and redesign the front. Lexus will have a winner here if they do that.
Carter Sullivan Jan 04, 2012
yeahh I find this really unique. And awesome
Alanda Burroughs Jan 04, 2012
There ain't no way in hell this car looks even remotely like a Lambo. Damn're reaching!
Petrolheadjack Jan 04, 2012
hardly a wannabe lambo.. this is so unique
Isaiah Boone Jan 04, 2012
Look like a want to be Lamborghini in the front
Maciej Moryl Jan 04, 2012
This whole entire car looks like crap. If only they would take design elements from the old supra then maybe it would look better.
Pratik Parija Jan 04, 2012
Hope it's reasonably priced.
Duncan Gibson Jan 06, 2012
Perfect balance of everything
Kristoffer Lopez Jan 05, 2012
The cockpit is even reminiscent of the supra in the way it's wrapped around the driver
James Patrick Delaney Jan 05, 2012
I love that interior
Alanda Burroughs Jan 04, 2012
Reminds me of flowing water...nice.
Dillon Dixon Jan 04, 2012
I love the twisting center console! Stunning!
Colin Dzendolet Jan 04, 2012
I want that steering wheel!
h6ryc Jan 04, 2012
i c the germans wankers shaking again lol go on lexus u r doing a fantastic job.........stunning machine!
Andrew Fortner Jan 04, 2012
If you're buying this do you really care about the small difference in insurance.
P_R_N_D Jan 05, 2012
So that's what 4 seats are for! Thank you Zac... and here I am putting strangers back there, like an idiot. Boy won't my friends and family be happy now.
Zac Bernhardt Jan 04, 2012
The 4 seats are for friends or family
Tanton Stoneman Jan 04, 2012
That looks extremely comfortable!
Isaac Rezkalla Jan 04, 2012
I like the four seats it makes it an everyday car like Lexus wants!
Boyd Boudreaux Jan 04, 2012
Y, your costumer base is much broader
Stephen Reed Warren II Jan 04, 2012
Supposedly Lexus put 4 seats in the sc 430 to bring down the cost of insurance. I'm guessing thats why they did it with this one