Description: 10 million 'Likes' on Facebook is no small accomplishment. To celebrate their feat of consolidating the Clarkson-following fanboys in one place, the crew at Top Gear decided to mark the occa...
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Thomas Mackey Mar 05, 2012
So much better looking than these damn impalas we have. GM made a huge mistake getting rid of Pontiac. So much better looking than the Chevys.
Jacob Bayliss Feb 24, 2012
In australia, where i live, its not called the monaro anymore, its a commodore. I have one, there very unreliable. Just to start, in the first year an indicator fell off.
Bryan Bohling Jan 28, 2012
It used to be all black but then they fired that stig and got a white stig but then that stig got fired and know that have this stig
SupaDupaMe Jan 27, 2012
I wonder how the Stig would look in all black instead of white???!?
John Umarov Jan 26, 2012
Some say he plants bombs by drifting around the target....all we know is he's called the stig!!
Clark Thompson Jan 25, 2012
Both Alex's, yes. They use tron and inception music ALL the time on their show. So good!
Robbie Mitchell Jan 24, 2012
Stig is the greatest
Pratik Parija Jan 24, 2012
Love Top Gear! Lol the Stig would would use the Holden/Vauxhall Monaro! Lol
Terrance Parker Jan 24, 2012
I hope we get the GM brings that car back to the US.
Alex Preston Jan 24, 2012
@Alex, I've noticed that as well , Top Gear seem to be using a lot of the (Daft Punk's) soundtrack from Tron.
Luis Enrique Lara Jan 24, 2012
Stig is now a terrorist lol
Cian Rules Jan 24, 2012
I was hoping for it to include a morris minor aswell as a caravan
Geo M Jan 24, 2012
They are basically the same vehicle with different badging and some cosmetic differences, need to buy one.
Geo M Jan 24, 2012
G8s are still high in price
Teddy MacDonell Jan 24, 2012
I wish they were still available in the us:(
Colin Dzendolet Jan 24, 2012
The G8 GXP is a blast to drive with the 6spd
Carlos Eduardo Benitez Jan 24, 2012
@Chris their the same car just look different and don't have the same name
Chris Penza Jan 24, 2012
@Michael you're clearly lying, he was driving a vauxhall
Michael Gallagher Jan 24, 2012
For me the interesting part is.. I just test drove a G8 GT last night. And now the Stig was driving one also (I know they aren't the 100% the same)
Description: The crew had teased the caravan explosion on the site for some time, so we were looking forward to this going down... or blowing up for that matter. Seriously, who better to drift and destroy than the...
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