Comments - Video: Suzuki ‘Sled’ Ad for the Super Bowl

Published: Jan 27, 2012
Description: Guys love the Super Bowl for the football. Chicks dig the commercials. Some guys dig commercials too, and that's cool and all but seriously, is Eli going to be Elite or is Tom Brady going to pull...
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Dylan Bruder Jan 27, 2012
Seeing how i was born a giants fan......
Description: The new commercial, titled "The Sled," builds on Suzuki's "Wicked Weather" commercial which aired during last year's Super Bowl. I think this is a good time to play "...
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williamdllr Jan 27, 2012
He looks like the rapper Fat Joe.
Jack Higgins Jan 27, 2012
That wasn't funny. Where are the funny ones?
Matthew Paul Jan 27, 2012
The "soccer and curling" remark was clearly a joke
Nick Sti Jan 27, 2012
He's treatin the bitches right!
Peter Bruschi Jan 27, 2012
wud b better if it wasnt a commercial for one of the biggest jokes of a car brand...
Lee Cascio Jan 28, 2012
In it's class you can't beat it in looks or performance. Really a great little car.
Igor Natsioks Jan 28, 2012
Was never a fan of Suzuki cars but this looks good!
Patrick Joseph Jan 29, 2012
Lol that was a funny one
Kent Sullivan Jan 27, 2012
you could blindfold that dude with dental floss