Comments - Video: Renting a Supercar Has its Benefits

Published: Jan 23, 2012
Description: Owning a supercar of any type has countless benefits. Drivers get all of the attention, satisfaction, and the privilege of just looking better than the average commuter. So yes, owning a supercar does...
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Bob Thebuilder Jan 23, 2012
I rented a gallardo for prom Got the rental as a birthday gift
Chris Penza Jan 23, 2012
I was going to rent a 360 for senior prom several years ago but I had to drive to new jersey to get it. Screw limos
Patrick Schalk Jan 23, 2012
MotorTrend did a test between the two and I'm surprised it's not on here yet. It's a good read.
Description: They soon find themselves the main attractions at a local shindig. Their evening then consisted of women, dancing, and punching big teddy bears in the face. All the while giving the impression they ow...
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Terrance Parker Jan 24, 2012
Looks like a fun weekend, but a nice car won't make up for having NO game!!
Iman Farid Jan 24, 2012
Its a commercial its allways staged. :) You dont need a Super Car buy a CLS it will get the job done with the ladys. Ask me i have one ;)
Tom Wilson Jan 24, 2012
Sounds like a great idea
Vincent Butler Jan 24, 2012
It's a video calm down.
Daniel Bellafonte Jan 23, 2012
...and what about the message of driving under the influence? Hmm...
Ghee Buttersnaps Jan 23, 2012
@Teddy haha, I've done that too! I'm not doing it again, though, cause I couldn't see very well, lol
Nathaniel Sharp Jan 23, 2012
"I'll take the shiny one, with the, uh... Olympic thing... oh Audi.
Vincent Butler Jan 23, 2012
And yes it's that easy to get fine girls like that, I rented it for the weekend. And I smashed 6 fine ass girls. No work involved at all.
Vincent Butler Jan 23, 2012
Ivan, I rented mine in Hollywood, it was $1800 a day, for two days the price dropped to $1500. I rented the LP640. It depends on were you rented the car. If I drove to Beverly Hill then the cost will be 3k. They have a bigger selection
Teddy MacDonell Jan 23, 2012
@Brad, you are absolutely right. Sometimes I drive in a morph suit, reactions are pretty great
Ivan Rudnitsky Jan 23, 2012
They forgot to mention its about $3k/day and their legal departments do a great job of basically telling you that if you drive faster than 15mph that you're screwed.
Colin Dzendolet Jan 23, 2012
its not too far from the truth, me and a buddy borrowed his aunt's continental gt and got 150x the attention you'd expect, no rich girl's party though
Dillon Dixon Jan 23, 2012
This was hilarious! It was supposed to be corny. But I loved it! Great form of advertisement!
Nick Rios Jan 23, 2012
Oh man having that r8 in Miami for a night would be alot of fun.
Brad Wood Jan 23, 2012
Renting the bear costume along with the car is a must.
Avery Williams Jan 23, 2012
Why the heck would you rent a supercar; I rather just save up (I would have to save up for a long time) and just buy it.
Josh Willes Jan 23, 2012
If I rented a car like that I don't think I would get out of it except to fill it with more gas.
Cody Jacques Jan 23, 2012
That was really corney could have been done better, brillant concept though. I wish I was hired to do a video like that.
Syed Sabih Jan 23, 2012
That was a real benefit but no body would rent those cars unless his dad is a big
Garrett Griswold Jan 23, 2012
Wait... That's was staged?
James Jay Putnam Jan 23, 2012
Kinda disappointing defiantly staged and not real :(