Description: Drag Race Tuesdays is back, this time with a tuned Cadillac CTS-V taking on HP Logic's tuned version of Godzilla. The 2010 Nissan GT-R has 540hp at the wheels while the Cadillac CTS-V has been tu...
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No Pistons Jan 04, 2012
Depends on if its hp or tq curve/powerband they are tuning
No Pistons Jan 03, 2012
All good just little things you learn throughout your quest of automotive knowledge
Anthony Miller Jan 03, 2012
Hey I thought whp ment the power at the wheels but I wasn't 100 percent sure. Thanks guys
No Pistons Jan 03, 2012
Whp is wheel horsepower or your true value of power you are putting down, Dyno is just how you find that number out not an actual increment only dynos have
Jonathan Fowler Jan 03, 2012
Anthony, most of the time horsepower stands for the horsepower at the crank. Whp is the power recorded on a dyno and is less bc of driveline losses.
Anthony Miller Jan 03, 2012
Wheel horsepower I'm guessing never heard that term before
Brady Fereday Jan 03, 2012
They know we are like gtr/vette people so there just posting to our taste
Brady Fereday Jan 03, 2012
Same can be said for the vette articles too lol
Jason Rosas Jan 03, 2012
Seeing something on the street and on the Internet are 2 different things.
Lee Cascio Jan 03, 2012
So if you guys saw a gtr on the street racing a cts-v I'm sure you would look away and talk about how uncool they are. Come on now.
Vince DeMasi Jan 03, 2012
I know I'm tired of the GT-R its so redundant use tuned up muscle cars or something
Bala Uncc Jan 03, 2012
Every drag race posted by car buzz has to have GTR, why is that? Getting bored ....
Description: It's neck and neck until the finish line, where the Caddy pushes Godzilla to the brink. Who ya got to pull out the win: The 600hp CTS-V or the 540hp GT-R?
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Cody Jacques Jan 08, 2012
They need to have more back story to this drag race. This gives the impression CTS-V is that great stock. This cars probably gutted completely
Ronald Trinidad Jan 08, 2012
Cadi is wack no mattter how much power it has, no racing pedegree and not even drag race history so wack wack
David Toupin Jan 05, 2012
It's annoying how ignorant people are. The CTS-V won. I own a GTR and I can admit it. This GTR just wasnt tuned as much.
Zack Hickman Jan 05, 2012
Don't be an idiot. The Cadillac was faster. The gtr only won because the guy driving the Cadillac knows nothing about drag racing. A .251 light is disgraceful.
Trevor Bodi Jan 05, 2012
*the power of twin turbos.
Trevor Bodi Jan 05, 2012
Yeah I was somewhat skeptical at first but I'm glad the GTR won. I hate Cadillac and have always been a fan of the GTR. Glad we could show GM the power of tw
Vincent Butler Jan 04, 2012
Who cars it's a drag race, it depends on how quick the drivers skill response time and reaction
Cody Matthews Jan 04, 2012
Gt-r ha the win light.
Teddy MacDonell Jan 04, 2012
the cts-v has great handling. do you know what magnetic ride control is?
Pratik Parija Jan 04, 2012
GT-R; great car for money compared to many of its competitors.
Bryan Garza Jan 04, 2012
"Wahhh GTR would win if there were corners, boo hoo!" But, GTR lost this round. No excuses.
Jean Padilla Jan 04, 2012
Lol the little green light under the times that goes off on the Gtr lane...yeah that lil thing means the Gtr won. Haha
Daniel Lay Jan 04, 2012
60 less HP and no corners this is why drag racing is stupid. Gtr would destroy that stupid caddy around turns
Vincent Butler Jan 04, 2012
Electronic Trash? I guess it's trash Evan tho almost ever Supercar has one. What is that word I'm looking for hmmmm ooo Yea it's Called Technology!!!
Michael Bichay Jan 04, 2012
@Chris im a GTR fanboy but that comment was realll. Agreed
Chris Vette Jan 04, 2012
Just read the comments, they get funnier at the bottom, Fact is a lot of you are rookie car enthusiasts. :D. I like both. Anyway. They weight just about the same too. Also. Fully manual gearbox kicked that GTR's electronic trash.
Cory Poteet Jan 04, 2012
Why does everyone think the caddy won, watch the boards, left lane has the win light... Add the e.t. And the r.t. For the total time, that's who wins
Ori Haviv Jan 04, 2012
I'd still get the gtr over it
Danny Reed Jan 03, 2012
They are about the same price to start with. Gtr about 85k and ctsv about 70k plus mods
Mark Chester Jan 03, 2012
Well image a 540hp lotus vs a 600hp truck horse power is not ever thing
Tim Preisinger Jan 03, 2012
Go Caddy! Great to see! Even with the Mods I'm sure it was still quite a bit cheaper then the GTR. Oh... And LOL at the people who thought the GTR won due to the MPH.
Marthy Gajardo Jan 03, 2012
Wow I guess no one reads these articles before they post things, lets see, 600 hp vs. 540 hp, hmmmm
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jan 03, 2012
Also GO American Muscle! All I now request now is for dual-Clutch paddle to be an option, just so there could be consistent numbers. I know "handshake"=fun, but cmon an option would for paddle would make drag races consistent.
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jan 03, 2012
@Dixon I believe the confusion is like some people like me saw a 0 and immediately banged the head on the table, u didn't know about the time slip until I watched for a second time to examine the launch.
Dillon Dixon Jan 03, 2012
Did some of you even watch the video? The gtr LOST! The Caddy WON!
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jan 03, 2012
But for everyone about to argue. The video looks like the GTR winning, but caddy truly won according to the time slip. If anyone views this with better video quality than me can tell me if the GTR time is 10.03 or 10.83 iPad enlarge video sucks.
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jan 03, 2012
@Jacob, that's kinda unfair of u to compare a sports coupe against a sports sedan.
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jan 03, 2012
It's also called treeing, but I do have to say I'd add probably .3ish of a second because the GTR did roll just before the light.
Michael Gallagher Jan 03, 2012
But for being an all around great car, GTR.
Paul Pickard Jan 03, 2012
Besides you last few guys... Doesn't anyone go to the track anymore? More than half of these posts don't make any sense?
Jairo Garcia Jan 03, 2012
Lmao y r ppl looking at the mph n not the times it's mind bottleing as Ricky bobby would say lol
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jan 03, 2012
As for the time slip, I believe it's a 0 not an 8. The board did post a 0. Also if u claim jumping because the brake lights of the GTR gone, then ur wrong. The car doesn't move till shortly after. It could be a launch control thing or he didn't useit
Jacob Anthony Soto Jan 03, 2012
I hate drag races, they are such a poor example of what a car can do. Throw a slight bend in that track and watch the GTR eat up the Caddy. Both are fantastic cars in their own categories.
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jan 03, 2012
I'd also like to point out to people who thought this was wet could be wrong. A drag strip does look wet at night. Also the Caddy had limited wheel slip, so it wasn't wet. Finally look at the area around the cars.
Tyson Broadbent Jan 03, 2012
Exactly, it's right there in black and white. Good on the caddy!
Dylan Bruder Jan 03, 2012
How can you argue who won? Look at the time slip it was the cts-v who won
Fenil Bhatt Jan 03, 2012
I still think the gt-r is better
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jan 03, 2012
Its like who can accelerate to 100mph, but who can accelerate to 200mph quicker? In this case the gtr can get to 100mph quicker, but if this was a race to 200mph then the cts-v would win. Im a fan of american muscle and its hard to see it lose, but its godzilla so its understandable.
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jan 03, 2012
GTR won. And having a lower speed in drag races sometimes means u are able to accelerate quicker to which ur speed slowly climbs
Shane Heid Jan 03, 2012
Great race, great cars, caddy won. Nuff said.
Garrett Frye Jan 03, 2012
@anthony: 127.25 mph is slower than 127.85, the cadillac won
Jaime Murray Jan 03, 2012
Yeah, I'd figure the GTR would win.
Anthony J. Mitchell Jan 03, 2012
@igor 127.25 comes before 127.85. GT-R won.
Joel Hope Jan 03, 2012
Good race, though I still rather the gtr
Brady Fereday Jan 03, 2012
So these guys that own these cars are brothers there's an article about them in motor trend this gtr is the one that raced the Bugatti this was the caddys 4th run and the only run he hit 10s in he was doing 11s but he let it cool down
Dave Stewart Jan 03, 2012
Man people are annoying with these. It's a Cadillac lol did good with Godzilla I like everything why cant people just say hmm good race lol always gotta fight real car enthusiast is excited for the race not both about everything forgot everyone's 10
Brahim Gudah Jan 03, 2012
What's with the hating the cts-v is cheape but the gtr is awesome too they r both giant killers doing what they were meant to do... Beat much more expensive much less reliable supercars
Igor Boos Jan 03, 2012
@Brandon, I thought the GTR lost?
Shannon Sims Jan 03, 2012
Cool lol..... What's awesome is the gtr does 10 sec passes stock and what would be the shit is for the caddy to beat the gtr on the track but that's not gonna happen. Gonna need a lot more mods, It's a one demential win for caddy. Fan boys enjoy!!
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Jan 03, 2012
This was a good comparison not like that stupid article about the c6 ss vette vs the GTR vs the XKR
Scott Lenahan Jan 03, 2012
love the cts-v... especially the coupe.. gtr driver must have been unhappy with that one.
Dillon Dixon Jan 03, 2012
Gtr fanboys always seem to fight back with the launch control crap. If it didn't have all that computer stuff it wouldn't be nearly as good as it is with it. I for one love that it was beat by a Caddy.
Teddy MacDonell Jan 03, 2012
my favorite part about the cts-v is that it's pretty under the radar. it's more of a sleeper than many cars it competes with
Vince DeMasi Jan 03, 2012
It also prob weighs alot more than the GT-R
Thibault Leroy Jan 03, 2012
i would rather have the GTR
Hans Jørgen Husmo Jan 03, 2012
Man, closest race I've ever seen!
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jan 03, 2012
@stephen, i think he ment " launch control off of the start"
Riley McKelvie Jan 03, 2012
Hahahaha yes the awd would've really helped in dry conditions. I can't tell if he was joking or serious.
Stephen Krane Jan 03, 2012
@Edward you should learn your facts, a gtr can't turn traction control off
Byakka Hirakawa Jan 03, 2012
Just because one car wins a race doesnt really mean its faster, the key factor here is the driver, all it takes is a small mistake
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Jan 03, 2012
There's always gonna be a person who talks some bull. Me, either way I like both cars for what they were intended to be, CARS and they are both good at it. But at the end of the day I'm still a BMW Fanboy so what do I know?
Clay Higdon Jan 03, 2012
That Caddy rocks. Four doors and fast. Love the V8.
Gerardo Sosa Jan 03, 2012
Both r shit cars... I'll take an Aveo any day :)
Patrick Schalk Jan 03, 2012
So the track was wet, the GTR has AWD, the Caddy has 600hp to the rear wheels, and the GTR would win in normal conditions. No.
Edward Williams Jan 03, 2012
Total and utter bull the track was wet in normal conditions using traction controle off the start the Nissan would have smoked that stupid ugly heavy and dumb caddy
Vince DeMasi Jan 03, 2012
Really good race! I would take the caddy I love the sound of those big a$$ V8 engines
Colin Dzendolet Jan 03, 2012
Damn close race, .05, photo finish
Mark Suvorov Jan 03, 2012
Michael u right both sweet cars Very good cars Even if ctsv ll be stock Very difficult to choose
David Harris Jan 03, 2012
I will still take the gt-r
Michael Page Jan 03, 2012
Both are sweet cars, but I'd take the Caddy. 4 doors and a wonderful v-8 sound to rumble with