Comments - Video: The World’s First Audi R8 Limo is Fast

Published: Jan 19, 2012
Description: Stretching specialists Limo Broker from England have created the first-ever Audi R8 V10 limousine. The company has released a new promo video for the unique carriage along with plenty of photos to acc...
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Shane Gardner Jan 20, 2012
Created and built are two very different things.
Rocky Rocker Jan 19, 2012
Would have been nice to at least tear up the Streets
Jerry Kingdon Jan 19, 2012
They do it on the caddys n hummers so y not?
Nick Benz Jan 19, 2012
With the engine in the front, i wonder if it still retained it's all wheel drive or not. Thats a looong drive shaft
Description: The R8 can supposedly hit a top speed of 196mph. All that speed and gullwing doors equals a stylish and speedy ride for whatever occasion you may need it for.
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Brad Doan Jan 27, 2012
It's completely hideous and it'd be way too expensive
Brad Doan Jan 27, 2012
I love the Audi R8 but there are two issues with this concept...
Nathan Enos Jan 24, 2012
Assuming theyll attempt to make one, I'd love to see this race the Ferrari 360 Limo.
Darryl Tan Ze Huong Jan 20, 2012
The worst r8 I ever see
Cody Jacques Jan 20, 2012
I like how they say it will hit 196mph when its not real. btw, my carbonfiber Ferrari Monster Truck can supposably jump the grand canyon.
Mason Christopher Thomas Jan 19, 2012
The inside is more roller coaster than limo
Pavel Kleymenov Jan 19, 2012
As Marthy said. This Is a bus with a Limo form. Idk I don't like it I'd rather go with the Ferrari Limo.
Justin Harris Jan 19, 2012
Racing seats for each person makes it look like a roller coaster lol
Majed Ameeri Jan 19, 2012
I'd buy a normal R8 and ditch my friends
Vincent Butler Jan 19, 2012
I think it looks awesome, I recently rented a viper limo. Clubbing at Drais in Hollywood,seriously all eyes on me. Lol. Not Bad at all. Amazing Night btw lolol
Lou Guerrero Jan 19, 2012
The only thing I hate more than limousines are wanna be sports car limousines. WITH FIRE!
Carlton Salmon Jan 19, 2012
Why not just leave it mid engined instead of going through all the hassle and expense of putting the engine at the front? How will the V10 engine fit around the steering, suspension etc. without raising the bonnet line?
Marthy Gajardo Jan 19, 2012
In a limo I want to face the people i'm riding with. In the end this is like any other bus but in R8 form.
Payne Hodges Wilson Jan 19, 2012
To bad this isn't even the actual car. Why make a promo with a digital car. Even if they haven't completed the real one yet just wait until its finished then make the promo.
Andy Agus Jan 19, 2012
Looks like the most uncomfortable limo ever
Brad Doan Jan 27, 2012
It looks like a space shuttle -__-
Riley Di Pol Jan 20, 2012
@ben it's a digital rendering
Harry Collins Jan 19, 2012
It reminds me of the MG limo Richard made on Top Gear a while back.
Ben Mossing Jan 19, 2012
That looks like they just glued it together it looks really poorly made. I mean the doors are al out of line. And it's bent
Boyd Boudreaux Jan 19, 2012
Each side panel has a bulge, not a smooth side view. Fast for a limo
Rishaan Sharma Jan 19, 2012
Why do they ruin a great car like the R8 with a mess like this?
Tim Butler Jan 28, 2012
Ureminds me to much of the Ferrari limo
Robby Bradford Jan 19, 2012
There are so many gullwing doors that it looks amazing in a picture, awesome for the first five minutes in person, but get wicked tacky after that
Chris Penza Jan 20, 2012
You won't regret Brandon, if you have a wheel you'll really enjoy it
Brandon Lidy Jan 19, 2012
Let's throw this in forza
Callum Mckay Jan 19, 2012
Its so ugly, so pointless, and so stupid, and a disgrace to an amazing car. Who would want such a peice