Description: Lawrence Technology University had a subtle stand in Cobo Hall during the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. Lawrence Tech has a partnership with Ford for their undergraduate degree program in transportation des...
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Franklin Lopez Jan 20, 2012
A 2025 concept in 2012. 13 years out is a bit optimistic don't you think? This design "concept" will be old by 2014 if not sooner. It looks great! YES! But what is the purpose of showing a "concept" 13 years early? COME ON!
Description: Bonathon created the exterior, focusing on styling and aerodynamics. Cha then worked the interior of the 2025 concept, giving it a mahogany center console and Alcantara seats. A Lincoln emblem is buil...
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P_R_N_D Jan 20, 2012
well I don't think a regular tree would fit in a life size car either lol
Jeremy Siebert Jan 20, 2012
@Kyle: didn't u notice, the car is 1/4 scale size? They used a Bonzai because a real tree wouldn't fit
Quincy Pham Jan 20, 2012
...and timsam every Sunday morning in that Lincoln ......
Kyle Cribben Jan 20, 2012
A bonsai tree in a American luxury car? Why?
Chris Bridgers Jan 20, 2012
prob mad they wasted that time on a 2025 car
Ian Marwick Jan 20, 2012
@clint lol yeah the asain dude looks so excited his head is about to explode
Clint Edwards Jan 20, 2012
Jeez, calm down guys don't look too excited
Chayton Garverick Apr 11, 2012
Pimple on the as* of what a good car is.
Devin Babyn Jan 20, 2012
I love everything about it other then the wheel covers
Josh Andrews Jan 20, 2012
If this what cars are going to become im looking forward to the roof but i hate the futuristic look all companies think its going to take over... Now we know why most car companies are in debt?
Andrew Hornby Jan 20, 2012
People actually want this thing? Really? It looks like one of those hot wheels toys they make up names for like "fast fish" and the like. Ugly as if you ask me.
Peter Squire Jan 20, 2012
Some how u I dout this will ever exist. End of story
Oliver Hjortnæs Jan 20, 2012
I am proud that Lincoln will make something like this in 2025 and not some kind of hovercraft.
Avery Williams Jan 20, 2012
This car is not that bad for it being a Lincoln.
Cody Andree Jan 20, 2012
Just rear quarter panel is camoro-ish, otherwise far from it no relation
Cody Jacques Jan 20, 2012
The wheel covers dont really add sleekness and are very impractical. They need to die
Hank Austin Jan 20, 2012
I really hope wheel covers aren't catching on
Riley McKelvie Jan 20, 2012
Does this remind anyone else of a Camaro? I think it looks great. Not overly dramatic or anything
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jan 20, 2012
Hmm, that roof actually looks damn good.
Brandon Lidy Jan 20, 2012
I can only hope Lincoln doesn't make it this long
Greg Lewis Jan 20, 2012
If they keep up with that direction of idea, they'll be around.
David Justice Jan 20, 2012
2025?! Let's see if this company is around till then...
Andy Arana Jan 20, 2012
Not bad, good jobs guys!