Comments - Super-Stretched Hummer H2 Limo in Hainan, China

Published: Jan 21, 2012
Description: Earlier this week, CarBuzz brought you a limousine based on a Fiat 500 and built by Italian coachbuilders Castagna. Today we have a super-stretched limo all the way from China. The huge Hummer H2 limo...
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Jonathan Martinez Feb 08, 2012
5miles to the gallon
Joey Cook Jan 21, 2012
should have at least 2 wheels
Nick88gm Jan 21, 2012
why is this news? we have these around our city and we ain't even a big city
Chris Penza Jan 21, 2012
Just when I thought their fuel economy couldn't get any worse
Rishi Sawla Jan 22, 2012
If 20 people are in it it could break from the middle!!!!!
Cody Jacques Jan 21, 2012
Issac I was about to say the same thing. every other streched lemo is a h2 in Atlanta Georgia.
Dan Ruth Jan 21, 2012
Top gear panda anyone?
Isaac Rezkalla Jan 21, 2012
We have hundreds of these in the US
Luis A Villalpando Jan 21, 2012
Who needs a bus when you can ride the H2
Kevin Rehbock Jan 21, 2012
How many phone books does the chaffeur need to see over the dash?
Tj Blankenship Jan 21, 2012
I'd like to see this thing off road. ;)
KeX Lim Jan 21, 2012
I saw another one when I was in China last year. But that was in Henan.
Adithya Chandrasekhar Jan 21, 2012
Holy shit the body is sagging!!! B
Josh Andrews Jan 21, 2012
Carl how is it a dieing company if its main supplier is the military you dont see many cause there very expensive
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Jan 21, 2012
This is an insult to an already dead brand, thats like shooting someone, then giving them an axe to the face..
Luke Walker Jan 21, 2012
Waiting for a nuke to pop out the roof.