Comments - World’s Smallest Car Peel P50 Back in Production

Published: Jan 23, 2012
Description: Only 50 original P50s were ever made. Produced between 1962-65, the three-wheeled microcar was manufactured in Peel, Isle of Man, UK, and at just 54 inches long and 41 inches wide has held the title o...
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Colin Dzendolet Jan 23, 2012
can't wait for Clarkson to get his hands on this one
Wayne Joseph Borean Jan 23, 2012
I love it! And it makes sense in the Isle. Try drive a super car there, and you'd end up in the ocean before you'd hit top speed.
Nick88gm Jan 23, 2012
wouldn't catch me in one.can't imagine what this or me would look like after an accident with a silverado
Jamie Chenciner Jan 23, 2012
So funny when Top Gear reviewed the old one, hopefully the new one will have a reverse gear
Daniel Levy Jan 25, 2012
I bet someone found a way to upgrade one of these....
Bill Spies Jan 23, 2012
Tires are cheap, they are lawn tractor tires
Jimmy Atkinson Jan 23, 2012
Tires for this thing must be crazy expensive.
Pfc Tomb Jan 23, 2012
Just when I thought smart cars were bad…
Kevin Rehbock Jan 23, 2012
I bet it's never touched dirt either. I can outrun these cars on foot.
Nick Benz Jan 23, 2012
Tony i guess you drive a lifted 2WD F150. That sucks.
Ben Mossing Jan 23, 2012
I love the trident!! I saw one at a car show and I fell in love with it.
Michael Serrano Jan 23, 2012
Lol if u have mini cooper u can run it over u dont need a lifted f250
Description: With the world becoming increasingly obsessed with small cars such as the Smart ForTwo or Scion iQ, the timing of bringing these cars back to life couldn't be better. The manufacturer is currentl...
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Hamish Johnson Jan 25, 2012
@matthew. They tryed to do this in a trident on monster garage plus a turbo added to the hyabusa engine. It didn't work. They added a go cart frame and stuff but in the end they couldn't get it to fit the body
Patrick Joseph Jan 23, 2012
@will. He's on about the Suzuki motor bike.
Will Conover Jan 23, 2012
Matthew. Don't you mean Black Busa
Wilson LaFaver Jan 23, 2012
If they somehow made one that could do highway speed easily I would actually want one. There so cool
Mason Christopher Thomas Jan 23, 2012
210mpg!!!!!! If only it was a real car
Colin Dzendolet Jan 23, 2012
45 MPH downhill with a tailwind most likely
Duncan Jolley Jan 23, 2012
I wouldn't want to go 45 in that.
Matthew Malyapa Jan 23, 2012
I'd love to see a hayabusa engine in this thing
Tyler James Davis Jan 23, 2012
Dont go on the highway in the US, youd get run over.
Gregory Fatguy Jan 23, 2012
Your basically paying $7,000 for a go -kart
Description: A 4.08hp 'Eco' variant can reach 50mph and delivers a 50-mile operating range in both models; while the 'Fun' version boasts a staggering 1.36hp in the P50 and 1.6hp in the Trident...
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Nathaniel Sharp Jan 23, 2012
They should come out with a sporty version with like 10 hp or something crazy like that.
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 25, 2012
And now he can pick up de ladiessss ;)
Ryan Tran Jan 23, 2012
I like the sort of maserati trident emblem lol
Knox Ferraro Jan 23, 2012
You're probably safer on a motorcycle. No, really.
Parker Lamoreaux Jan 23, 2012
You are toast in a 10mph fender bender in that thing. Haha!
Cian Rules Jan 23, 2012
That was the reliant robbin which clarkson kept toppling over
Oscar Rubio Jan 23, 2012
He pulls girls in dat car lmao
Austin Bride Jan 23, 2012
Nothing happened to clarkson turning wise in the peel
Michael Gallagher Jan 23, 2012
Lol, oh man.. Try turning in that. We all know what happened to clarkson
Nathaniel Sharp Jan 23, 2012
He looks soooo happy to be driving this around.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Jan 23, 2012
Is it a man or a woman on the left? BTW, he looks like Lloyd Banks from G-Unit!
Christo Savaides Jan 23, 2012
Not gonna lie, I kinda want one.
Clint Edwards Jan 23, 2012
This is great, I always did want to feel like a hamster in a ball
Elijah McCord Jan 23, 2012
@Andrew lol the face she's making does look like the "you don't say" meme doesn't it
Michael Palazzo Jan 23, 2012
you'd probably get a ticket for driving on the sidewalk if a cop saw u.
Michael Palazzo Jan 23, 2012
I love how u can drive it in the street
Gregory Fatguy Jan 23, 2012
I love how you can't even drive it in the street
Andrew Grimm Jan 23, 2012
Guy-"That's a pretty small car." Girl- "You don't say!?"
Elijah McCord Jan 24, 2012
The old ones have no reverse, the new ones do
Peter Bruschi Jan 23, 2012
haha not even tht shes a woman, these stupid cars have no reverse! watch the top gear segment on youtube haha
Colin Dzendolet Jan 23, 2012
she must have needed help backing up, women drivers...
Matthew Malyapa Jan 23, 2012
TJ it's not security it's the valet service
Greg Lewis Jan 23, 2012
Pickin up her rear, and she's loving it!
Tj Blankenship Jan 23, 2012
Damn security. Always ruining someone's fun.
Cian Rules Jan 23, 2012
I like the blue one the best
Vincent Wouters Jan 24, 2012
TO be exact that ain't no peel on the second row, it's an messerschmitt
Tim Butler Jan 23, 2012
I have a use for this give them to the worlds smallest person to make them feel big
Ghee Buttersnaps Jan 23, 2012
Why do people keep getting this confused with the robin? Yes, it has three wheels, but its third wheel is in the back, making it more stable. The Robins third wheel is in the front, making it less stable. The Robin rolls over. These do NOT roll over!
Hank Austin Jan 23, 2012
@michael it's the smallest car in the world so technically it is a car
Miguel Blanco Jan 23, 2012
@Marc LOL I want to see that now.
Clint Edwards Jan 23, 2012
@Micheal you're getting your episodes mixed up, you're thinking of the Reliant Robin
Jairo Garcia Jan 23, 2012
Wonder what the guys in the UK have to say about this, I'm sure Jeremy clarkson would have fun again with one of these cars :p
Badoor Nassoor Mobarak Jan 23, 2012
the red one in the back left, one was sold in pawn stars
Michael Gallagher Jan 23, 2012
Oops.. Not car. The little contraption tumbles anytime you bad
Michael Gallagher Jan 23, 2012
You can't whip around anything. The car tumbles anytime you try to turn lol
Wilson LaFaver Jan 23, 2012
Saw this on top gear uk. I want one sk bad for ripping around town and Ro school lol
Marc Jones Jan 23, 2012
Drag race peel vs aventador, please :)
Nathaniel Sharp Jan 23, 2012
Beware... The Peel Army!!
Kevin Gebuza Jan 23, 2012
That red one in the back looks the best.
Peter Bruschi Jan 23, 2012
nice hubcaps, 8 inch? haha
Cian Rules Jan 23, 2012
An engineering masterpiece