Comments - Detroit’s Big Show Wasn’t Just a Masquerade Ball

Published: Jan 22, 2012
Description: On Sunday, the Big Detroit Masquerade ball, also known as the 2012 NAIAS, comes to its conclusion when the gates of the Cobo center will be closed for this year's event. That ball will be remembe...
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Description: Chrysler will sell an Italian disguised car as an American compact? In mid-2012 it will be a reality; Lincoln to perform a spectacular comeback? Right away it is happening. The American car industry s...
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Ryan Roy Jan 28, 2012
The FR-S looks better than the brz
Shane Heid Jan 23, 2012
Yesterday my nineteen year old t bird owned a wrx on the highway. Let's hope this car has more promise
Wildabeast Jenkins Jan 23, 2012
It is what it is... I know of too many American cars from the 90's that has turned into scrap. I'm just glad these companies are bring their quality control up to par with the Japanese
rockstarTc Jan 22, 2012
Looks like the frs has a more open grill. Just means it get better airflow!
Sebastian Soroka Jan 22, 2012
Almost looks like the Hyundai genesis coupe.
Alex Leu Jan 22, 2012
When I think of Subaru I think of the AWD wrx or wrx sti. Not a brz
Matt Piccolo Jan 22, 2012
I think the only little difference is the grill (I think) this one doesn't looks good as the one on the scion IMO
Kevin Rehbock Jan 22, 2012
They pretty much are the same except for the badges.
rockstarTc Jan 22, 2012
@matthew What are the differences between the cars??? I thought they were the same.
Matthew Paul Jan 22, 2012
I saw it there, much cooler looking than the scion IMO (yes there are differences). Problem for me is I live in the snow and ice so light red coupe is probably not practical,
David Tyler Jan 22, 2012
this might be meh first car!!! ;p
Nick Sti Jan 22, 2012
Once this gets turbo'd, I'd like to see the acceleration times
Tanton Stoneman Jan 22, 2012
Saw all these up close. NSX was the best, in my opinion
Stephen Cobbs Jan 22, 2012
Subaru BRZ very nice car.
Description: Even the statistics coming from Polk claim that the average age of a vehicle on American roads has been increased to a record 10.8 years. This is a decent cause to party; at least if one thinks that t...
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Andrew Grimm Jan 24, 2012
'96 240sx. Runs great! Need to check the compression this week though just to make sure lol
Shane Heid Jan 23, 2012
94 thunderbird sc, 100k runs like new
Josiah Thomas Clements Jan 23, 2012
01 civic and runs great.
Keith Brooks Jan 22, 2012
Even though I'm getting ready to sell it My car is 12 years old with 64XXX miles & runs fine.
Paul Lissona Jan 22, 2012
Had 93 Accord and 92 Civic running good. 01 525i really solid too.
Rami Wilson Jan 22, 2012
Before I bought my Challenger I put 50,000 miles in 5 years on my '73 Dodge Charger. It's all in how you care for it.
Matthew Paul Jan 22, 2012
89' Mercedes 300e runs fine but the radio stopped working :p
Drew J. Kleyweg Jan 22, 2012
'93 taurus. perfect condition.
Vince DeMasi Jan 22, 2012
I have a 94 trans am runs like its new
Chris Bridgers Jan 22, 2012
I have a 96 mustang gt running perfectly fine, ppl just r taking better care of cars bcuz times r tougher
Emmanuel Irizarry Jan 22, 2012
I kinda DONT get this part, what was the expectancy for a car from the 00' my firebird has 12 years now and running fine. (jinxed it, *two days later* *car breaks down*
Description: Last year the number of vehicles on American roads rose to 240.5 million, a half a million increase from the year before. The optimism powder that was sprinkled over the event can be attributed to the...
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Zachary Sindelar Jan 23, 2012
Haha reminded me of Casper the Friendly Ghost.
Mark Jose Jan 22, 2012
Oooppss, wth. Well a happy car is a happy driver. Hahah
Devin Babyn Jan 22, 2012
Why do companies make there are smile. They even gave this one dimples
Ben Lambert Jan 22, 2012
Saw this in person...looked neat, but the bed was impractical, I mean who needs a 4 foot bed? It's almost useless!
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 22, 2012
Smart cars are finally changing. Still sucks tho
Emmanuel Irizarry Jan 22, 2012
It almost looks like the blue dude from "hellboy"
Description: The Japanese manufacturers suffered last year a double whammy with the earthquake and tsunami and the floods in Thailand, while growth of brands like Kia and VW exceeded the locals. Additionally, sal...
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Pfc Tomb Jan 23, 2012
You say you've seen 10-15 cts-v in a month… are you sure it wasn't the same car?
Josiah Thomas Clements Jan 23, 2012
BMW's are famous for electrical issues. But I'm not so confident in caddys reliability either. Based off of looks... I would take an m3 over a Cts-v coupe. But that's just my opinion.
Devin Babyn Jan 23, 2012
Yeah two of my friends have had BMW's and they were terribly unreliable
Paul Lissona Jan 22, 2012
Are you talking about personal experience with maintenance?
Timothy Hooker Jan 22, 2012
If u wanna keep ur money in USA buy a toyota
Devin Babyn Jan 22, 2012
From personal experience I shouldn't pick the BMW but I still will. I could never take a Caddy over a BMW
Rami Wilson Jan 22, 2012
As an auto technician I can't stand cadillacs. I would still take one over a bmw. I prefer to keep the money I spend on this side of the pond!
Teddy MacDonell Jan 22, 2012
I would take both m3's and m5's all day long without even thinking twice about it in my v
Paul Lissona Jan 22, 2012
I especially liked the 2000 323i sport package, and 95 318i I drove. The 98 528i premium package was really smooth and good handling and 01 525i sport premium package was significantly sportier.
No Pistons Jan 22, 2012
Cts-v has big balls and boasts it
No Pistons Jan 22, 2012
God what is with you people thinking BMW is made of solid gold, has the seats made out of a goddess herself, and powered by an F1 motor from the future?
Patrick Schalk Jan 22, 2012
Exactly. M5 vs CTS-V no contest. CTS-V all day long.
Alex Leu Jan 22, 2012
Says the guy with a BMW sign as his picture
Timothy Hooker Jan 22, 2012
M5 vs contest..even if the 5 didn't drive better...which it does....ot kills in the looks and quality department. Caddy should go after Kia
Kenneth Williams Jan 22, 2012
In your book it does. I'll take an M5 hands down. On top of that I'm tired of seeing V's I've seen 10-15 on the road within the last month
Sam Coppinger Jan 22, 2012
CTS-V beats an M5 any day of the week
Rami Wilson Jan 22, 2012
They can build ugly little cars that get good gas mileage but they can't make us buy them! (yet)
Description: That trend can be explained by the downsizing of the American car and the expertise of European carmakers in that segment. There was also a lot of politics involved in the show as state governors and ...
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Pfc Tomb Jan 23, 2012
Not that exciting for me.
Paul Lissona Jan 22, 2012
These don't look good though in person it was too weirdly shaped.
Jake Knickmeyer Jan 22, 2012
@caleb...Hyundai makes good cars actually. I treat mine terribly and it has yet to give me a problem. They aren't glamourous but they are reliable, get good gas mileage, and are reasonably cheap.
Kenneth Williams Jan 22, 2012
At a glance it looks like mini with this color scheme. On another note; he can drive a manual but can't spell it. I like where your heads at. Lol Jk with you
Chris Dimattia Jan 22, 2012
Look at the silver car to the right. It's the same car. That look like a mini too? Think the paint scheme is throwing you off.
Jeffrey Lesanti Jr. Jan 22, 2012
Def. looks like mini cooper 22nd century edition
Zachary Maurer Jan 22, 2012
I sat in this, at only 14, I know how to use a Manuel :) this thing was a boss
Justin Chaplin Jan 22, 2012
Looks nothing like mini cooper
Mitchell Overson Jan 22, 2012
Hyundai makes mini coopers now?
Description: "If I can make a little bit of a difference by representing six million Missourians with my presence here, it's worth it." Ford and GM recently announced plans to invest $1.5 billion i...
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Description: There is a shift towards made in America cars thanks to currency exchange rates and trading conditions. And also the declining wages of American workers helps to convince employers that America should...
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Pfc Tomb Jan 23, 2012
That's what I like to hear.
Czezar Csongor Jan 23, 2012
Made in America forever!!!!! This should be the most important sentence in every part of the business life !!!
Michael Gallagher Jan 23, 2012
Didn't read anything this time around. Just wanted to say, can't wait for the Chicago auto show :)
Wildabeast Jenkins Jan 22, 2012
Great article Car Buzz
Devin Babyn Jan 24, 2012
If any librarian owned this that would be one awesome library
Pfc Tomb Jan 23, 2012
Designed by Lexus, driven by your librarian
Charlie Liberski Jan 23, 2012
Those 'inspired' shapes are just angles, not L's. Many other cars have them too
Kev Berkel Jan 23, 2012
Design was inspired by the letter "L" ie. Lexus. See all the l's in the pics
Devin Babyn Jan 22, 2012
I love this car, it's so sexy
Ben Lambert Jan 22, 2012
After seeing it in person, you realize it's meant to be different. I mean, after all, it IS a concept...
Patrick Schalk Jan 22, 2012
Eh I've seen it at other angles and it still looks like poo IMO. It's sharp in the wrong places
Matt Piccolo Jan 22, 2012
This is a bad angle for it, see any other angle and you'll love it
Kevin Rehbock Jan 22, 2012
Engineering by Lexus. Styling by Norelco.
Ayham Al Dab Jan 22, 2012
???? ?? ??? ???? ??????
Tanner Middleton Jan 22, 2012
looks like the rear end is crying
Shane Heid Jan 26, 2012
Instead of just admitting their car is weak shit. So it's a little personal to me lol
Shane Heid Jan 26, 2012
Yes a subi it is, and I'm not denying its a neat little car. But it's not fast, not enticingly cheap and mostly I'm sick of tools in their tc's thinking they own every stop light drag and then get crushed and still find excuses..
Josiah Thomas Clements Jan 23, 2012
Shane you do realize that this is just a rebadged scooby right?
Shane Heid Jan 23, 2012
Ya everything scion makes is slow and garbage not impressed.
Josiah Thomas Clements Jan 23, 2012
The headlight need to be tinted just a little bit. That would make it for me
rockstarTc Jan 22, 2012
I think it looks better in red but this car is looks amazing. I would love to own this car!!!
Matt Piccolo Jan 22, 2012
This has a diff grill than the Subaru, I like it
Nam Doan Trinh Jan 22, 2012
It'll be a Toyota in Japan, Scion and Subaru in America. Lexus isn't going to badge this car...
David Rosenberg Jan 22, 2012
Why does Toyota Scion and Lexus need to male the same car????? And Subaru.
Darian Vorlick Jan 23, 2012
Yep definitely buying this for my next car.
No Pistons Jan 22, 2012
If I didn't buy an 8 I would get one of these
Nam Doan Trinh Jan 22, 2012
Expected at least to see the ATA
Knox Ferraro Jan 22, 2012
Did anyone else read this entire article about American cars and wonder why none were pictured?