Description: AL Sa'adiyat Island in Abu Dhabi was the location for an Arabian art event where the main attraction was a trio of so-called 'art cars' located outside the main arena. Hammond Kal share...
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Carlton Salmon Jan 30, 2012
If the quality of work was at the same standard of the other Sharpie art cars we've seen previously here then I'd understand - I wouldn't like it but I'd understand. Theses are just plain awful!!
Patrick Myers Jan 29, 2012
Moad I thought art was supposed to be good especially if it's on any car
Farshad Broumand Jan 29, 2012
Was this for a Sharpie commercial? Lol
No Pistons Jan 29, 2012
Who ever said art had to be good?
Vito Portanova Jan 28, 2012
Why can't people just leave the cars alone!! Stop destroying them with markers, dubs and all the west coast custom crap! In the end they all go back to the orginal!!!
Matt Moeller Jan 28, 2012
If I can draw it, it's not art. If it requires talent, then it's art.
Justin Routh Jan 28, 2012
Yes just like there are songs that repeat the same 4 chords. A 7 year old could do it but its still music.. And this is still art. You have to understand to appreciate
Submwaru CB Jan 28, 2012
Rule one in my BMW art car book- cant be a lame ass sharpie drawing. Needs more color! Look at all the other classic BMW art cars. This is awfule!
Michael Gallagher Jan 28, 2012
Look at some of those pictures in museums. Those "abstract art" creations? If this isn't art, those are not either. Art is In the eye of the beholder
Max Müller Jan 28, 2012
If James Bond saw this...
Vince DeMasi Jan 28, 2012
Yeah it's art but it's not very creative art
Moad Atfi Jan 28, 2012
It's "art" you twats, google the word
Zachary Sindelar Jan 28, 2012
That's not very good
Graham Ardner Jan 30, 2012
This is mote fitting on a Honda civic or scion than this auto. I like the design though all the same! :D
Mark Santall Jan 29, 2012
It's not art, it must be an advert for a new pictureka game.
Submwaru CB Jan 28, 2012
Hahaa. They call it the Aston Martin DBSWTF
Michael Gallagher Jan 28, 2012
Awsome. That is some sweet design
Jake Knickmeyer Jan 28, 2012
This looks like my psychology notebook...hardly any notes in it, just doodles. This would be kinda cool on a scion or something, not an Aston.
Max Müller Jan 28, 2012
I like it! Other cars are usually boring
Daniel Marino Jan 28, 2012
Whyyy, putting marker on a car is one thing but on a DBS WTF. Do it on a DB9 lol jk I respect the rich people
Ernest Tam Jan 28, 2012
Hoped the guy used a crayola
Tim Preisinger Jan 28, 2012
I'm sure this was really time consuming, but.... Uh..... WTF this looks like crap. Way to ruin the car.
Tanner Middleton Jan 28, 2012
the lambo sharpie car is wayyy better, that guy must be drunk. ive seen kids in grade 2 draw better then this with crayons.
Zachary Sindelar Jan 28, 2012
Look Dad! I found something I could draw on for my kindergarden art project.
Gregory Fatguy Jan 28, 2012
Idk how it looks like a lambo
Patrick Myers Jan 28, 2012
I like the Aston Martin DBS but this is horrible!
Buddy Robinson Jan 28, 2012
This is sad, hope they put a clear vinyl down before doing this, I mean in all respect I can do better, and have: gridmaster03, 'sharpie car art' on YouTube.
Tim Butler Jan 28, 2012
It kinda looks like the lambo
Dustin Harrison Jan 28, 2012
looks like they gave a child some sharpies
Wyatt Clark Jan 28, 2012
This would be sweet if the artists were better. Lol what up with all the donuts on the bumper?
Vito Portanova Jan 28, 2012
First we tattoo people. And now were tattoo cars? WTF in the end there filled with regrets and a big expensive to remove them.
Matt Moeller Jan 28, 2012
This is what would happen if you gave this car to an eight year old. The real life version of BIG.
Max Müller Jan 28, 2012
Batman? That's James Bond's car!
Tim Preisinger Jan 28, 2012
I kinda thought it was a t Rex trying to hump a ghost while sniffing a flower.... And the ghost saying no lol
Zachary Sindelar Jan 28, 2012
Is that a T-Rex getting a Handy by a Ghost holding an umbrella?
Jon Dustin House Jan 28, 2012
This fad needs to go away.
Daniel Marino Jan 28, 2012
I hope this doesn't "continue" haha
Abdulnasir AlMassloom Jan 28, 2012
It says Enrico Navara on the license plate