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The Facelifted Audi A4 Gets a Touch Up from ABT

ABT has developed an aftermarket program for the new Audi A4.
The new A4 wears a facelift by Audi and ABT Sportline has decided to take it a step farther with their latest aftermarket program. The extensive tuning job combines both performance and styling cues for a fresh, new take on the A4. Starting off under the hood, the A4's lineup of engines have all been worked on extensively by ABT. The 2.0-liter TFSI 4-cylinder engine has been tuned-up to put out a solid 271hp, up from its base model's 208hp. For the 3.0-liter TFSI 6-cylinder, power is now rated at 429hp, up from the standard's 328hp.
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Even the diesel plant was tweaked, with power for the 3.0-liter TDI engine cranked up to 278hp and 413 lb-ft. In terms of looks, the Audi A4 has received a front spoiler and front fender vents along with a rear bumper insert and trunk-lid mounted spoiler. Add some redesigned side skirts and a sports exhaust system and you have the exterior additions to the Audi A4. Oh, and it sits on a set of either 19- or 20-inch alloy wheels.
The Facelifted Audi A4 Gets a Touch Up from ABT
The Facelifted Audi A4 Gets a Touch Up from ABT

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