Comments - A New Lotus-Based EV From PG: The Elektrus

Published: Jan 25, 2012
Description: PG has just created a new, Lotus-based EV ready to dethrone the Tesla Roadster as the most famous EV spinoff from the British automaker. The PG Elektrus, from the front, literally stares at you and sm...
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Hank Austin Jan 26, 2012
Hate the pelt, love the headlights and most of the body...
Bob Thebuilder Jan 25, 2012
Lotus Karma... Or Fisker Elise
Mike Game Jan 25, 2012
Looks like a Fisker.
Knox Ferraro Jan 25, 2012
I'm with Max, it looks like its made of a wet otter pelt.
Peter Bruschi Jan 25, 2012
it looks like a really mad shark haha
Fndo Sgd Dtwda Jan 25, 2012
It's like dio was staring at me only in form of a car
Taylor Greenfield Jan 25, 2012
Fisker and and Lotus had a baby!
Avery Williams Jan 25, 2012
Looks to much like a minature Maserati.
No Pistons Jan 25, 2012
Looks like a pissed off masarstti (ya I know it's misspelled lol)
Kevin Rehbock Jan 25, 2012
Cheshire Cat's favorite car.
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Jan 25, 2012
Evil little car. The Chuckie of cars
Max Delena Jan 25, 2012
It looks like the body is leather
Michael Kozlowski Jan 25, 2012
Ohh wow...that looks so good and menacing.
Description: Those are some impressive figures for a powertrain that puts out 270hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. It also features some solar panels that help recharge the car's battery. All the lightweight and pe...
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No Pistons Jan 25, 2012
Haha love those xbit memes
Kevin Rehbock Jan 25, 2012
So you can pretend to drive a supercar while you drive a supercar? Yo dawg, I herd you like driving...
Description: The PG Elektrus is scheduled to head into production later this year. Pricing should be in the range of around $360,000 U.S., though it will go on sale first in Germany.
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Justin Chavez Jan 25, 2012
Thats what people done get..the premium over an ev or hybrid could be 10,000 dollars over the standard car..for maybe 4 mpg more and all of that money youd save on the gas car you can spend on gas..hybrids are a waste
CAP AMR Jan 25, 2012
Agreed. Used low mileage Elises are plentiful for under 30k, and there's tons of available force fed kits putting them in the 300hp range. That extra 300k would buy exclusively but I'd be really hard pressed to believe anything else.
Kevin Rehbock Jan 25, 2012
$360K buys a lot of gas...This thing better run better than it looks. I want to see speed runs.
Victor Takhanov Jan 27, 2012
I don't like how the grill really isn't a grill...even though it's an ev.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jan 26, 2012
All that sharp and spikies make it look so fragile.
Hank Austin Jan 26, 2012
If it had normal paint it would be so much better... Like matte black or just black would make a huge improvement
Austin Bride Jan 25, 2012
What is that finish it has on it? Cloth?
Phil Johnson Jan 25, 2012
It looks terrible. I mean, it just looks poorly built. I love the idea, but not the execution... or the price.
Adithya Chandrasekhar Jan 25, 2012
Looks lika a great white and a basking shark had a kid
Jeremy Saffell Jan 25, 2012
The front looks kinda like a shark
Hank Austin Jan 26, 2012
Does it have that weird back end or did they add that?
Randy Geniec Jan 25, 2012
Likin' the "X" tail lights but not the poker chip tires.
Jt Collier Jan 25, 2012
Or you know, a lotus because that's what it is essentially.