Description: Confirmation of BMW M diesel models has finally arrived, and just like a bus you wait a year for one and then four come at once. Each sport AWD and the tri-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six rated at 3...
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Hank Austin Jan 27, 2012
Personally, I love diesels... They make for the perfect cars for city driving/slow roads with tons of corners
Hank Austin Jan 27, 2012
@cian I bet it's because it's really easy to spin the wheels with that much torque and with RWD someone who is used to less torque could easily spin out in a corner if they underestimated the power
Cian Rules Jan 26, 2012
Why are they making them awd there bmw's there better then audis becouse they have rear wheel drive
Nick88gm Jan 26, 2012
I don't understand y we don't have much of a diesel option here in the u.s. new diesels r very clean and they don't puff out "black smoke" plus especially in the u.s. we have always been about loads of torque since the muscle car era. I would love to get some more diesel options here. obviously performance wise most would agree if u have ever seen any YouTube videos of our turbo diesel pickups t...
Domi Bsaibes Jan 26, 2012
With that hp-torque ration, beamers are rally-ready!!
Michael Beach Jan 26, 2012
Even though I can't afford one, I still want them in the US! This is such bull
Extremis Colson Jan 26, 2012
my question is how much will the car cost???
Tom McNaney Jan 26, 2012
Infinitely better than any Prius. We need to get with the diesel time.
Abraham Mendoza Jan 26, 2012
I guess this is the new movement, diesel sports cars. Oh well....
David Markham Jan 26, 2012
All modern diesels have low emissions. Picking one engine from the 3 series and saying it's the only clean diesel is simply not true. Check any BMW and the diesel equivalent has lower emissions. I wish the US could move with the times.
Harry Collins Jan 26, 2012
Emissions requirements are the whole reason we don't have many diesels in the US. While they provide better fuel economy than gas versions, they are not clean for the most part, like a diesel truck puts out black smoke. VW TDI and BMW 335d are clean.
Dale Schroeder Jan 26, 2012
Sadly yeah, thanks to some major blunders during the '70s emissions regulations are very strict and diesel passenger cars still have a bit of a stigma to them in the US.
Jonathan Fowler Jan 26, 2012
That figures. I agree with Kevin. But I think it's because of our emission requirements?
Kevin Rehbock Jan 26, 2012
Well that's not surprising. North American car buyers needs to get with the times. Diesels are a better solution than hybrids, on all accounts.
ojdj Feb 01, 2012
better than the audi a6 and mercedes e class
Hank Austin Jan 27, 2012
@extremis diesel isn't hard to find when you look for it, and it's well worth the drive because you never have to fill up... My family's jetta TDI made it to seattle and back with 1/2 a tank
Craig Murphy Jan 26, 2012
Is the reason there are no diesel cars here in the US because it is harder to certify emissions? I just don't get why there is VW & Audi's TDI and the Merc Bluetec but very limited or no offerings from other manufacturers.
Aislin Cooper Jan 26, 2012
The M5's responsible cousin who still parties hard
Petrolheadjack Jan 26, 2012
In the UK every petrol station sells diesel
Extremis Colson Jan 26, 2012
yeah but I'm in nyc, not many gas stations do diesel. u gotta find them. I know personally of just two in my neighborhood.
Christopher McSween Jan 26, 2012
On the contrary my friend. In my neck of the woods D fuel is as accessible. Sunoco, Hess, & WaWa. 550d is going to be nasty. Extremely close to a M car.
Extremis Colson Jan 26, 2012
That's a nice looking car! problem is diesel gas, not many gas stations carry that... you gotta find them.
Description: An eight-speed automatic gearbox features in all models, while xDrive AWD comes as standard. The result is that the M550d sedan can hit 62mph in 4.7 seconds. The M550d Touring manages 0-62mph in 4.9 s...
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Patrick Joseph Jan 26, 2012
I haven't been working at BMW for almost two years so I don't know about the new 5series very much. But the previous ones all had manual available as well as diesel.. E60 e39 e34.
Patrick Schalk Jan 26, 2012
I could understand a putting on in a 5 Series but not on the X6. Meh.
Domi Bsaibes Jan 26, 2012
Yeah pat it's not logic to buy a manual 550 or a manual x6 so they limited their gearbox production to an 8 speed
Brian Ayala Jan 26, 2012
Really? An entire article dedicated to these cars and you skip reporting on one of the most important functions these cars were developed for...fuel consumption. Don't get me wrong they were developed for the performance minded, but with fuel Eco1st.
Michael Page Jan 26, 2012
I'm surprised BMW isn't offering a manual gearbox
Description: In addition to the M aero body kits, other styling touches include metallic grey side mirrors, trapezoidal tailpipes, 19- and 20-inch M light alloys in V-design for the M550d and double-spoke design f...
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Daniel Marino Jan 26, 2012
The rear diffuser and exhaust tips add a very nice touch
Description: Other highlights include a gearshift lever boasting the M logo, M leather steering wheel with shift paddles, Anthracite BMW Individual roof liner, interior trim strips in Brushed Aluminum Shadow for t...
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Description: All four models will make their world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in March, shortly followed by a market launch where in Germany they will be sold for around €80,000 to €85,000.
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Hank Austin Jan 27, 2012
I'm all for these cars but when he said "they're very sporty for a street legal car", they make it sound like its almost not street legal which I'm sure it's far from... And when the other guy said "you can tell its sporty because of the look of its interior"... Really? It's sporty now that it has M badges plastered everywhere?
ojdj Feb 05, 2012
bmw 5 series sedan looks better than the wagon
Cian Rules Jan 26, 2012
The estate actusly handles better then the saloons
Karl Enemark Jan 26, 2012
I want that! If only we could trade this for the 5 series GT!
Craig Murphy Jan 26, 2012
I would love a 5 series touring in diesel!
Max Müller Jan 26, 2012
For a family more useful than a sedan
Dan Rather Jan 26, 2012
Wagons are awesome they handle like cars but still big enough to carry your track wheels and your necessary tools
Sam Lehtinen Jan 26, 2012
Are people really still buying wagons???
John Serely Jan 26, 2012
I kind of like this car. It's different lol