Posted on: Jan 24, 2012
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Delivery Day: Your Lamborghini Aventador Has Arrived

The best way to spend nearly $400,000.
The big day has finally arrived. After several years of working horrendously long hours at some Wall Street financial firm, drinking countless cups of stale coffee, doing whatever your boss demanded (within reason), and having managed to avoid being indicted for your role in insider trading, your Lamborghini Aventador is now here. With the exception of the possible indictment, this is the dream scenario for countless supercar fans.
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And now one photographer has managed to scoop these fantastic photos of not one, but three Aventadors being unloaded at the Beverly Hills Lamborghini dealership. If we had our pick, the matte black Aventador caught our eye immediately. So who cares about some (accused, but in no way proven) financial fraud as long as you've got the $375k check ready to go. It's not like anyone ever goes to jail for stuff like this, with the exception of Martha Stewart. And Bernie Madoff. And that other guy from Texas. Photos courtesy of Jason Thorgalsen Photography

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