Comments - Buick Reveals More of 2013 Encore

Published: Jan 04, 2012
Description: We're only about a week away from when the doors open at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show and Buick is making sure everybody knows they have something important to reveal. As we've previously repo...
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Luiz Gustavo P. Farina Jan 07, 2012
It's just the reborn of Saturn Vue
Brian Teague Jan 05, 2012
Wow! Looks like a 9-4x to me. I wonder why GM never signed licensing agreements with Youngman? As someone already posted, 'they sell more Buicks in China.' I think they realize a country which manufactures can afford a middle class. Fair well US.
Patrick Schalk Jan 05, 2012
You guys don't like the Buick Regal GS? I think it's freakin sweet. I'd drive one. I've looked at the Lacrosse too. That'd also be a nice DD.
Jordan Smith Jan 04, 2012
If they brought out a new GNX, would it be a V8?
Clint Edwards Jan 04, 2012
They're doing fine, no doubt. But I can't even remember the last time I thought about Buick, they don't make anything I care about. Now if they were to bring out a new GNX...
Patrick Schalk Jan 04, 2012
Well the new Regal GS is freakin awesome and the Lacrosse is a great car. I think they are doing better than people think.
Simon Trépanier Jan 04, 2012
GM is keeping Buick alive because that brand is very popular in China. They sold more Buick there than in USA !
Chris Bridgers Jan 04, 2012
all i see around here is wannabe gang banger with old 1s on 22s
Vincent Butler Jan 04, 2012
How is business doing for Buick? I don't see to many on Cali. It's time to Pull The Plug.
Description: After its debut, Buick says the 2013 Encore will be in dealerships later this year, with the clear goal of establishing a foothold in the ever growing small luxury crossover segment. We'll have c...
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Simon Trépanier Jan 08, 2012
This is the US version of the new Opel Mokka. Period.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Jan 05, 2012
Not bad, but doesn't look like a Buick should!
Matt Nourie Jan 04, 2012
I don't think it's that bad of a looking car but I do agree I could have looked a lot better I think it's just another half ass attempt hopefully we will be surprised by how it drives and what's inside
Kevin Rehbock Jan 04, 2012
So GM rebodied a Toyota Matrix, stole the windows from a CT 200, put on roof racks that won't ever be used, and thought it would be worthy enough to tease? Real smart. I thought we had seen the last of NUMMI.
Micah Lau Jan 04, 2012
It looks like the Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix. This is shameful.
Simon Trépanier Jan 04, 2012
A rebadge Vue Saturn/ Chevy Captiva?
Rashid AlGhafli Jan 04, 2012
Cmon buick, this is not a ferrari, stop teasing us! It doesnt even look that good IMO !