Description: Hyundai are going all out at this year's Super Bowl with five commercials to be aired during the big game, three of which the South Korean automaker has decided to preview.
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Josue 'Sheeno' Lisboa Feb 01, 2012
Hahaha some comments below me are plain stupid! This song is related to the car the same way Darth Vader is related to the VW ads... Not a single thing but its fun!! Dee Dee Dee!
David Morris Jan 31, 2012
Awesome video. It's simply to put Hyundai in people's minds. Stop over thinking everything people. Geez
Dakota Jan 31, 2012
what does that have to do with cars its a song so what what car r u advertising whats the point of that
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jan 31, 2012
@matt FAIL! N Know the song.
Cian Rules Jan 31, 2012
I thought it was great but pointless
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Jan 31, 2012
It's advertising the company, and I really thought it was good to incorporate all the employees like that
Matt Piccolo Jan 31, 2012
That's retarded!!??!! And I Don't get it lmao, all the other previewed super bowl adds revolve around a car... This is just... I don't get it??
Michael Anthony Nascimento Feb 03, 2012
Like the black Genesis
Description: All have a fun, light-hearted edge starting with their long 60-second 'All for One' Rocky-themed ad. Slated for the pre-kick time slot, the ad features 200 actual Hyundai employees humming a...
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David Morris Jan 31, 2012
By gayest I mean fastest. Hahaha
David Morris Jan 31, 2012
A cheetah can only hold that speed for a few seconds. You're going off the gayest speed they have been recorded at.
Josiah Thomas Clements Jan 31, 2012
Caleb cheetahs can only go up to 60mph...
Justin Harris Jan 31, 2012
Lol why didn't the guy get into the cage? Btw, it's not meant to be legit with the cheetah. It's just a joke. If they wanted it to be serious they would've made the cheetah run the whole way instead of eating that guy.
Ethan Amo Jan 31, 2012
LOL...this just made my day
Hank Austin Feb 01, 2012
It's a hatchback meant for city driving, getting it in manual doesn't make sense... Manual is good for going fast but this isn't fast and at such slow speeds manuals can get annoying
David Morris Feb 01, 2012
Manual is way overrated. Also these can come in manual
Cian Rules Jan 31, 2012
Its a hot hatch its meant to be to bad its not manual
Justin Tucker Jan 31, 2012
Such a great looking bad its FWD:(
Description: During the game, a 30-second spot called 'Cheetah' will see a Cheetah come up against a 2012 Veloster Turbo in a drag race with a deadly twist, and 'Think Fast' will introduce the ...
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Cian Rules Jan 31, 2012
The add had nothing to do with speed
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jan 31, 2012
Lol i love all three
Justin Harris Jan 31, 2012
They should've gone with the new velosters grille instead of the old one it had.
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Jan 31, 2012
@Matt, wow you complain a lot, it's a commercial. Seriously.
Matt Piccolo Jan 31, 2012
Supid again... Like the other 2, and this car has (some) hp but it only has like 285 pounds of torque... So it's not that great, and it doesnt look good
Michael Bichay Jan 31, 2012
This car could've been nice if the front was toned down a bit
Description: To round the game-day lineup, Hyundai has a 30-second spot called 'Victory Lap' celebrating the Elantra being voted 2012 North American Car of the Year, and 'Faster Acting,' which ...
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