Description: Chevrolet's Route 66 contest saw a huge number of entries, however only one could be the winner. The contest sought to find the best Chevy commercial made by fans of the American brand to run dur...
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Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Jan 31, 2012
@jared, do you really think this is going to be the only Chevy commercial on the Super Bowl... let the people who made this get their 15 seconds of fame, and dont ruin bc of "cooperate greed"
Jared Ramos Jan 21, 2012
@Matt, yeah they did have to pay millions for the slot, but, they didn't have to pay the millions for the marketing braintrusts to think it up, develop, shoot, and distribute because the contest did it all! That's how Nike gets away with it!
Chris Penza Jan 20, 2012
I want the 49ers to kill the giants then the pats kill the 49ers
No Pistons Jan 20, 2012
After pack lost I no longer have motive to watch lol (family from Midwest) as long as giants get knocked out I'll still watch haha
Jordan Smith Jan 20, 2012
Hahaha "I can't. believe. you got. me this. car!"
Cian Rules Jan 20, 2012
The vw add is so mutch better
Matt Herbert Jan 20, 2012
@ jarred. they still had to pay for a commercial spot for the superbowl. they just saved on the cost to make the it
Devin Babyn Jan 20, 2012
That's a pretty good everyday commercial but it ain't no super blow commercial. Not funny enough or epic. It just doesn't fit into the criteria
Lee Cascio Jan 20, 2012
Dude the ravens are going to wreck bradys prett face this weekend.
Chris Penza Jan 20, 2012
Speaking of the super bowl, GO PATRIOTS!!!!
Jared Ramos Jan 20, 2012
Chevy just saved millions on advertising because they "ran a contest". In essence, chevy only paid $10,000 for this commercial! I'm currently holding a contest for whoever can pay my bills for the next year. Winner gets my bills!
Michael Gallagher Jan 20, 2012
Lol, I wouldn't get excited over a v6 convertible. Be the laughing stock of the neighborhood
Patrick Schalk Jan 20, 2012
Haha "I wanna marry you right now!"
Val Kortchak Jan 20, 2012
Idk what they did to this one, but it isn't the exact one Chevy made. Go on their FB site to view the right one with the right ending and all.
Joseph Paventi Jan 20, 2012
Nah this was a good wish they would of finished off a little better
Jack Higgins Jan 20, 2012
That wasn't funny. Super Bowl commercials are supposed to be funny.
David Tyler Jan 20, 2012
that would be my luck....
Description: Titled the "Happy Grad," this submission was sent in by Zachary Borst and took on the "age-old conundrum: 'what to get the graduate?'" Borst's commercial won the $10...
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Isaac Rezkalla Jan 20, 2012
I really dont want the pats here in indy
No Pistons Jan 20, 2012
As long as giants are out I'll be happy, giants fans are the worst lol
Gary Howard Jan 20, 2012
Patriots are by far my favorite team of all time. I'm gonna say patriots vs. 49er's pats on top
Lee Cascio Jan 20, 2012
Ravens and niners would be great to see a rematch from the thanksgiving game between the brothers.
Patrick Schalk Jan 20, 2012
49ers baby!!! That defense is too legit and Gore, Davis, Smith, and my boy Kendall Hunter are gonna tear it up!!
Sebastian Grey Jan 22, 2012
Saw this today and it was pretty funny.