Comments - BabeBuzz: 2012 Miss Limo UK Crowned by Limo Broker

Published: Jan 20, 2012
Description: Limo Broker, makers of the Audi R8 V10 limousine that we brought you photos and video of earlier this week, has just crowned the winner of their 2012 Miss Limo UK beauty pageant. Women from all over t...
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Description: The student from South Wales survived scrutiny from contest organizers and an online vote to be crowned champion. She was handed the title by current Miss Universe Great Britain and former Miss Wales ...
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Daniel Bellafonte Jan 22, 2012
The one to the far right actually has a sorta cute face....when her smiling doesn't ruin it...
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 22, 2012
I'll tap that one -__-
Aaron Weslow Jan 22, 2012
She must be Ms. Whales.
Edmond Gebara Jan 22, 2012
When I take a gander at the rightmost side of this photo, I realize why lights turn off...
Stephen Cobbs Jan 21, 2012
The last two arent very good looking.
Benjamin Davidson Jan 20, 2012
I think Charles Darwin said it best. "When you're stuck on an island, the trees don't grow many branches." Yes, that was a genetic drift joke.
Lee Cascio Jan 20, 2012
I mean it's miss limo give them a break lol.
Michael Kozlowski Jan 20, 2012
The girl on the far right is a troll
Kent Sullivan Jan 20, 2012
Yes, yes, yes, no and no
Patrick Joseph Jan 20, 2012
The one on the far right is not that good looking. Her arms are the size of the other girls' thighs. Miss inner personality
Max Delena Apr 26, 2012
Fake tan on far right
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 22, 2012
Far right. Pulling a stupid duck face. Why do people do that on fb photos and stuff. Stupid ho
Luke Walker Jan 21, 2012
Brunette on the right all the way!!
Otnay Nat Jan 20, 2012
The far right looks like the stiffler mom from the American pie .. Haha
Carlton Salmon Jan 20, 2012
Girl far right looks like she's from a Basildon council estate
Hichard Rammond Jan 20, 2012
Have I ever mentioned how much I love limos?
Devin Babyn Jan 20, 2012
And my thing for brunettes continue's I only like those two and there not even that great
rockstarTc Jan 20, 2012
hey i will take them all. when your drunk enough they all look good!!
Matt Herbert Jan 20, 2012
I'm sure he's counting the one on the right out
Patrick Schalk Jan 20, 2012
Haha so does that mean you're not in it?
Nick88gm Jan 20, 2012
I'm seeing a fivesome in my future
Justin Routh Jan 20, 2012
Haha patrick pullin a borat.
Paul Pickard Jan 20, 2012
Holy tranny. That chick/dude on the right is a little rugged!
Lee Cascio Jan 20, 2012
Vincent prefers his girl...miss Rosy Palm.
Luis Lujan Jan 21, 2012
Is it possible the chubby girl actually has a good and bad side? From the right; okay. From the left; a fat ghastly monster.
rockstarTc Jan 20, 2012
They put the chubby girl in the picture to make the other look hotter!
Jordan Smith Jan 20, 2012
Jeez the hot girls from when I was in middle school are better than some of these
Nick88gm Jan 20, 2012
yes to all but the 2nd to the right
Paul Pickard Jan 20, 2012
The chick just to her left looks 4months pregnant.
h6ryc Jan 20, 2012
the blondy tothe right with the curley hair is proper fit n BANG TIDY !
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 22, 2012
My future sees purple spunk