Comments - One of Two Devon GTX Supercars Sold in Auction

Published: Jan 22, 2012
Description: The demise of the Dodge Viper in 2010 spelt the end for the Devon GTX, a project initiated by entrepreneur Scott Devon who essentially took a Viper and gave it a more upscale body. Complete with upwar...
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Description: Only two examples were ever made and over the weekend, serial number 001 went under the hammer at the Barrett-Jackson 2012. This rare bespoke American supercar, street legal and complete with a 2012 s...
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Nick Rios Jan 22, 2012
The auction kept me glued to the tv.
Blake E VanDyke Jan 22, 2012
Car buzz. Why don't you have a submit section? I was at Barrett and the Devon was no where near the most impressive car there.
Nicolas Pons Jan 22, 2012
These guys have the coolest watch
Kevin Rehbock Jan 22, 2012
The Kennedy hearse sold for $160K. The one-off Delahaye roadster didn't sell. A 69 ZL1 got $400k among others.
Adam Thomson Nov 18, 2012
I want one so frickin MUCh!!!!!!!
Tomas Franquelli Jan 26, 2012
So sexy. Putting the Viper parts bin to much better use.
Pfc Tomb Jan 23, 2012
I actually like the way this looks.
Devin Mortenson Jan 23, 2012
Haha I have bugatti sold a car I got for free on forza 4 for 1.8 million and bought 3 super high end cars including a gears of war 3 bugatti veyron 16.4
Skye Sativa Mattfeldt Jan 22, 2012
Wow! I saw this on the awesome CarBuzz app today!!
Kyle McCullough Jan 22, 2012
Actually no. Onlt Bugatti was wrong. And i love forza 4
Matthew McKernan Jan 22, 2012
Only 2? I see these things all the time... On forza 4
Riley McKelvie Jan 22, 2012
The chrome looks awful
Rami Wilson Jan 22, 2012
I agree with Clint. I hope they don't ruin the Viper when the new one is released. Butt warmers are nice but the Viper is a track rat and that shouldn't change.
Clint Edwards Jan 22, 2012
@Dustin basically, yes. You're essentially buying a high-end body kit. I personally prefer the regular Viper anyway, the rear and sides look alright on this thing but I'm no fan of the front
Dillon Dixon Jan 22, 2012
I must say those doors are pretty cool!
Jared Ramos Jan 22, 2012
I meant to say engine and chassis.
Jared Ramos Jan 22, 2012
@Dustin, production costs for this car would have exceeded sale cost because the platform was designed around the Viper engine. Since the Viper ceased production, a new powerplant would be needed. Thus spending more $$$ on R&D.
Brennon Aucoin Jan 22, 2012
I watched them sell it last night
Miguel Longoria Jan 24, 2012
Minus the chrome, this looks pretty damn good.
Ray Garcia Jan 22, 2012
Does anyone see this as a new generation batman car or tis just I?
Teddy MacDonell Jan 22, 2012
I remember reading an article on these when they were first released, I thought they were the coolest. I'm sad there's not more of hem
Thibault Leroy Jan 22, 2012
this reminds me of an sls for some reason
John Park Jan 22, 2012
Tiny exhaust for that v10, i would make it so everyone knew i was coming ha
Abraham Mendoza Jan 22, 2012
With two tone, the car just looks classy....vintage.
Wildabeast Jenkins Jan 22, 2012
I think it's brilliant
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Jan 22, 2012
Yes..... It's not what you call beautiful..... But there is just something
Alex Smith Jan 22, 2012
Looks like it has the body of a C3 Corvette from this angle.
Dillon Dixon Jan 22, 2012
I think this car is awesome. There is just something about it.
Chris Bridgers Jan 22, 2012
Doesnt look to original...
Pfc Tomb Jan 23, 2012
This is such a beautiful power plant. Nothing more potent then an 8.4L fire breather in the belly of a beast.
Teddy MacDonell Jan 22, 2012
it looks like it might have a snorkel intake
Timothy Hooker Jan 22, 2012
My Willy moved a little
Abraham Mendoza Jan 22, 2012
I think it looks like a machine, it looks functional and not for show...
Dan Kelly Jan 22, 2012
It looks sloppy under the hood. I would rather not have all the plastic coverings over the engine, but they didn't have to leave it looking like they just tossed it in and that was it.
Cody Andree Jan 22, 2012
Why is there no airboxes?
Daniel Mcfarlan Riedmuller Jan 22, 2012
Well there is no airbox or ducting on the throttles. That stuff would hide the belts and pullies and it would look much better.
Jake Marra Jan 22, 2012
Mmmmm where to even start with this in love
Cody Jacques Jan 22, 2012
eh, I know youre joking but they could have cleaned it up a bit. It looks rather untamed