Description: Five years ago, charismatic businessman Shai Agassi surprised his acquaintances and employer when he switched from hi-tech to the infrastructure business. He founded Project Better Place, later change...
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KyleM Jan 30, 2012
The Volts battery is 381 lbs almost half of the 618 lbs of battery for the vehicle in this article. But given this EV vehicle does not have an onboard engine like the volt, the wieght of the two different powertrains probably a wash out. Also at the moment the conversion process to create large amounts of hydrogen is extremely inefficient and dirty
Justin Pedoto Jan 30, 2012
I am with you Justin! Hydrogen is a much more Eco-friendly alternative
KyleM Jan 30, 2012
The Volt is a transitional vehicle until further infrastructure such as plug in power stations or more efficient batteries are developed which would lead to 100% battery and electric motor powertrains. This article subject is a move in the right direction. I apologize for spelling, after all im only a mechanical engineer.
KyleM Jan 30, 2012
The volts hybrid electric generation system is no different then that of desiel locomotives, which use desiel engines opperating at the perfect rpm to create electricity for the electric motors to move the train. Very efficient. The Volt just goes one step further with the added battery for pure electric drive.
KyleM Jan 30, 2012
The Volt battery fire issue was overhyped. The crash testers didnt full discharge the battery after the test and there wasnt a fire until days later. It is no different, in principle, then emptying the gas tank after a major accident. Given enough time or chance, a leaky gas tank and an electrical source for a traditional vehicle has the same potential for fire.
Justin Harris Jan 30, 2012
Hydrogen instead of this? Anyone else with me?
Chris Dimattia Jan 30, 2012
They were the #1 car maker at the time. GM just took the top spot. Our govt owned car company took out Toyota on purpose. Have to call onstar for them to come out and drain the Volt battery after wreck.
Chris Dimattia Jan 30, 2012
Not to mention the 400lb Volt battery that catches fire after an impact. Oh they already closed the investigation on Volt fires. Toyota was sued and had to pay fines for a non-defect proven by NASA.
Chris Dimattia Jan 30, 2012
Hmm...private investor is more successful at making EVs and an infrastructure. Compare that to Obama's disaster and billions of wasted tax dollars.
Description: In those five years he managed to recruit serious investors, rose over $700 million in three rounds of fundraising, and leveraged his business acumen to create the right environment for launching the ...
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Description: Enter Renault, who invested heavily in the promotion of electric mobility, took up the challenge and in its Turkish plant, converted the four-door sedan Fluence into an EV called Fluence Z.E. which is...
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Description: For the last few months, the cars have gone through grueling testing on Israeli roads and after a few delays, which are expected for such a pioneering project, the first 70 cars were delivered this pa...
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Description: "At that time we had only a vision and white papers; no doubt in four years we have proved unequivocally that when a target is set and you act decisively, it is possible to do it and to generate ...
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Dale Schroeder Feb 01, 2012
Hybrids and EVs aren't a suitable replacement, but if they're developed and supported properly then they can be a perfectly fine supplement to reduce the strain on oil supplies.
Paul Lissona Jan 30, 2012
I don't either just gas or diesel.
Matthew Paul Jan 30, 2012
I still don't think electric is the way to go, but I'm really interested to see how successful this project is.