Description: The annual Gulf Run event is a Kuwaiti happening held in Bahrain. The two-day Gulf Run race, this being the 7th edition of the event, is currently underway. Running at the Bahrain International Circui...
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quadrophine Jan 29, 2012
mines a ix with 450 awhp when you sit behind the wheel, it doesn't seem like a dime a dozen. zo6 beware I can keep up with a 911 turbo.
Jordan Smith Jan 29, 2012
I don't care much for them, but the Evo IX is my favorite.
Angel Alvarez Jan 28, 2012
I love evo's n i love my evo 8 alot better then the evo x
Jon Ashley Jan 28, 2012
My favorite has always been the 8 or 9.
Nick Sti Jan 27, 2012
@Parker they may be common, but when uniquely modified, they're always fun to look at
Nevzat Erboy Jan 27, 2012
The last true Evo for me died after evo6
Andy Lopez Jan 27, 2012
The last true Evo and by far the best Evo we got in the US.
SupaDupaMe Jan 27, 2012
Absolutely adore the Evo IX.... Evo X...ehhh, IX all the way!
Parker Lamoreaux Jan 27, 2012
Dime a dozen. Nobody cares about these cars anymore.
Adam Lopinsky Jan 27, 2012
Agreed. I love Evo's!
Nick Sti Jan 27, 2012
We need more EVOs, STIs, 370Zs, etc on this app
quadrophine Jan 27, 2012
that's my whip evo represent
Description: The first part of the event ran from January 13-14th and was a car show with the proceeds going to charity. The second and main event is the Gulf Run race. Speaking to ArabTimesOnline, coordinator Ahm...
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Description: He continued: "All the drivers as well as the Gulf Run team are excited for this year's race in Bahrain. It promises to be quite competitive and we look forward to an exhilarating couple of ...
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Jon Ashley Jan 28, 2012
It's a street legal race car that you could actually drive every day. Love It
Ervis At Jan 27, 2012
I'm going to wait till I'm 60 years old them buy this car for 40k by then and go 200 mhp with at age 60 like I'm 24
Michael Riley Jan 27, 2012
is it like a race or a cannonball run type thing?
El Titi Jan 27, 2012
I'd take this over both corvettes and the lambo. It looks better, can be driven daily, won't break down and probably faster around the 'ring. :)
Patrick Schalk Jan 27, 2012
Me too Dillon!! That Wrangler is so awesome!
Dillon Dixon Jan 27, 2012
Dream car right here! I love this color scheme, and it's just so amazing!
Alex Sharp Jan 27, 2012
@Brandon I think Mr. Omes is talking about every other car being plastered with stickers. I do agree though that he needs to relax, since this is a race they are likely event or sponser stickers.
Rudolf Dassler Jan 27, 2012
Why does this car wear lipstick?
Thibault Leroy Jan 29, 2012
theyre special car stickers
Thibault Leroy Jan 29, 2012
yea im pretty sure you can take them off
Drake Hughes Jan 29, 2012
Are they just stickers you can peel off afterwards?
Jon Ashley Jan 28, 2012
Dan, I'm with you there
Phillip Greene Jan 29, 2012
Yea zr1s are sooo ba but id rather have the ls7 just to boost it and make the bugati look like a joke
Lukas Lebs Jan 29, 2012
Yeah but the ZR1 is jusst stock vette with a super charger(with everything race upgraded), where as a Z06 is a 7.0L engine n basically have all zr1's parts
Shane Gardner Jan 28, 2012
Can't we all play nicely?
Patrick Schalk Jan 27, 2012
Hey Bradley, f*ck you.
Skye Sativa Mattfeldt Jan 27, 2012
Yes Dan, the Zr1 is much more powerful than the GS and ZO6, but all 3 are pretty awesome:)
Patrick Schalk Jan 27, 2012
It would only take me a few minutes to take it. I actually learned some stuff about the new Grand Sport yesterday that I didn't know.
Andrew Grimm Jan 27, 2012
God what I would do for just a few minutes behind the wheel of a Z06. I say a few minutes because eventually I will get crazy and wrap around a tree lol
Shane Gardner Jan 28, 2012
Because it's like a contingency sponsor for the event. All of the cars are essentially decaled the same.
Matt Piccolo Jan 27, 2012
Great but is it just me or does this seem out of place
Badoor Nassoor Mobarak Jan 27, 2012
Why does every car have the wataniya logo on it
Lukas Lebs Jan 29, 2012
I look out my window (towards the garage) n i see one of ours :D
Patrick Schalk Jan 27, 2012
That's where I'd be hanging out.