Comments - Lamborghini to Stun Geneva with Two New Models

Published: Jan 30, 2012
Description: There's no smoke without fire and if the rumors doing the rounds are to be given any credence two new models courtesy of Lamborghini will be gracing the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March. Given...
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Daniel Zammit Jan 30, 2012
Lol, turn the page and that's exactly what it says!
Daniel Zammit Jan 30, 2012
Aventador convertible and Sesto Elemento.....
Matthew McKernan Jan 30, 2012
They said they were going to stun people at frankfurt with a new model. And it just ended up being a gallardo with a bigger wing on it, so I'm not getting my hopes up.
Max Garcia Jan 30, 2012
Awesome rendering wonder if it will have 217 topspeed as the coupe
Yogi Svend Jan 30, 2012
Aventador spyder? Looks amazing.
Greg Lewis Jan 30, 2012
Daddy lets her drive?
Marc Jones Jan 30, 2012
Great look and green colour suits this even better
Wilson LaFaver Jan 30, 2012
Damn that looks great
Description: Considering what may be unveiled leads us to a couple of possibilities. A Gallardo replacement is unlikely but a concept previewing the future model can't be ruled out. An Aventador Roadster is a...
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Justin Harris Jan 30, 2012
I remember looking at some article that said the estoque is coming before the gallardo replacement. New baby lamb around 2014.
Adithya Chandrasekhar Jan 30, 2012
The estoque's not gonna come out..... Lambo's customers didnt like it
Description: Finally, there's the chance that an all new model could be unveiled, something that's been rumored for a while now. Whatever Lamborghini have planned you can be sure to hear more about it in...
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Hank Austin Jan 30, 2012
I really hope this doesn't end up like the Aston martin one-77 where some Arab prince/oil emirate bought all of them
Kenneth Williams Jan 30, 2012
Built its a 10 in speed, launch, and acceleration. Handling lacks though.
Zach Sullivan Jan 30, 2012
I'm undecided on this car. I like the aggressive design but it feels like it could be a bit over the top for my taste. But then again if u pay big money for a car u certainly don't want to blend in
Daniel Padilla Jan 30, 2012
@Derek it looks like the sesto element because it is the sesto
Derek Hedtke Jan 30, 2012
I don't see the retarded midget at all, It looks more like the front end of a sesto elemento to me.
Zain Sheikh Jan 30, 2012
This has a 10.0 Launch in forza 4
Kenneth Williams Jan 30, 2012
Mine on forza is green we're the red is. This car is a beast.
Devin Babyn Jan 30, 2012
Only Lamborghini I love. Rest just don't have the originality of this one
Kev Berkel Jan 30, 2012
I friggin love this little car
Wayne Joseph Borean Jan 30, 2012
Give me a close up of the blonde, she looks stunning!
Greg Lewis Jan 30, 2012
Gimme greeny in back.
Steven Whowhat Jan 30, 2012
get rid of red in the front and u got a deal
Austin Bride Jan 30, 2012
I'm not a huge fan to be honest. Looks like a retard midget in the front.
Nbe Prodger Feb 02, 2012
They did it again! I love this car!👌
Pratik Parija Jan 31, 2012
Looks different but not bad
Ben Arends Jan 31, 2012
They actually got a classy chick this time. so sick of seeing these car show "models" that look like trash. The Lambo looks good too.
Tj Blankenship Jan 31, 2012
They got the mirrors mixed up.
Scott Lenahan Jan 30, 2012
seriously sexy this car just does it for.. its an f22 raptor for the road.
Cian Rules Jan 30, 2012
It kinda looks superr cool
Christian Taggart Jan 30, 2012
It kinda looks... Retarded. Like someone punched it in the face.
Marc Jones Jan 30, 2012
My fav car here. This is just awesome
Zeno Vassiliades Feb 06, 2012
Looks crap, I hate the spaceship styling. I want sports cars that look normal.
Tyler Cook Feb 04, 2012
Production would be 20 units a year
Tyler Cook Feb 03, 2012
That's not production it's a collectors item
Devin Babyn Jan 31, 2012
Tyler they announced quite a while ago that they will produce 20, pay attention
Kevin Rehbock Jan 30, 2012
And a track only toy like the FXX
Trevor Brown Jan 30, 2012
It'll be a really expensive limited production model, like the Reventon was.
Tyler Cook Jan 30, 2012
It may be similar but theres no way this car reaches production
Tyler Cook Jan 30, 2012
That being so there's no way it would be more than their current flagship model.
Tyler Cook Jan 30, 2012
Doubt it. It may have some similar design elements but the likelihood of creating a production level car like this doesn't fit their business structure. A car like this will more than likely replace the gallardo.
Domi Bsaibes Jan 30, 2012
Yeah sorry some sources say it's 2.5 too. And the price is estimated at 2.8 million $!
Domi Bsaibes Jan 30, 2012
It boasts from 0-60 mph in 2.2 seconds and it weighs less than 1000 kg surely it's gonna look like this!
Tyler Cook Jan 30, 2012
This car is purely a concept to show off Lamborghini's new technology and design elements they hope to implement into their future cars.
Chris Dimattia Jan 30, 2012
Never mind I just looked at the next pic.
Chris Dimattia Jan 30, 2012
What's that red thing at the bottom? Are the 2 triangles in the middle the exhaust? Not very mean looking for exhaust tips.
Squizgar Jan 30, 2012
Hard to rationalize the price tag...
Emmanuel Irizarry Jan 30, 2012
I think the holes on the hatch represent the pistons
Matthew Crighton Jan 30, 2012
Thats cool, in my opinion.
Boyd Boudreaux Jan 30, 2012
It awt to disapate heat like crazy, you can see clean threw the back to the side of the car.
Fenil Bhatt Jan 30, 2012
Don't like the holes on the back..
Robin Ramirez Feb 05, 2012
The rear looks ugly!!! They tried too much to make it look different from the other lambos but still is a great car.
Kenneth Williams Jan 30, 2012
This beautiful rear covered up
Kenneth Williams Jan 30, 2012
What protection would it need. It's a diff. Only thing would be if the car got rear ended really bad but even then it should be ok. It's the mounts and everything else you'd have to worry about. And we all know production version would probably have
Erick Bernal Jan 30, 2012
I think there trying to make it seem like "It's Heart"
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Jan 30, 2012
Lol I'm not typically a fan of these kind of cars but I just can't get over this car it looks badass
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Jan 30, 2012
It's got it's own set of steel nuts lol
Cody Andree Jan 30, 2012
True but seeing it is bad ass
Daniel Mcfarlan Riedmuller Jan 30, 2012
That gearbox needs a little protection.