Description: Once again, they're only for the UK. Two new editions of the Jaguar XF diesel have just debuted, the SE Business and Sport, and will feature the new 2.2-liter four-cylinder diesel unit in differe...
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Matthew Crighton Jan 26, 2012
Ha i didnt notuce that, thats funny
Ada Onwukaike Jan 25, 2012
It's not turn signal
Shaylen Kumar Patel Jan 25, 2012
Why is one led working?
Description: More interesting is the Sport XF, which is powered by the more potent 2.2-liter diesel rated at 188hp and adds the full aerodynamic pack from the Diesel S. It can thus be distinguished by a more aggre...
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Description: Both variants are in UK showrooms now, with SE Business offered at £31,500 and the Sport priced at £34,950. As Jaguar decided not to sell the diesel engine stateside, it's highly unlike...
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