Posted on: Jan 22, 2012
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Video: How Good a Drift Car is the Ariel Atom?

It looks like it should drift all day long; but does it?
There's no getting away from the fact that the Atom is one of the sportiest and blisteringly quick cars ever made, capable of 0-60mph in just 2.3 seconds.

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At just 550kg it's lightweight and has ample enough power going to the rear wheels courtesy of a 270hp Mugen Honda 2.0-liter engine. On the downside it sits on sticky Yokohama track day tires and has a poor turning circle. So even though you'd expect this super go-kart to drift like a demon with consummate ease, in actuality it takes plenty of skill to pull off the wanton power sliding performed by Autocar's Steve Sutcliffe.


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