Description: There are a host of funky features on the high-performance variant of the Audi A7, but it's the headlights of the S7 that Audi has decided to highlight in this year's Super Bowl commercial. ...
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Brian A. Hatcher Feb 01, 2012
Absolute Sex on wheels!
Description: As he pulls up with the new LEDs in full beam producing rays of 'daylight,' the vampires start vaporizing with none of the blood-suckers surviving the accidental onslaught.
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Kaushal Kumar Balagurusamy Feb 01, 2012
Sufis are also famous for best in class interior
Francis Edward Ayala Feb 01, 2012
Thank you Audi for starting the Daytime Running LED Light craze!
Czezar Csongor Feb 01, 2012
I hate to say this but Suzuki, Honda, Hyundai made way better commercials than this for this year Super Bowl!!!
Matthew McKernan Feb 01, 2012
In my opinion, Audi put way to much emphasis on their headlights, I mean they are cool and all but that's pretty much all they ever talk about is their headlights and I'm getting kind of bored with it.
Kaushal Kumar Balagurusamy Jan 31, 2012
Twilight got fried...
Barry Stewart Jan 31, 2012
Two thumbs up for Audi!! I seen the 2013 S4 today on I-87 in NY... that new front fascia and lights are very impressive... At a distance it looks like the new A6 but far more superior.
Cian Rules Jan 31, 2012
Has everyone forgotten the vw add
Ben Arends Jan 31, 2012
I actually like it. And Audi's headlights do look sick at night- R8's LEDs are omg at night.
Teddy MacDonell Jan 31, 2012
this is really creative! I like this one better than the Broderick one bc they should've used a better car than a crv
Matt Piccolo Jan 31, 2012
@ Cole, I must disagree, I loved the Honda add!!! This is a close second for super bowl adds though
Hector Delgado Jan 31, 2012
Now they got to make audis silver for werewolfs
Aislin Cooper Jan 31, 2012
That Honda one was pretty funny
Cole Rocheleau Jan 31, 2012
Better then that stupid honda crv ad with matthew broderick.....
Danny Burns Jan 31, 2012
Love it ! Kill all twilight-ers
Villem Valgi Jan 31, 2012
The problem with Twilight gay vampires is that they don't die but only sparkle. Also, I would rather associate LED lights with cold moon light and werewolves.
Stephen Cobbs Jan 31, 2012
Hahaha Audi is fed up with Twilight.
Nick Rios Jan 31, 2012
Audis lights already bother me in my rear view lol.
Trevor Deere Jan 31, 2012
Haha screw twilight. That's why they don't drive an Audi in the movie.
Andrew Wilkinson Jan 31, 2012
Where are the marshmallows?
Matt Piccolo Jan 31, 2012
@patrick, that would look really weird lmao
Tajul Islam Jan 31, 2012
Judgin by this pic, Audi has finally started to put full led headlights i guess.
Cian Rules Jan 31, 2012
Bmw rule they have the best engine range in the world are rear wheel drive and are the ultimate driving machine
Patrick Schalk Jan 31, 2012
Saw a brand new S5 this morning with all but two of the LEDs not working. I laughed.
David Mikolyzk Jan 31, 2012
This car is beast. Sexy and fast.
Colin Dzendolet Jan 31, 2012
if I ever get anything German, its Audi hands down
Matt Piccolo Jan 31, 2012
I agree with u, Audi is the best, but Porsche might b tied