Description: A new lower output derivative of the existing 187hp 2.2-liter engine, which recently crossed the US averaging 62.9mpg, is set to be launched with the aim of delivering even greater value than before. ...
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Zachary Hollopeter Jan 22, 2012
I don't know about the market outside the US, but Jags are not selling well here in the states despite the fact that they are excellent cars and stand out from the croud of Lexus' and BMW's. Perhaps they are desperate?
Michael Gallagher Jan 22, 2012
You want over 30grand for this slow POS? Better have some extremely nice interior. They aren't even that reliable, unless they have gotten better over the years. That's pathetic
Paul Trahan Jan 21, 2012
But here's the deal. The Prius is not appealing at all. It's design is boring, it's interior is horrible, and the only thing it has going for it it's fuel economy. At least with this jag you will get comfort, style, and mpg.
Stephen Reed Warren II Jan 21, 2012
Agreed Scott - if your green buy a Prius. If you buy a jag sack up and but a v8
Justin Routh Jan 21, 2012
Its not that they cant afford it, some people are just "green"
Scott Gracey Jan 21, 2012
I'm all for fuel economy and hybrids in their own right, but If you can afford a jag you should be able to afford the gas for its V8
Igor Natsioks Jan 21, 2012
I would buy one if they were sold in Canada
Brandon Lidy Jan 21, 2012
Considering the size of those, that's some good gas mileage
Michael Kozlowski Jan 21, 2012
It's not for performance guys, that's what the V8 ones are for.
Description: An extensive range of standard equipment includes suedecloth and leather seats, a centrally-mounted touch screen display, electronic climate control and an eight-speed gearbox with automatic Stop/...
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Cian Rules Jan 22, 2012
The 520d is one of my most unliked cars but if your looking for a car in this market it smashes everything else it has more power looks meaner and is available with a manual
Antonio Falsetti Jan 21, 2012
In America we are too stupid to realize that diesel is better then gas. We have always been 20-30 years behind Europe in everything so no surprise here. Sad really.
Kan Wes Jan 21, 2012
America is way behind in the diesel vehicles. It if werent for diesel pickups it would be almost non existent.
Forrest Wood Jan 21, 2012
Totally agree Jenkins, this is total BS
Wildabeast Jenkins Jan 21, 2012
Diesel is way cooler than hybrid. Sad thing is that the only diesels being offered are by VW. In truth All auto companies offer fuel sipping, torque happy, long lasting diesels in other countries except America... I smell Curruption...
Wildabeast Jenkins Jan 21, 2012
No kidding Jag, Throw us a bone! Some of us Americans are tiered of the Prius or Prius wanna bees (sad that companies would want to emulate a Prius)
Simon Trépanier Jan 22, 2012
In America, where speed is very limited on highways compare to Europe, diesel engines sounds logical... But price of gas is too low and diesel price is to high...
Simon Trépanier Jan 22, 2012
@Pete. You need torque to accelerate and HP to reach top-speed!
Peter Squire Jan 22, 2012
Problem is I don't understand torques
Simon Trépanier Jan 21, 2012
Guys, the HP does'nt maters when you talk about a diesel engine... Torque is important!
Humza Husain Jan 21, 2012
The tax deduction is strictly for electric vehicles, I believe.
Brandon Lidy Jan 21, 2012
Well the Prius runs 27k or so MSRP. I think the people with the money would be willing to take a blow in power for the boost in mileage. There is also a tax deduction for fuel efficient vehicles, correct me if I'm wrong.
Henz Herrero Jan 21, 2012
I dk if you guys really want this.. By the time it gets here, itll be around 40k-50k.. Would you pay that kind of price for 160hp?
Paul Lissona Jan 21, 2012
Very nice and smart to have that diesel in it.
Josh Andrews Jan 21, 2012
Im just wondering why make a car look so good and only put 160hp
Wildabeast Jenkins Jan 21, 2012
Got-Damn! This is one sexy car.
Simon Trépanier Jan 22, 2012
Maybe only 137 hp, but how high is torque rating?
Igor Natsioks Jan 21, 2012
It has enough torque to pass. One of the sprinter's(dodge/Mercedes) engines has 175 hp and it's a really good cargo van.
Stephen Reed Warren II Jan 21, 2012
Looks like its pulling a trailer haha
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Jan 22, 2012
Hope they didn't put his engine in the XJ!
Justin Chavez Jan 21, 2012
The one on the right's an XJ and the other one is an XF
Alex Bouckley Jan 21, 2012
What's the difference between the two?
AJ Haverly Jan 21, 2012
sorry I ran over your dog but its alright I drive a jaaaag
Walter Alexander Thomas Jan 21, 2012
They r so much a like lol
Cian Rules Jan 22, 2012
No manual in such a small and cheap engine