Posted on: Jan 03, 2012
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From Sports Stars to China Cars Silver Chrome is the Color of Choice

When people look back at 2011 they will remember it for the birth of silver chrome car wraps.
There's no getting away from the fact that covering a car in colored chrome is becoming increasingly popular with people from all walks of life. Companies specializing in chrome wraps such as the Czech firm Tintek, which offers colors from gold to orange for $10,000 a pop, are doing a roaring trade, and whether adorning the cars of British soccer players or Chinese Buick Regal club members, we're finding silver chrome all over the place.
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First up we have a shiny chrome Aston Martin DBS; a $200,000 sports car owned by Stoke City midfielder Jermaine Pennant. Ostentatious vehicles and Premier League footballers go hand in hand, but a Buick Regal smoothed over in silver chrome in Beijing is not something you'll come across every day. This particular model belongs to a proud member of the Beijing Buick Regal club and we're not sure what's stranger: the chromed out car or the fact such a club exists in China.

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