Comments - The Volt is a Political Punching Bag, Says GM Chairman

Published: Jan 27, 2012
Description: Federal safety regulators have closed their investigation into the Chevrolet Volt fires cases. The investigation lasted a few months with the cooperation from GM engineers. The closure came following ...
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Description: In order improve the battery protection during a side crash, GM engineers devised a fix to strengthen the car's structure and added a sensor to the battery coolant reservoir. NHTSA approved of th...
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Mike Bakhsheshi Feb 15, 2012
Adding another sensor will help lol
Patrick R. Manuel Jan 29, 2012
Yeah Michael carbuzz needs to read it three times before they post it
Michael Riley Jan 27, 2012
"...and closed the case. However this case is not closed yet..." wtf?
Description: Akerson denied any discussions between the White House and GM concerning the Volt. Many conservatives view the continued implementation of the Volt project as a waste of taxpayers' money since th...
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Payne Hodges Wilson Jan 28, 2012
I think the whole go green movement that is used to justify the ev and hybrid cars is to save fuel so we don't have to depend as much on foreign resources. They really don't produce any less emissions after production emissions are figured in.
Ryan Fitzgerald Jan 28, 2012
unfortunately, Justin has a point, global warming is a cycle. but regardless, they're called HARMFUL emissions for a reason. and the cycle of global warming, while natural, is supposed to take millions of years. not a century or two... that argument is the same as saying cancer is just a harmless accelerant towards the inevitable.
Justin Pedoto Jan 28, 2012
Why do we need gas milage regulations. cars aren't causing global warming, they are simply speeding up what was already naturally occuring.
Andy Kelly Jan 27, 2012
It's a waste. Of your money.
Shane Heid Jan 27, 2012
Ehh I could live without Toyota
Paul Lissona Jan 27, 2012
Yah I heard Obama was trying to destroy Toyota.
Chris Dimattia Jan 27, 2012
remember how the govt went after Toyota for the sticky accelerators? NASA proved there was nothing wrong. Toy was #1, now GM is #1. Obama and his fireball of wasted tax $$$.
Colin Dzendolet Jan 27, 2012
OK Obama, then you go ride around in a Prius limo and give your Secret Service detail golf carts or something to escort you with, see how comfortable, safe, and entertained you'll feel in those high mileage POS's, and leave us to drive what we want!
Patrick Schalk Jan 27, 2012
Not gonna do it without diesel.
Mike Bakhsheshi Feb 15, 2012
Why do they gotta put Obama in a black volt lollolol jk
Maci Kartchner Feb 03, 2012
Obama's driving one of those? Lol
KyleM Jan 31, 2012
@Knox: The Volt doesnt need a manual transmission as the powertrain of the vehicle is all electric. The onboard gas engine is only a generator, operating at the most efficient rpm, to create electricity for the electric motors that actually move the vehicle. The whole point of a gear box or transmission in a traditional vehicle, besides power transferring, is to keep the gas engine at the most eff...
Knox Ferraro Jan 30, 2012
I don't like how the Chevy Volt doesn't come with a manual transmission.
Alex Sharp Jan 29, 2012
From all these posts I have concluded that no one in America really knows anything about what their president/government is doing.
Jason Brown Jan 28, 2012
Cheers back to you Russ and your fellow global economic parasites...
Russ Sugar Jan 28, 2012
To piss you all off, I will sing you a song. " Oh Canada, our home and native land.......". Cheers monkeys to the south!
Phil Johnson Jan 28, 2012
I have no faith in America anymore. People don't even know what's right and wrong anymore. "Facts" have become opinions.
Ryan Fitzgerald Jan 28, 2012
It's amazing to see how many people are so quick to call Obama incompetent, yet his only real competition, is either radically theocratic, or "too moderate" for the republicans to let him win... if he were even half as bad as people say he is, he would actually have a threatening oponent to worry about in November.
Justin Pedoto Jan 28, 2012
Aww, an idiot in an @$$hole's car. Stupid "leaders" thinking they have the knowledge to run a country.
Robby Bradford Jan 27, 2012
While everyones talking shit about Obama or republicans, look at Obama drivin another woman not Michelle =D
Igor Natsioks Jan 27, 2012
Them by the b***s. if they didn't take the loan then they would invade by making some excuse. Or no excuse like they did in Panama (canal). Thats why they went into Iraq. Cuz Iraq didn't want to comply with US.
Igor Natsioks Jan 27, 2012
Part of the deal was that money loaned would hire American firms to build infrastructure in that country. So the money loaned came right back to US. In the end economy didn't go up as much as they said it would. The country can't pay back. US got
Igor Natsioks Jan 27, 2012
@ Matt. A privet consultation firm closely tied with the treasury of US. This economic hitman went to 3rd world countries to give offer them a loan. He made such forecasts that no1 would turn down the loan. The loan was huge and so was interest.
Colin Dzendolet Jan 27, 2012
I've used my right as an American to vote for non-career politicians, I've written in Bill Maher the last 2 elections, at least he has common sense and won't work for the lobbyists
Paul Lissona Jan 27, 2012
Obama has done many destructive anti Anerican things to USA.
Matt Robbins Jan 27, 2012
Oh please. The repeal of the Glass Stealgall Act caused the housing market crash, thus the economy to crash. Not 24 years of "Republican greed". Every party is self-serving, it's up to you, as the voter to make an educated choice of the lesser evil.
Colin Dzendolet Jan 27, 2012
The market crash brought on by the real estate slump happened because of companies handing out home loans to people who couldn't afford them, guess which political party pushed that kind of acidic investment mentality? Democrats, and Obama was involved in that as well
Troi Stoessel Jan 27, 2012
A lot of blinded misinformed people out there. This country is in this because of greed and that is before Obama. Greed from the banks and from wanting to control oil. Obama has to undue 24 years of greed by the republican party.
Colin Dzendolet Jan 27, 2012
It comes down to the fact he hasn't followed through on any of his promises, he talked a big game, and still has yet to deliver, not to mention, CAFE IS RUINING THE AUTO INDUSTRY!
Michael Gallagher Jan 27, 2012
Only reason people got excite is because he was black and they would be the generation known for having a black president. But in the end, all the options sucked.
Matt Robbins Jan 27, 2012
Then why don't you enlighten me young man? What are the facts I supposedly don't know?
Igor Natsioks Jan 27, 2012
But who am I kidding, the only thing people read theses days are screens. (I know I have an iPhone) but its not the only source of info
Igor Natsioks Jan 27, 2012
I guess none of you realize why the war started in the first place. It's not because of; Bin laden, weapons of mass distraction, Saddam or any other Taliban excuse. You should read some literature. " the conffecions of an economic hitman" Is a start.
Michael Serrano Jan 27, 2012
I love how people talk about something and have no idea what they are talking about. Learn facts before u speak matt. You look like an idiot to the people that know.
Paul Trahan Jan 27, 2012
I love it when people say, "If so-and-do gets elected I'm moving to such-and-such," but they never do.
Matt Robbins Jan 27, 2012
Well said Boyd. All these people supporting him now should move to China or the old USSR if it still existed cause that's the way we're headed if this a$$-backwards, entitlement mindset continues much longer. This current generation makes me sick
Chris Watson Jan 27, 2012
If we only formed opinions on people based on their name, Boyd Boudreaux, then I'd have to ask you how long you've been growing your mullet. So it's good most of us aren't like that.
Zachary Sindelar Jan 27, 2012
I think he seems like a cool guy. :)
Boyd Boudreaux Jan 27, 2012
It's scary to hear some of this comments defending Barack Hassan Obama, yeah say that name a few times, sounds like a leader of a third world country. There's a lot of young college kids that don't understand his kind of change and sad we have professors that teach these kids to hate this country. The system is being destroyed by the ones who don't want to work for it. Stop drinking the koolaid!!
Jason Brown Jan 27, 2012
As for Obama, he was just the best out of a bad bunch of candidates. Desperate situations makes people do desperate things.
Jason Brown Jan 27, 2012
These guys are the reasons why the US military has left over $5 billion worth of equipment and supplies in Iraq. So mind your words and think before you insult others being unintelligent or uneducated.
Jason Brown Jan 27, 2012
Joe you might want to know all the facts about Obama's plans to bring home all the troops. There are still many thousands of private security personals hired to conduct future operations over seas in which he hired.
Zack Hernandez Jan 27, 2012
The past 43 US Presidents COMBINED have added 6.3 trillion dollars in debt. In one term, Obama has added 6.5 trillion dollars in debt. Thus Obama = worst president of all time.
Matt Robbins Jan 27, 2012
Yea they're trying to change things alright. Running the US into the ground and then rebuild as an socialist, anti-capitalist country. Not one thing Obama has done in office has been pro-America. He has spit on our constitution multiple times.
Matt Robbins Jan 27, 2012
You can't blame Bush for everything. At least he didn't triple the debt or cut the military in a time of war. Obama is clueless. He should've never even been a community organizer.
Matt Robbins Jan 27, 2012
You're opinion is just that. An opinion. The facts state otherwise. He has slowly but surely turned us into a socialist state with an insurmountable amount of debt. We've never been through a time when we've lost more freedoms than now. Obama=fail
Stephen Franz Jan 27, 2012
Come on people. It wasn't Obama who ruined this economy, it was the people at work before him. He (democrats) have been trying to change things, but change takes time. In my opinion, (take it or leave it) he is the best president we could hope for...
Elliott Adams Jan 27, 2012
Not everyone was excited about him, The media makes it seem like everyone likes him, hes useless! Glad I have to spend the rest of my life paying off debt!
Alex Sharp Jan 27, 2012
you hear a lot of people hating on him. Reminds of when bush was president.
Alex Sharp Jan 27, 2012
Wow, strong hate from yall for your own president. As the term goes on, do you guys naturally start hating every president? I cant say I know much about him, but I do know everyone was pissin their pants with joy when he got elected. Now though its
Peter Bruschi Jan 27, 2012
if this commie gets elected again, im moving to the uk or austrailia... at least they dnt have a moron who wud spend $15 trillion dollars to ruin a nation intentionally...
Jim Jimm Jan 27, 2012
He doesn't deserve to drive any American American car. Stupid Muslim
Raymond Reynoso Jan 27, 2012
"Nah man, I swear it won't blow up... promise."