Comments - Renault Planning Alpine Tribute for Paris

Published: Jan 31, 2012
Description: Winter is not even over yet and we're already beginning to discover details about next September's Paris Motor Show. And for French automaker Renault, the show is obviously quite important b...
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Description: As of now, nothing has been fully confirmed by Renault, but the Paris show is the perfect opportunity for them to reveal such a concept if they were to ever do so. But there's a catch: According ...
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Sam C-h Feb 01, 2012
@Graham yer in F1 but the V6 in the GTR takes some beating as a road engine.
Graham Browne Feb 01, 2012
Why would Renault use Nissan? Renault build the best engines in the world! Look at F1!
Josh ?hompson Jan 31, 2012
Renault doesn't completely own them. They just have a controlling interest on Nissan.
Cian Rules Jan 31, 2012
All renault engines are made with nissan and there not partners renault owns nissan
Colin Dzendolet Jan 31, 2012
3 engine choices: Turbo qr25, Turbo vq37, twin Turbo vq37
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 31, 2012
Haha for a moment there I thought u were on about the side mirrors on the car. Fail
Nick Benz Jan 31, 2012
Why does that police bike have the siren pointed back in the rider's face??
Yves Corbeau Feb 03, 2012
My favourite but shopping for my new car the dealer actually had two. Looking at it I wouldn't even dare getting in it. It is so small! And I am 6"2.
Cian Rules Jan 31, 2012
French cars are the best looking in the world
Josh ?hompson Jan 31, 2012
This car would be an awesome remake
Jason Dannheim Jan 31, 2012
Would totally try and buy a new Alpine since the vintage ones are too rare/expensive for my income.
Rudolf Dassler Jan 31, 2012
Agreed... Even though it's french...
Carlton Salmon Jan 31, 2012
Still one of the most beautiful cars I've ever seen.
Ben Mossing Feb 01, 2012
I like the headlights and the wheels, that's it
Jason Cotugno Feb 01, 2012
I'm diggin this...cross between R8 and the new Alpha...very cool
Nicolas Pons Jan 31, 2012
I like this much better than the Alfa. This is a very good looking car
Luis Enrique Lara Jan 31, 2012
A concept like this appeared like 5 years ago
Cian Rules Jan 31, 2012
I think it looks good not 4c good though
Aislin Cooper Jan 31, 2012
I remember seeing this before, but this isn't the Alpine concept right? Cause it's not doing the Alpine justice at all
Rudolf Dassler Jan 31, 2012
This is one of the ugliest concepts of all times imo...
Sam Oglesby Jan 31, 2012
Erm they've put the passenger door on backwards