Comments - Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 Officially Revealed

Published: Jan 24, 2012
Description: Having been displayed earlier this month at the UK's Autosport International alongside the GT1 Nissan GT-R that won the 2011 FIA GT1 World Championship, Nissan has officially released details abo...
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Dylan Bruder Jan 29, 2012
Thats what I thought I didn't like that idea I feel they should have to stick close to stock in terms of displacement and layout
No Pistons Jan 24, 2012
The gt1 still uses the Titan motor
Dylan Bruder Jan 24, 2012
Didn't the gt1 model use the 5.6 at least at one point?
Lyomp Jan 24, 2012
For what the car is. Thats not bad at all.
Description: Most recently, the car was an official Nissan Europe entry in the Dubai 24-hour race where it only managed to complete 73 laps of the intended 628, finishing in 70th position. The Nissan GT-R NISMO GT...
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No Pistons Jan 24, 2012
Ya in road coarse racing RWD has the advantage over AWD in terms of weight and speed. Why do you think f1 DTM NASCAR etc are RWD?
Phillip Greene Jan 24, 2012
No rwd is better on track... Case in point z06 has a better ring time then gtr so does zr1 and acr suck it tuners
Christopher Alex Mohamed Jan 24, 2012
There's too much of an advantage with awd cars. Case in point Audi with their s4 and s6's.
Jean Padilla Jan 24, 2012
Guess not D: shouldn't that mean its a gts then?
Alex Leu Jan 24, 2012
An awesome looking tank!
Johnny Hoover Jan 24, 2012
it sure looks amazing
No Pistons Jan 24, 2012
The bend directs airflow to the corners
Sabrina Molinar Jan 24, 2012
That is one legit gt3 wow it's sexy!
Louie Salenga Jan 24, 2012
The splitter is a extra step for hot models to pose on
Adithya Chandrasekhar Jan 24, 2012
They stole my dinner table and made it a spiltter!!!! ;p
quadrophine Jan 24, 2012
usually hate this car but this configuration is nice Plus rwd still... no real sports car should not have a manual option.
Michael Gallagher Jan 24, 2012
Like a shot of pure gold to the heart. Awsome car and hopefully even better improvements
Jared Bevan Jan 24, 2012
Wonderful details. I love large spoilers.
Avery Williams Jan 24, 2012
One word: spectacular!