Description: Last week, we brought you the teaser video as to which car was the world's fastest-accelerating full hybrid. This week, Infiniti announced the winner - the Infiniti M Hybrid.
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Alex Medvedev Jun 01, 2012
Amazing video editing
Zaire Wilkins Feb 16, 2012
they should have labled fastest full hybrid sedan cause i see porsche 918 spyder???? < not a fair match
Mike Bakhsheshi Feb 15, 2012
Infiniti owner here... Why would you even but a hybrid Porsche in the first place lol!!!... It's like asking what the gas mileage is like on a corvette lololol
Joe Coffee Feb 02, 2012
Love this. That M is gorgeous!
Submwaru CB Jan 24, 2012
Wow, Nissan just destroyed Porsche in the owning category. But I still want the Porsche.
Anthony Budiman Jan 24, 2012
Yea the infiniti won IMO because the panamera turned off its traction control.. I wonder if they do a rematch with the panamera's launch control on. I dont think infiniti have launch control anytime soon on their line ups...
Kevin Rehbock Jan 23, 2012
The 918 is a full hybrid asvit stands now but not the fastest one (yet)
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jan 23, 2012
Is a 918 spyder a full hybrid?
Serega Karchevskyy Jan 23, 2012
Both of them r ugly but Porsche is still better.
Shawn Robinson Jan 23, 2012
.... That's bull -__-
Zack Herzer Jan 23, 2012
Ken blocks HFHV hybrid is faster and better.
Stephen Cobbs Jan 23, 2012
It says Dramatization at the bottom of the screen...
Zaire Wilkins Jan 23, 2012
in not talkin about the M35H @ andrew im talkin about the M56S
Teddy MacDonell Jan 23, 2012
this really wasn't a comparison it was just an advertisement
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 23, 2012
It's funny how it looks like a totally different person was opening the porches door
Walter Alexander Thomas Jan 23, 2012
Infinity is a great vehicle.
Kevin Rehbock Jan 23, 2012
A full hybrid can run on gas only, electric only, or both. A mild hybrid can have features like a start/stop system, regenerative braking, and an engine-off coasting mode but they aren't able to run on electric power alone. (ex: Silverado hybrid)
Anders Schrøder Jan 23, 2012
What is a full hybrid? -.-
Avery Williams Jan 23, 2012
Porsche is still better......regardless!
Joel Hayes Jan 23, 2012
Porsche must be pretty mad at this
Hilda Dunn Jan 23, 2012
Rather the Porsche but if I got a panamera it wouldn't be the hybrid
Andrew Grimm Jan 23, 2012
But why would you upgrade a hybrid?........
ShaneVenhorst Jan 23, 2012
Having driven both, I would personally shell out the extra cash for the Porsche myself. Yes, the Infiniti is more speed for the money, but this test was just about acceleration. They haven't touched on the subject of handling, nor the amount of tech features and luxury that go into each car. Acceleration is just part of what makes a sport-luxury sedan.
Zaire Wilkins Jan 23, 2012
infiniti gives u more for your money and u have money to put stage 3 turbos on
Zaire Wilkins Jan 23, 2012
i want the M56(420hp/417 torque) which is better than the panamera 4s (400hp) and the gts panamera (430hp)
ShaneVenhorst Jan 23, 2012
@Dillon, at 0:44 the view was from a mirror. As you may have learned from elementary school, images in mirrors become flipped around.
Chris Bridgers Jan 23, 2012
I like how ifiniti announces its own car winner
Dillon Dixon Jan 23, 2012
Oh, and at 0:44 the driver magically switched from a left hand drive to a right hand drive panamera!
Dillon Dixon Jan 23, 2012
If I was to buy a panamera, it wouldn't be the hybrid. I would still take a panamera over the Infiniti anyday.
Description: The Japanese company pitted the Infiniti M Hybrid against the Porsche Panamera S Hybrid in a straight-line drag race and the win was decisive. Now, before you go all "Yea, but it was produced by ...
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Patrick Joseph Jan 23, 2012
That's why I like reading the comments so much. Apart of a few hot headed bullies you get to learn so much from very interesting people. Keep up the good work fellow petrol heads
ShaneVenhorst Jan 23, 2012
That was super a commercial, so of course it was fake.
Kevin Rehbock Jan 23, 2012
It's true. The manager of all of their breweries got into an argument over which bird of prey was faster and he wanted it verified by a neutral source.
Patrick Joseph Jan 23, 2012
Mark excuse me but I'm not sure I understood you. Are you saying the beer company started the book? If so that's quite interesting actually.
Frank Hummel Jan 23, 2012
LOL, without seeing the title at first, i thought it was a Porche ad, but lol, looking at that Paramera in its rear view mirror is funny, kind of reminds me of the old M5 commercial.
Mark Newfangled Jan 23, 2012
Guinness the beer company and the Guiness book of world records was started by them.
Ben Arends Jan 24, 2012
Still take the porsche. If you're seriously contemplating the Porsche, and performance is the only thing stopping you, it's called "aftermarket." These photos don't do it justice, this porsche is so amazing in person.
Vahan Gee Jan 24, 2012
The front is okay looking, as for the back.... UGLY!
Matthew Leon Jan 23, 2012
i thought ut was cady station wagon
John Serely Jan 23, 2012
I would still take the Porsche. Car and driver said it was the best handling luxury sedan, and that is as important to me as acceleration. But...I would not get either if I was looking for a car in that price range, I would get a 4S or a S class or anything in that price range that is not a hybrid for that matter lol (no offense to hybrids so don't hate, but I am just not a fan of most hybrids).
Josiah Thomas Clements Jan 23, 2012
Yea, but the Infiniti is a better deal. Better performance for a cheaper price. You can't beat that!
Dillon Dixon Jan 23, 2012
Yeah, didn't think of that. Oops! Still think this is a much cooler car!
Nick Espinoza Jan 23, 2012
Its just the image mirrored. Probably did it for video flow and didnt think people would notice
ShaneVenhorst Jan 23, 2012
Probably because in the commercial, this picture was the view from the side view mirror. Besides, this was a commercial, it even stated it was dramatized. The real results they are basing this off of was the controlled race back in August. We need to stop analyzing every little detail and read the facts.
Dillon Dixon Jan 23, 2012
See, now it's a right hand drive!! Something is fishy with this commercial.
Mike Bakhsheshi Feb 15, 2012
I never understood why you wouldn't advertise a fully equipped version of the car you are advertising... For example why not use the sport wheels on the Infiniti?
Shawn Robinson Feb 04, 2012
Probably because you can't afford it , I mean, if you could buy one , I BET you would seriously consider getting one
Tomas Franquelli Jan 26, 2012
I'm with Ben. I suppose the Panamera is proabably better to drive, but I would hate to look at it...
Ben Fox Jan 23, 2012
Two of the ugliest cars I have ever seen... Who would want to drive either one?
Dillon Dixon Jan 23, 2012
Left hand drive in this pic, too!