Description: There was a time when Lancias were not simply rebadged Chryslers. Sadly, the current market that Fiat has identified for the brand mainly consists of older, more conservative European buyers. Before t...
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I play skyrim Jan 28, 2012
its like a cocked up ferrari
Jake Knickmeyer Jan 28, 2012
I can't decide if it's ugly or beautiful. Lancias always confuse me.
Chris Penza Jan 28, 2012
This is nice. Zagato's signature hatch goes pretty well with the car
Description: Back in the 1950s, Lancia was quite active in motorsports. Their D50 took part in the 1954 Spanish Grand Prix and the 1955 Monaco Grand Prix. More importantly, Lancia became heavily involved in rallyi...
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Description: The Stratos, perhaps the brand's most famous car ever, won three of those titles and their Delta HF and Integrale took home another six titles. Not surprisingly, the Delta became the most success...
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Description: And now this 1971 Fulvia Sport 1600 is up for auction on eBay. Claimed to be the fastest production Fulvia model, it's powered by a 1.6-liter HF-spec V4 mated to a five-speed manual. The bodyshel...
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Paul Lissona Jan 29, 2012
Haha yah everyone calls their small 4 cylinder cars v4s.
Reid Huff Jan 28, 2012
Saab used Ford v4s back in the 60's
Kyle Cribben Jan 28, 2012
V4? Is there such thing?
Description: The body and frame are rust free and the orange paint is all original. It's also free of dings and major scratches and the black leather seats hardly look their age. Also included are the origina...
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Matthew Crighton Jan 29, 2012
Love the color scheme
Chris Penza Jan 28, 2012
That interior is just so classic. Is it the original?