Comments - Video: Chasing Car Thieves - Israeli Style

Published: Jan 24, 2012
Description: The Middle East is known for a lot of things. Besides the occasional bits of violence (only occasionally), good things such as hummus and falafel are available in abundance. And like any other place i...
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Johny J. Stinson Jan 26, 2012
Sharon he just passed you. fly on the d-max!. silver d-max. report on the d-max!. he is moving a head to rosh ahain!. I'm from Israel. what an honour!
Benjamin Grad Jan 24, 2012
don't mess with the IDF
Description: Normally car thieves expect to break into the car and just hit the gas. But now Michael, with the help of the Israeli army, isn't letting them go that easily. In the middle of the night, Michael ...
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Jake Beckler Jan 25, 2012
In America you get pulled over by obese middle aged men with a donut and a taser in hand, but in Israel you get pulled over by a guy with an m16!
Daniel Bellafonte Jan 25, 2012
The thieves sure do love Skodas! A Fabia and Octavia been chased in both videos.
Danny Reed Jan 25, 2012
Note to self. Don't mess w those cops.
Anthony Dillon Jan 25, 2012
American police - shoot first ask questions later
Ori Haviv Jan 25, 2012
First off. They would turn there siren on to pull someone over. I haven't seen every cop do this but I have a few. And if you cross into your territory then they going to try to search them and or suspect something.
Patrick Joseph Jan 24, 2012
With the lights on everybody would pull over thinking they did something wrong. How is that better than American cops? Cops in America are some of the toughest around the globe. They ain't gonna learn much from you girls
Chris Parrott Jan 24, 2012
I could catch so many more criminals if I rode around on patrol with all of my emergency equipment on!! I knew I was doing something wrong!! How is that smart Ori?
P_R_N_D Jan 24, 2012
Well Ori, in America the fear of being caught is a strong deterrent against crime. If u see where the police are all the time its easier to get away with it, isn't it?
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jan 24, 2012
Im pretty sure if a car is speeding passed a border, everyone is going to take him down, just in case its a terrorist.
Ori Haviv Jan 24, 2012
In Israel the cops drive around with there lights on to warn ppl they're around which is so much smarter then American cops.
P_R_N_D Jan 24, 2012
@Geo I didn't see anyone getting in any free punches. And try doing the job before you criticize how its done.
Ryu Tsuchiya Jan 24, 2012
Thats y u dont hear it, cuz u live there
Ben Thompson Jan 24, 2012
I live in Israel so it's weird that I have not heard a lot about these thefts
Geo M Jan 24, 2012
That was the slowest chase, which is good for safety, Israel Cops are like American cops takes 10 to make a single arrest and every cop tries to get their free punches in lol
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Jan 24, 2012
@ Steven yeah I was thinking the same thing lol
Steven Whowhat Jan 24, 2012
no emergency lights in there police cars?
Description: He's also prepared to go on foot if necessary when the thieves realize they're being chased and decide to bail. Evidently, neither Michael or the thieves care about potholes as the evening&a...
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Ziv TupacShakur Zinn Nov 18, 2012
It's not a Renault, in Israel most of the police cars are Skoda or Ford Focus. I'm from Israel and the cities in the video are Arab's cities.
Ori Haviv Jan 25, 2012
Most likely a Renault
Zachary Maurer Jan 24, 2012
I want that cops car,it can handle anything!
Cian Rules Jan 24, 2012
That is a realy slow cop car can any one guess what it is
Ori Haviv Jan 24, 2012
Yea. You can tell he entered Palestine when the streets look like the jungle
Ben Thompson Jan 24, 2012
The streets are made of shit because both the towns in the video are shitty Arab towns
Luke Walker Jan 24, 2012
I'm wondering what the cops driving cause the taxi pulls away with no problems.
Daniel Bellafonte Jan 24, 2012
Who on earth nicks a taxi?
Koren Blumberg Jan 24, 2012
It's city's of Arab people their police patrol cab just woke up lol
Kent Sullivan Jan 24, 2012
i love how the dude is running away from the cops in a stolen car and he still has the common courtesy to use his turn signals, there are plenty of drivers here in the US that could learn a thing or two from this guy
Kevin Callejas Jan 24, 2012
What are there streets made out of shit????????
Description: Chasing down car thieves can be a dangerous job and it's good to know there are some out there willing to do this. And in both of these videos, the thieves clearly got more than what they expecte...
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