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Published: Jan 02, 2012
Description: Mercedes-Benz is bidding farewell to its ultra-luxury line. Without much of a surprise, Maybach is going the way of the dinosaur. Mercedes-Benz's unique take on inception (a luxury line within a ...
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Mansour Pro Oct 08, 2012
Justin Santinelli Jan 28, 2012
Esam...... You couldnt have said it better i completley agree
Justin Santinelli Jan 28, 2012
@alexander... They will compare them selves to lonley ole' you
Justin Santinelli Jan 28, 2012
Your name is clint.... U should not be trash talking a car that gets more attention then you do
Matt Moeller Jan 05, 2012
Don't worry the rappers will find a new symbol of temporary wealth and a way to put 24" wheels on it.
Shane Jansen Jan 02, 2012
It's sad news, but honestly I never liked them. I'd take a RR over a Maybach anyday.
Chris Penza Jan 02, 2012
I didn't know maybach was canceled. That sucks
Esam Mohammad Jan 02, 2012
Actually I don't need any reason to miss it .. I already have my reasons .. It was the best luxury brand IMO .. Better than rolls and bentley .
Alexander Gomez Jan 02, 2012
Oh no! No more Maybach? What will excessively rich rap artists buy to show everyone that they're better than them?
Peter Bruschi Jan 02, 2012
haha nvr even cared in the first place...
Clint Edwards Jan 02, 2012
Why would I miss an ugly, grossly over-priced mercedes?
Michael Gallagher Jan 02, 2012
I'm over it. I saw them but was never impressed. Maybe because I have never been in one? But I have just never really cared for maybach.
Jake Sully Jan 02, 2012
Saw one in Irvine. So lucky.
Thibault Leroy Jan 02, 2012
i saw two in paris theyre huge but ugly if you compare it to a rolls royce
Description: When the 1 percent dream of cars, it's a good bet that they dream of the Maybach Landaulet. The Landaulet was a one-off created to see just how awesome a convertible 62S Saloon could be. The answ...
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Chris Penza Jan 03, 2012
I love how quickly my comment about a made man was deleted
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 02, 2012
Damn the left one looks intoxicating. Imagine seeing that on the road back in the day!?!
Jack Howard Jan 02, 2012
I knew it was a maubsch immediatley
Cham Khiev Jan 02, 2012
So this was the whip in transformers.. Finally found it lol
Kevin Rehbock Jan 02, 2012
At least Rolls Royce kept their heritage and styling intact. Maybach's pedigree is barely known outside of Germany.
Description: One enterprising Maybach 62 owner decided that 62 decimeters just wasn't long enough; so he extended his ride's length an additional 10 decimeters creating the world's first Maybach 72 ...
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John Serely Jan 02, 2012
@erick it's ten centimeters if I recall 3rd grade correctly. Can someone tell me if that's right?
Erik Scherer Jan 02, 2012
What the F is a decimeter?
Cam Heaney Jan 02, 2012
There is nothing That special about this car... $780,000 that's a rolls and a Ferrari
mad man Apr 29, 2012
my dad have like thes car and it's stupid
John Rosenberg Jan 05, 2012
@Brad, does a permit count?
Brad Hickey Jan 03, 2012
I think you should have a license before you can comment here... Just my opinion.
KeX Lim Jan 02, 2012
The dual-clutch gearbox on the pre-2007 Quattroportes were terrible. If I remember rightly, they lasted an average of 25K km. So bad if fact that Maserati went back to the normal automatic gearbox.
Jack Huford Jan 02, 2012
You spelled offroading wrong
Morgan Dame Jan 02, 2012
And we had the 57s now we just get a new car every couple months. We ordered a g550 for offrsoading and we have an s550 for the spring
Morgan Dame Jan 02, 2012
Take it easy dude, you're getting really defensive and my dad drove an 05 he not long ago and said u can get a better car for your money. I didn't mean to say it's horrible I just meant it's not the best. So take a chill
John Serely Jan 02, 2012
Ohh, and why do you say that Maserati quatroportes are horrible ('05-'06) I had driven a couple a few years ago, and they are really nice, nicer than the cls class you have. Or are you jealous?
John Serely Jan 02, 2012
So your dad went from 380,000 to around 70,000? I love the choices, "go Mercedes", but i would have gone with a cayenne s, because it is more of a "driver's SUV". also, I could of afforded a 57s (way, WAY used they go for under 200k) but I didn't because one, there just gussied up s classes and two, because there not fun cars to drive. (and also I would have got a ghost instead). Sure, I can affor...
Morgan Dame Jan 02, 2012
yes, i cant afford a car because im only 14 years old. but my dad can afford the cars you have. my dad actually used to own a 57s but now he owns a cls and gl. he only has those now because they are more practical then a maybach
John Serely Jan 02, 2012
And if you don't, you probally should not be on this app.
John Serely Jan 02, 2012
@Morgan, just because you can't afford a Maserati doesn't mean that no one else can't either. I have seen them go for less than 30k. For most people on this app, that is a reasonable price because we are not afraid to spend money on a car, especially a good car like the quotroportte (spelled wrong, I know). I know I spent a lot on my 911 and CL class, but that's because I like cars and like to dri...
Joshua Arnott Jan 02, 2012
Lol, these rims do suck though...
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 02, 2012
Tommy why would you ruin a one off? I would've kept it original like the pic. That's partner. Put something like HRE or BBS on it and say goodbye to that price tag
Tommy Lau Jan 02, 2012
$780,000 for a limo and the guy didn't think of giving it better rims? I'll say it's vulgar on the cheap side.
Morgan Dame Jan 02, 2012
That's because 06 and 05 quatroportes are horrible... Sorry if I spelt that wrong
Marques Bigboi Johnson Jan 02, 2012
And here goes some random remark to start crap
Michael Palazzo Jan 02, 2012
I don't doubt it, I've seen the 06 Quatroportte go for less than $30,000
Morgan Dame Jan 02, 2012
David I really doubt you on a Maserati your two cars are Hondas and your dream car is an acura
David Rosenberg Jan 02, 2012
My Maserati looks better already (and my Honda)
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jan 02, 2012
I kinda like these. Sigh.
Description: The Maybach Excelero is another one-off designed to be both obscenely luxurious and fast. The Excelero has what may be the longest body of any coupe ever created. In spite of its long body, the Excele...
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Ori Haviv Jan 03, 2012
They both borrowed it. Maybach said birdman never fully purchased the car and jay z had it in a video. Rented
Stephen Cobbs Jan 02, 2012
This is Birdman's car he bought it last year. Jay-Z had it in a music video before that.
Morgan Dame Jan 02, 2012
Birdman couldn't afford it, or he had trouble affording it
Phillip Greene May 10, 2012
No its retards status symbol purchace this is way more pointless then a veyron ever was
Lou Guerrero Jan 03, 2012
Raymond look him up. His music producing is only part if what he does. He has his hands in many industries including petroleum. This car is an instant collectable and he should make his money back should he decide to sell it. It's a boss purchase.
Brad Hickey Jan 03, 2012
Dude. He didn't literally mean he would buy 3 veyrons. He was just relating that you could because this costs so much more.
Timothy Hooker Jan 02, 2012
Its a genius that can design junk Luke this and get 7 mil for it. Birdman is the reason so many athletes are broke as soon as they get hurt...stupid spending....yes I'm aware birdman is not an athlete
Bryan Bohling Jan 02, 2012
I would never buy a Veryon
Morgan Dame Jan 02, 2012
I wouldnt buy like three veyrons instead of this because that's stupid. I would buy a pagani, a venom gt, maclaren, an sls, a g55 and a cl65
Raymond Reynoso Jan 02, 2012
How is it that he's a true entrepreneur? Because he grossly overpaid for a vehicle?
Andrew Grimm Jan 02, 2012
Reminds me of a hot wheels car.
Rajdeep Attwal Jan 02, 2012
Yup it was a one off, I know he tried to buy it a few years ago but failed. But I read somewhere in the past few months he had acquired it.
Lou Guerrero Jan 02, 2012
I'm pretty sure this is a one-off. No others exist and Brian Williams alias Birdman offered 12 mil a few years ago. That guy is a true entrepreneur.
Rajdeep Attwal Jan 02, 2012
Birdman recently bought this for around $7 million
Patrick R. Manuel Jan 02, 2012
I could buy 3 veyrons and my dream truck, a '98 Silverado 4x4
Czezar Csongor Jan 02, 2012
I think yes you would :)
Cam Heaney Jan 02, 2012
Not at all, even I I had all the money in the world I would never buy this thing
Description: Maybach was poised to reinvent the luxury rickshaw market with their DRS concept. The Maybach DRS was a futuristic concept submitted into the 2010 LA Auto Show's design challenge. Highlights of t...
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indianasampson Dec 26, 2013
and why on earth would someone in their sanity buy this?
indianasampson Dec 26, 2013
I never really agreed on Maybach's idea of refinement. it's not all in the super luxury, but that's just me.
Heath Clayton Cudiamat Jan 04, 2012
@Chris Oh I know, that'd be horrible. Oh well, this isn't Asia; they'd never catch on...
Chris Penza Jan 03, 2012
I read it, I meant I don't want rickshaws to be popular
Heath Clayton Cudiamat Jan 03, 2012
@Chris it's not a car, it's a rickshaw. Read the article.
Chris Penza Jan 02, 2012
If anyone makes this the future of cars is screwed
Alex Leu Jan 02, 2012
The way this article ends is kind of a downer
John Serely Jan 02, 2012
I am sorry, but this thing is just stupid.....
Ethan Amo Jan 02, 2012
I like all maybachs.....except this one
Nathan Simpson Jan 02, 2012
So...what happens when you brake too hard! Haha